Collider Craftworks NFT
Updated February 01, 2022

Collider Craftworks NFT: Unreal Detail, How to Get Whitelist, and My Strategy


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We’ve seen a lot of 3-D avatars NFT releases lately in the NFT space. Still, Collider Craftworks is bringing something new to the table.

Collider Craftworks NFT is the next avatar evolution, designed to thrive and survive the metaverse.

If you’ve played Mortal Kombat X/XIAssassin’s Creed, or Injustice II, you’ve played with some of the characters the Collider Craftworks team developed.

Who’s Behind the Collider Craftworks NFT?

Collider Craftworks is a super professional team of 84 of the world’s most creative and technically gifted individuals, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They’ve worked on some awesome video games — Mortal Kombat, Assassins Creed, Street Fighter, Injustice II, and more.

Core Team

It’s a fully doxxed team. Most have worked together at different studios across Argentina.

Who's behind the collider craftworks nft

Daniel Gomez Cortez is the studio director. Formerly a managing director at NXA Studios in Argentina for eight years, he worked on some prolific games like Mortal Kombat.

Jonatan Ciaffoni is the general manager of the team. He worked alongside Daniel as the General Manager and a brief producer role at NXA Studios.

Gaston Di Pasquo is the Head of Tech. He was the technical Art Director at NXA Studios in Argentina for five years before joining the Cypher movement. He worked as a lead technical artist and art director for NGD Studios for eight years before meeting the rest of the team at NXA.

The team is massive, so I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of every member. However, if you want more information about the Cypher team, you can find it here.

Watch my interview with Collider Craftworks’ studio director Daniel Gomez Cortez in the video below!


Now let’s talk about the artists.

They have 11 artists on their team that help bring the Cypher NFT to life. Since it’s a game, there’s a lot more detail to it than a PFP project.

Jeremias Papi is the head of modeling. He also worked at NXA Studios as the lead 3D artist. Check out some of his artwork for yourself!

Who's Behind Collider Craftworks NFT

Collider Craftworks has three lead technical artists – Emiliano Andes, Julian Wolf, and Federico Ginabreda.

Emiliano Andes worked at NXA Studios as a character artist, helping develop characters for Mortal Kombat. If you check out his Art Station, you’ll find it filled with Mortal Kombat style characters.

Who's Behind the Collider Craftworks nft

Julian Wolf was the lead character artist at NXA Studios. Like Emiliano, he worked on Mortal Kombat, and his art portfolio is filled with characters.

Federico Ginabreda is the lead character artist at Collider. He has a similar style of 3-D art as the other artists with incredible attention to detail. Here are a few of my favorite pieces in Frederico’s portfolio.

Federico Ginabreda Collider Craftworks NFT

Is the Art Good?

We’ve seen some great 3-D art come out in the NFT space recently, with HAPEBEASTPrime Ape Planet, and even Voyagers Unknown. Collider Craftworks 3-D avatars, though, are among the best I’ve seen so far.

I feel like there’s something that sets avatars apart from the other 3-D projects I’ve seen. They really have that video game feel to them; you can tell the team has experience making video game characters.

Just check out the attention to detail on their avatars. You can practically feel the accessories because of how natural the texture is.

I’m not sure if it’s just the yellow on black here, but these look clean!

With how detailed the accessories are, I hope that you’ll be able to customize your character and mix-and-match.

What I really like about the art is how different some of the characters are. We see many projects where most of the NFTs look the same and only have a few different features.

Collider has a few different characters that you can get. So far, on their Twitter, we’ve seen three different styles of character. The first was the stylish black and yellow character from above.

The second was this zombie-cyborg character:

If a Fortnite and GTA character had a baby in the metaverse, this is what it would look like. It has such a video game character feel. He seems like he attracts trouble and always has five stars in GTA.

The third type of character they’ve revealed on Twitter has to be rare. A gold-horned helmet with that much detail doesn’t come cheap, and whenever you see a character wearing a trench coat, you know it’s upper echelon.

These are only the three types of characters they’ve released on Twitter. There could be more revealed before the drop, but this is what we’ve seen so far.

I’ve been hesitant to buy into 3-D projects because it feels like a trend, but we haven’t seen these graphics from NFT video games yet. So I like what I’m seeing so far.

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How Does the Collider Craftworks NFT Work?

Collider Craftworks created an NFT project called CYPHER. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of information about what it is or how it will work outside of their website, but they did drop a trailer.

The whitepaper will be dropping soon — sometime early this year — which I look forward to reading.

We are Cypher, we make our luck & live by our own rules. Our kind is beyond borders or bound, we are nomads from no land and obey no master.

Visual Wallet

I was suspicious of how they’d add accessories. However, after reading this on their website, I think it’s safe to say you’ll be able to combine and collect accessories for your avatar:

Inspired by the idea of leveraging new tech stacks, combined with our experience on AAA games & the craziness of the NFT world, we’re developing a VISUAL WALLET that will bring your virtual identity to life while keeping your digital goods protected on-chain. Built on the Unreal Engine with the MetaHuman Skeleton, your avatar & digital goods will be ready for the next generation of games and experiences.

That last part stood out to me “your avatar & digital goods will be ready for the next generation of games and experiences.”

Does this mean that we’ll be able to use our avatars in different games and collect additional accessories in the wallet?

I don’t know, but this would add a whole new level of style and customization to the metaverse and video games. We’ve seen Voyagers Unknown talk about doing something similar with I.D. Cards.

This got my attention, but what about the actual gaming aspect?

The Mosh Pit

The mosh pit is the gaming aspect of Collider Craftworks NFT. Again, there isn’t much information about the game or how it works, but there is a gameplay trailer on their website.

Since the team has a ton of background in Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter-style games, I assume it will be the same concept but in a pit, hence the name “Most Pit.”

If you watch the trailer carefully, you can see that four different players enter the pit at a time with these stats shown — Net Worth, Kills, Rank, and Followers.

Like most games, there will be a way to rank up, but how exactly we don’t know yet.

How to Buy Collider Craftworks NFT

Collider Craftworks hasn’t released an official launch date yet as they just released their website last week, so they have a few boxes to check before announcing the mint date.

They have a discord, but it’s invite-only, and they often shut it down for maintenance. The team is being very cautious to prevent bots from flooding the servers.

Whitelist Pre-Sale

They haven’t announced how many whitelist spots there will be, but they have started giving whitelist spots out on Twitter. As you can see, one of the NFT space’s biggest influencers, @ryandcrypto, has gotten in early.

They are always looking for followers to try their hand at a backstory. If you do well, you can even win a whitelist spot.

Public Sale

The public sale and mint price is yet to be determined.

Collider states on their website that the whitepaper will drop in early 2022, and I imagine that information will be in there when that drops.

Secondary Market

People who miss out on the whitelist and public mint of the Collider’s NFT will have to pick their CYPHER up on their official OpenSea account.

My Collider Craftworks NFT Strategy

We’ve seen gaming cryptos take off like Axie Infinity and Defi Kingdoms but none with this level of art.  

I like how it’s a fully doxxed team with success in the gaming industry. They are being extra cautious opening the Discord to prevent bots from joining, which not too many NFT projects do. It’s great to see.

Cypher seems to be a month or two away from launch, but I think it’s safe to say this project will probably sell out. However, with the quality of art, gaming utility, and the experienced team behind the project, it will be hard to keep people out of this project.

Hopefully, I can win a whitelist spot before the drop. If not, I’ll try my best to get my hands on one during the public mint.

That’s just my opinion; given what we know about this project right now, I’m very bullish, but that could change as more information comes out. Feel free to disagree. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and follow me on Twitter.

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El Mopri
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Collider is NOT a videogame. Collider is a Game Ready avatar and assets.