All Dependents Count Act
Updated November 13, 2020

All Dependents Count Act Would Make Some Adult Dependents Eligible for $500 Stimulus


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Currently, adult dependents don’t receive anything under the stimulus law as it exists.

Some senators think that this is not right, and they have proposed the All Dependents Count Act.

This act would make dependents currently left out of the CARES Act eligible for a $500 payment, just like children under the age of 17 are now eligible for.

So that includes a lot of people, including:

  • Dependent college students
  • Elderly parents and other relatives claimed as dependents
  • Disabled adult children claimed as dependents

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Who Benefits Most from the Stimulus

Consider this situation: a young 30- or 40-something married couple with $150,000 per year income.  I chose this income because it’s the maximum income to get the full stimulus checks for a married couple.

They have secure jobs, didn’t get laid off, and are working in their jammies right now.

They also have three young children.  Now, working from home with children is no small feat, and I don’t want to minimize that.

But my point is that that they’re financially comfortable, or at least more comfortable than someone making a lot less.

And how much will this family get from the stimulus?  $3,900.  $2,400 for the parents and $500 for each of their three children.

Who Doesn’t Benefit As Much?

Meanwhile, consider someone in her mid-50s — a single mom, let’s say — making $50,000 per year.

She’s in an essential business — let’s say a nurse in an emergency room.

And let’s say she has three kids as well, but they’re in college — ages 18, 19, and 20.

But because of this crisis, all her kids got sent home from school, and they’re under her roof again.

They can’t find jobs right now because no one’s hiring.

Oh and guess what?  This lady’s parents are in their late 80s, and she supports them financially.  She also physically cares for them, which feels like another job.

How much does she get from this stimulus?  $1,200 — she gets the $1,200 only for herself and nothing for the five adult dependents she supports.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think about this situation?  Is it fair?  Would you support the All Dependents Count Act?  Let me know in the comments!

Logan Allec, CPA

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Yes, $500 (or even $1,200) makes sense for these older dependents. My 20 year old son, home from college, currently without a job, who files his own taxes, got nothing…where’s the sense in that?

I am a mother of two young adults 20-23, when I realized that two of us wasn’t getting any help, during this trying time, I automatically went back into full depression.
I along with my youngest son, was claimed on someone else taxes, as a dependent.
They do care for me, in many ways, that’s why I allow them to carry me, and the same for my son.
I get very little each month, never enough to make ends meet, but don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for what I do get.
When I realized that I wasn’t getting any help, I cried for days, because I look at the situation like this, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN HELP, YOU ALL LEFT US OUT COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are humans, just like everyone else, so why did we have to be targeted….. WHY!!!!!!
That money could have got bills caught up, and more food on my table, but instead it was given to the ones, that put money on cars, motorcycles, drugs, parties, etc. when people like me, would have put it to real use.
It’s truly sad, how a class of us was overlooked, verses the ones that got the help, and misused the help.
My well has ran completely dry, and I feel we was overlooked for reasons unknown to me, and mankind!!!!!!!!

You don’t have to sell me I’m one of those people who didn’t get the stimulus for my 20 year old son with multiple disabilities because I claimed him yes 500 or 1200$$$ would definitely help not sure why they were single out first place so yes I vote yes

I totally agreed with all of you and strongly support the All Dependents Count Act. Dependents at any age should be the ones that need the most financial help. Why are they being someone else’s dependents? It is because they cannot support themselves financially. Therefore, they should be the first in line to get the stimulus check, and it should be the full $1,200 rebate because they are adults, not kids, and they have a lot of personal/living expenses to pay. It was totally not right and unfair to exclude all adult dependents in the CARES Act.

it’s crazy that older dependents are not covered by the Care Act. My sister has 2 disabled children and a disabled husband. Their adult son is the only one working and supporting the family financially so he claims them as dependents. The government should provide relief for all citizens and should not ignore the weak and disabled.

Yes I would support the bill for all the school kids and disabled my son has been disabled since young age but he didn’t qualify because he is 31 he has been my dependent since he was disabled

I have three children 19,19, and 17 they are in college and high school and work. They filed their taxes but since I claim them as dependents because they still live with me and I support them they don’t get anything back. I think it is completely unfair that they are receiving nothing and that even parents can’t receive something on their behalf for supporting them. Their hours have been drastically cut at their jobs and now they are having trouble paying their car payments and insurance. We don’t have the extra money to pay their payments for them so this was a big blow when we found out they weren’t getting anything. I really hope they fix it.

I am beyond upset that my kids who are college and university students on which one of them was laid off by her job will not get any assistance. They are taxpayers and currently struggling to pay her bills.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that these young adults are left out. I have a 17 yr old and a 20 yr old both are still in school. 1 high school and the other college. It is completely unfair that they are left out. I am a single mom and fully support both of them. Do we know when and if this bill will pass?

I am 50 yrs. old, single, veteran of both storm and shield, and permanently disabled due to my service. It pisses me off that I was able to serve my country, but due to me living with my daughter, I am not able to receive any stimulous relief. I guess I don’t count when it comes to my service to my country. I’m disappointed in the policy makers.

I absolutely support adult dependent stimulus especially because not only are adult dependents being left out, 17 year old dependents are as well. Such is the case with my oldest child who turned 17 just last month. Now mind you, my 17 year old CHILD is still living with me and supported 100% by me. She is also still in high school with 2 years left to go. I’m unsure if I will get stimulus money for her or not because the current bill does not consider her an eligible child. My only hope is that she was still 16 when I filed my 2019 taxes. All I know is that as a single mom of 3 who makes $25,000 a year, I definitely need all the help I can get and all my children should be considered eligible because they are all still legally children.

As a father of five with two in college, and two soon to be a five hundred dollar rebate would certainly help. When the bill was passed it was rushed but now that the smoke has cleared action should be taken. The purpose of the stimulus is to help needy Americans and this demographic being left out is unacceptable. People are really struggling g right now and excluding these families is a travesty. We can only hope the Republicans dont drag their feet on this and pass it soon as possible.


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