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Updated January 20, 2022

Cyber Lionz NFT: My Strategy for this Staking Play-to-Earn Game


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Play to earn mini-games, anyone?

This NFT project released a Flappy Bird-style mini-game, and it’s only the beginning. 

Cyber Lionz is a collection of 2,500 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Cyber Lionz were built by gamers for gamers. 

Who’s Behind Cyber Lionz NFT?

The Cyber Lionz team is somewhat doxxed. 

If you check out their website, you’ll find that they have a six-member team.

Cyber Lionz Founding Team

Some of the members link to other websites they own, businesses they are a part of, or Twitter accounts. 

For example, their founder Ash links to his Twitter account, but it was just created in December and only has 16 tweets.

We have seen other project founders create new accounts specifically for their NFT project, so this isn’t a huge deal to me. 

I couldn’t find anything that revealed Ash’s true identity; the same goes for Pixel Pirate, the Lead Pixel Artist who doesn’t link to anything, or Kyle W., the Game Developer, who linked the Enigma Factory twitter.

The last three members made it easy to find background information. Ryan S., the Systems Lead and Team Manager, and Ryan C., the Lead Developer, worked together at a software and design company called FuledonBacon.

The Discord Advisor and Lead Mod, 0xWoof, has helped manage multiple successful NFT projects like PxQuestDigi Dragonz, and Plug Pass

Astro Labs, a Dubai tech company partnered with Google, also backs the project. This reassured me since some team members aren’t fully doxxed.

It might be challenging to find information on the team now, but that could change as they update their site. They’ve made it a priority to be as transparent as possible. Right on their website they state

With so many rugs, scams, empty promises, & FUD in the NFT space Cyber Lionz will move methodically, safely, & transparently to ensure as much fairness as possible. 

They’ve even put out some in-depth threads addressing the issue and how they’re different on Twitter.  

Is the Art Good?

It’s pixel art. We’ve seen it all before, and I am getting tired of pixel art projects since it’s a game.


We are super early in the metaverse. Eventually, we will have games with almost real-life graphics, but we aren’t quite there yet. 

Right now, metaverse games need to focus on the strategy and mechanics behind the game rather than focusing on graphics. 

Cyber Lionz made their art feel unique by increasing the number of attributes buyers could reveal.

Cyber Lionz will have 150+ traits, with many being animated. Our mission is to get as close as possible to everyone feeling like they pulled a legendary 1/1 post mint.

They posted this gif on Twitter, showing off the range of attributes. 

The little lions are pretty cute, but let’s talk about the gaming utility these Cyber Lionz are bringing to the table. 

How Does the Cyber Lionz NFT Work?

Here’s how Cyber Lionz introduces the project in their Whitepaper.

In a metajungle far far away 2500 baby Cyber Lionz were given life by Astro Labs with high hopes of someday becoming fully grown KINGS of the metaverse. 


Built for gamers & NFT lovers by gamers & NFT lovers, Cyber Lionz will start as an initial 2500 piece 2D collection with the goal of developing and innovating Web3 technologies , NFTs, and Play to Earn gaming. 

Right off the bat, they want you to know that these lionz can evolve and be used in a play-to-earn game. 

They say they plan to create a RuneScape-style game for Adult Lionz, but haven’t released any further information about the game itself.

My immediate thought was that these don’t look like Adult Lionz; they look like cubs. 

So how do you get an adult lion to play the game?

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First, you need a Cyber Lion. 

Shortly after mint, you’ll be able to stake it, where it’ll yield 2 $HEAT per day. $HEAT is an ERC-20 token that is the main currency for the Cyber Lionz ecosystem and will be used as the core token for future Astro Labs projects. 

$HEAT is needed to burn cubs into adults, purchase merchandise, access P2E games, and unlock 3-D models of their NFT that can be used in the metaverse.


Once you have 100 $HEAT, you can burn that and two cubs to create an Adult Cyber Lion. Adult Lionz yield 10 $HEAT per day, a significant increase from the 4 $HEAT the sacrificed cubs yielded (2 per cub).

Cyber Lionz Burning

The team gave you a 0.1% chance of burning a MEGA LION and a 0.25% chance of burning a LEGENDARY LION to build the stakes. 

These Adult Lionz can be used in the RuneScape-style P2E game they are creating. 

On top of that, the Adult Lionz will act as a special mint pass for all Astro Lab projects and giveaways. 

The team was sharp enough to build in some utility that collectors can benefit from while waiting for the game to come out.


Again, they don’t have much information about the RuneScape-style game they want to create.

However, they know that many projects over-promise and under-deliver, so they released a fun mini-game for users to play in the meantime. 

It looks like Flappy Bird, but at ground level.

Try the game for yourself!

I like how they came out with a mini-game early and are at least acknowledging that they don’t have anything to put out yet, but I’d like to see at least some gameplay blueprints.

It seems like they haven’t come up with any game mechanics, only decided that they want it to be a RuneScape-style.

In their Whitepaper, this is all they say about the future game: 

After launch, Cyber Lionz plan on developing an experimental P2E multiverse where we will bring various communities together in a COMMUNITY driven P2E game where the strongest communities with the most characters staked will be rewarded with a certain % of a winner takes all pool of . . . 


PVP On-chain dueling between players can be used to settle scores and wagers within the colosseum as well with a leaderboard keeping track of the most talented communities. Players can wager $HEAT, Astro Labs NFTs, resources and more.

Not a ton of details, mostly an overview of what they plan to do. That being said, Astro Labs has assisted with multiple sold-out NFT collections so that they could develop a great game. 

I’m looking forward to more updates and information as we approach the launch.

How to Buy the Cyber Lionz NFT?

Cyber Lionz will be releasing 2,500 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in February 2022.

Here’s how you can buy the Cyber Lionz NFT.

Whitelist Pre-sale 

If you want to buy a Cyber Lionz NFT, the best way to guarantee your spot is by landing a Whitelist spot. 

Like most NFT projects, you’ll be able to win Whitelist spots via giveaways or being active in the Discord.

Cyber Lionz just opened their Discord to the public today, by the way — until today, it was closed and invite-only.

There’s a channel in the Discord about getting whitelist.

They haven’t announced how many Whitelist spots are available, but since the collection size is only 2,500, there will be a limited number of spots.

But I have been talking to Cyber Lionz, and they gave me some whitelist spots to give away.

So right after this piece publishes, I will be, over on my Twitter account, @loganallec, creating a tweet telling you how to enter this giveaway for Cyber Lionz whitelist.

And then the remaining whitelist spots I have from Cyber Lionz, I will be giving away in my Degen Den Discord community that will be launching very, very soon, so stay tuned for that.

Public Sale

The public mint date is yet to be decided. However, their Discord states that mint will be in February. 

The mint should be on directly on their website, but they haven’t released a ton of information about the public sale. 

I’ll be paying closer attention as February approaches. 

Secondary Market

Once the Cyber Lionz NFT is sold out at launch, you’ll have to purchase one on the secondary market. The team has already announced that they’ll be available on OpenSea for secondary sales.

My Cyber Lionz NFT Strategy

Obviously we’re still early on this project; we don’t even know the mint price or mint date yet.

And right now, I’m just taking this project for what it is.  The current gameplay is extremely simple, but as Cyber Lionz stated in this Twitter thread, they want to get a working game out first and then develop a “much more advanced game” down the road.

So the current simple, yet fun, game isn’t going to be why I might mint this project.

I like the staking aspect, the partnership with Astro Labs, and how Adult Lionz provide access to future Astro Lab projects. 

Now, in full disclosure, I am on the whitelist; I was one of the first people in the Discord; I saw this tweet on January 11 and was one of the first 100 in the Discord so I have OG role, which gives me automatic whitelist.

Of course, just because I get whitelisted for something doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to mint it; so of course on mint day I will just keep tabs of how many Lionz are being minted; if it looks like most whitelisted addresses are minting; I probably will too because that’s generally a good sign.

With only a 2,500 supply, my take is that if Cyber Lionz keeps on doing things right — as it certainly seems to me that they currently are — this will be a solid, in-demand mint.  I don’t expect the initial price on the secondary to be anything crazy, and as we’ve seen with other pixelated gaming projects like Wulfz, sometimes after mint the floor price goes below the mint price only to pick back up again.

However, as I anticipate a relatively low print price on Cyber Lionz, that would not bother me if that happens.

That’s my opinion; given what we know about this project right now, I’m bullish, but that could change as more information comes out. Feel free to disagree. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and follow me on Twitter.

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5/5 Rating


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