Clementine's Nightmare
February 16, 2022

Clementine’s Nightmare NFT: AAA Gaming Studio’s P2E Game


We have seen a ton of different art styles for NFT projects, but nothing quite like this, especially for a mobile NFT game.

Clementine’s Nightmare NFT is a collection of 15,000 characters for a play-to-earn mobile game.

If you want to be a part of the P2E gaming movement, here’s what you need to know.

Who’s Behind Clementine’s Nightmare?

The team behind Clementine’s Nightmare doesn’t have any information about themselves on their website. 

At first, this worried me, but when I went to Discord, my fears were put to rest because I found out that a AAA gaming studio, Petrol, was backing the project.

You may not have heard of the company before, but you know some of the games and digital works they’ve produced. 

They’ve helped produce graphics for Free Guy and the UFC. They also have worked on gaming powerhouses like Call of DutyAssassin’s CreedDoomBlack Desert, and Ghostwire.

Petrol is the branding face for over 100 iconic AAA gaming franchises, and over 1,500 games successfully brought to market. 

This is one of the most prolific gaming companies to break into NFT gaming.

The team behind Clementine’s Nightmare NFT did an hour-long video recorded AMA on YouTube introducing themselves with some background information to build their credibility even more. 

I’m not going to break down the entire video, but I left feeling confident the team has the skills to deliver on their promises.

If you want to watch the AMA and meet the team, find the video here

Is the Art Good?

For a mobile game, the art is excellent. 

Most play-to-earn games that have come out recently are pixel art, so the art for Clementine’s Nightmare stands out. 

I thought Tim Burton created an NFT project when I first saw the art. It has a very Tim Burton style to it, and the fact that it’s about nightmares is, even more, Tim Burton-Esq. 

The interactive graphics on the website show how talented these artists are. 

Clementine is the face of the franchise but isn’t the only character; there are eight others. 

Each character belongs to one of five factions, but more on that later.

Morde is the King of Nightmares and the evil antagonist of the game. 

Nightmares aren’t the only thing players need to worry about; there are also beasts on the hunt.

Not all characters are out to get you. There are other forces like Dreams that protect the living. 

Clementine isn’t the only human in her Nightmare. Misfits like Jack Carver and Ciaran Black are included but are influenced by the dark power.

Ciaran Black

Overall, I like the details and color of the art. 

One thing that investors need to know about the art is that it won’t be moving or interactive when revealed. The gifs and interactive photos shared on Twitter are created strictly for social media. 

Hypebears got a ton of backlash for releasing standstill jpegs after advertising looping NFTs, so I want to make sure people know what they’re buying.

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How Clementine’s Nightmare NFT Works

Clementine’s Nightmare NFT is a free play-to-earn game that anyone can play; you don’t have to hold an NFT. 

The premise for the game is that Clementine had a dream where she saw ethereal beings disrupting the balance between light and dark, and it turned into her reality. Now Clementine must conquer the darkness and restore balance to the world.


The team wants to make sure the game is perfect and not rush. Although they know holders want a great game, they also know holders want some value while waiting. 

Clementine’s Nightmare is releasing airdrops to holders to encourage people to be patient while the game is finalized.

Airdrops will consist of NFTs and $INK, the economic token of Clementine’s Nightmare. 

Additionally, holders of Clementine’s Nightmare NFTs will get early access to the game’s beta version, so they’re the first to play.


As I touched on above, your character can belong to five different factions: rebel, beast, Nightmare, dream, and misfit.

Each faction has two characters in it. 

The beast faction consists of Stagg and Flicker. Beasts were once normal-sized animals or creatures, but the nightmares and dreams transformed them into massive lifeforms. 

Clementine and Aerosol make up the rebel faction. Rebels are the story’s heroes on a mission to restore order to the world.

Morde and Ghaxx belong to the nightmares. Nightmares are from the non-physical realm and feed off negative human emotions.

And I already introduced the misfits: Jack Carver and Ciaran Black. Misfits are unpredictable. They were the first to succumb to the nightmares because of their thirst for power.

The only faction with one character is Dreams, leaving Twee all on his own for now. Dreams are the counterbalance to nightmares and are the only faction that knows how to defeat them.


Characters in each faction are a part of Clementine’s Nightmare play-to-earn game. 

Gamers will be able to put their skills to the test by playing games to earn $INK, the in-game currency for Clementine’s Nightmare.

$INK can be used to purchase packs, unlock items, and even allows you to create an NFT with your in-game hero. 

We haven’t seen any sneak peeks of the in-game hero NFTs but the team states on their website that the game NFTs will be different from the pre-launch NFTs.

How to Buy Clementine’s Nightmare NFT

Clementine’s Nightmare NFT is releasing its initial collection of 5,000 NFTs on February 18th, 2022, at 12:00 PM EST. 

However, Clementine’s Nightmare is doing things a little differently. They’re dropping their collection in two different phases: whitelist pre-sale and public sale.

We’ve seen many projects do pre-sale and public sales on different days, but these collections release weeks apart.

The first drop is a collection of 5,000 NFTs. Phase two drops a collection of 10,000.

Phase 1: Whitelist Pre-Sale

The drop happening on February 18th is for the collection of 5,000 NFTs and is pre-sale only. If you aren’t on the whitelist, you won’t be able to mint.

Whitelist members will be allowed to mint one NFT per wallet at a mint price of 0.25 ETH and will have a 24hr window to do so. 

This means there will be 5,000 unique holders of Clementine’s Nightmare phase one drop, which I look at before investing in projects.

Even though the mint date is approaching, there are some whitelist spots available. 

If you want to get on the whitelist, here’s what you need to do. 

The team is still giving a few spots away via Twitter giveaways, so make sure to follow and turn notifications on for a chance to win one of the last spots.

Phase 2: Public Mint

Phase two is a public mint and doubles the collection size of phase one, releasing 10,000 NFTs. 

The team hasn’t announced the official mint date for the public sale or the mint price. However, they have confirmed that it won’t be directly after the whitelist pre-sale. 

Expect to pay high gas prices during the public mint because this project has been highly anticipated. 

Secondary Market

If you don’t gain pre-sale access before the mint, then you will be able to buy a genesis Clementine’s Nightmare NFT on the secondary market. 

Since it’s a whitelist-only mint, the other 115,000 followers will be flooding the secondary market post mint. 

The collection of 10,000 will also be available on the secondary market and should be easier to pick up. 

If you are going to buy on the secondary market, make sure to use their official link channel in Discord to find their OpenSea account (TBD).

My Strategy

I really like this project. The team behind the project has experience in the gaming and blockchain industry. 

While I’d like to mint Clementine’s Nightmare NFT, I’m not on the whitelist and don’t have the best track record for winning whitelist giveaways.

Since I’m not on the whitelist, I’ll most likely try picking one up on the secondary market. 

However, the initial mint price of 0.25 ETH might price me out. 

If secondary market prices are too high, then I will simply wait and try my hand at the public sale. 

I’d imagine that 10,000 new NFTs hitting the market will drive the floor price down a bit, so patience may be rewarded. 

That being said, the team could increase the mint price for the public mint to keep the floor more stable.

Until all the information is on the table and I know the public mint price, I can’t make a final decision. 

I think Clementine’s Nightmare NFT will be a successful project. 

I’ll be paying close attention to this project for the coming weeks to find an opportunity to get in. 

That’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and follow me on Twitter.

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5/5 Rating


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