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Updated January 25, 2022

Pixelmon NFT: Should You Buy into this Pokémon Derivative?


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Wish you could play Pokemon in the Metaverse? Well, now’s your chance, kinda.

Pixelmon is a collection of 10,000 genesis, well, Pixelmon living on the Ethereum blockchain releasing in February 2022.

There are over 100 different species of Pixelmon in the Gen 1 collection.

So what is Pixelmon, and how can you get your hands on one?  And are they even worth getting your hands on?

Let’s get into it!

Who’s Behind the Pixelmon NFT?

The team behind Pixelmon NFT is undoxxed. If you’ve read any of my NFT content before, you know that I’m very hesitant to invest in projects with undoxxed members.

Syberer is the founder of the Pixelmon NFT, but he doesn’t link to his true identity on his Twitter.

There is little information available about Pixelmon since the Discord is exclusive and the website isn’t live yet.

An NFT Influencer who may have interviewed Syberer says he is doxxed. 

The influencer does show images of the Discord in the thread. They seem to have more extensive knowledge about the other team members’ experience and the roadmap.

There wasn’t a video of the interview, and doubleq.eth isn’t doxxed either, so take what they say with a grain of salt.

While I do want to believe the interview happened, I’ll be looking for reassurance from team members as the Pixelmon launch gets closer and the website is released.

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Is the Art Good?

With a game that is essentially Pokemon by a different but slightly similar name and on the blockchain, I was pretty excited to check out the art! 

And the art is decent.

I’m sure you assumed from the name that Pixelmon is another pixel art project. 

Obviously, the art isn’t going to look as great as Pokemon, but I think the team did a good job bringing characters to life using shading and gifs. 

One thing that I do like about the art is how many different species there are. 

Most NFT projects only have two to four different characters you can reveal; Pixelmon has over a hundred. 

If you check out their Twitter, you can see a few different Pixelmon species.

How the Pixelmon NFT Works

Pixelmon is a virtual gaming world where you can train, trade, fight & evolve your Pixelmon through the Metaverse.

Here’s how they describe it: 

I usually don’t like when projects describe themselves as a combination of prolific games or shows. It feels like they’re piggybacking off of someone else’s success. 

However, since this project is almost exactly Pokemon, the comparison makes sense here.

The Skyrim comparison makes me think it’s an open-world style game where you can play with friends. 

The Avatar comparison must have to do with the four tribes they incorporated (more on that later).

Breeding & Evolving

Pixelmon Trainers will be able to breed and evolve their Pixelmon.

The team hasn’t announced exactly how this will be done, but I assume you’ll have to train your characters to boost their stats.

You might be able to do this by fighting opponents, completing challenges, or collecting rare items. 

We don’t quite know yet. However, the team has hinted at adventures being involved. 

I’m a huge Pokemon fan, so I love the idea of leveling up my NFT to make it more valuable.

Every Pixelmon has three evolutions. 

Pixelmon teased a sketch of what evolved versions of Pixelmon may look like. 

They then followed the teaser up a week later with the evolution of their krab species.

As you can tell, the Pixelmon get much larger as they evolve. 

And to build the stakes more, they announced MEGA EVOLUTIONS for the rarest Pixelmon.


As mentioned above, Pixelmon will have four tribes, similar to The Last Airbender.

  1. Water 
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Air

The tribes could be for Pixelmon themselves or their Trainers. 

Pokemon has “types,” so it wouldn’t surprise me if Pixelmon does the same. Types help level the playing field in the battle. 

However, Pokemon has 18 types, so I don’t think 4 Tribes would be enough for 100+ Pixelmon species. 

My guess is that the Tribes relate to the Trainers. 

How exactly? That’s yet to be announced. 

Pixelmon teased the Tribes on their Twitter but haven’t mentioned much about them since.

It seems like once you join the Discord, Trainers will get an opportunity to join one of the four tribes. 

How to Buy the Pixelmon NFT

Pixelmon is launching its Gen 1 collection of 10,000 Pixelmon in February 2022. 

They haven’t announced an official date, but the teams hinted that it’ll be early February.

As for the Pixelmon game itself, that’s not expected to be released until Q2 of 2022.

If you want to mint one come launch day, here’s how to buy the Pixelmon NFT. 

Whitelist Pre-Sale

They have a whitelist. However, I’m not in their Discord, so I don’t know how many whitelist spots there are and how many are still available.

They’ve only let in 7,000 people out of the 100,000+ followers they have.

It looks like not everyone in Discord is guaranteed a whitelist spot because they are making Trainers play mini-games for a chance to get one.

Unfortunately, this round, no one earned the whitelist spot.

To increase your chances of landing a whitelist or a spot in Discord, follow @Sypherer and @Pixelmon on Twitter and turn on post notifications. Both accounts randomly announce when whitelist and Discord spots will be available. 

Public Sale

They haven’t officially announced when the mint will be, but on their website, it says:

Mint will commence 7 to 10 days after January 24th.

Sypherer and Pixelmon have been hyping up an announcement that will break the NFT internet. 

The countdown is expected to end on January 24th, when the big surprise will be revealed. 

Nobody is sure what the announcement is; Sypherer wanted to see if people had any idea what the countdown was for.

Most people think it’s a gameplay trailer, while others joked about it just being discord opening to the public.

I think it could be a gameplay trailer, but I think it’s more than that. The team is claiming they’ll bring something to the table that we’ve never seen in the NFT space before. 

I’m excited to see what’s in store, to say the least.

Secondary Market

Suppose you aren’t lucky enough to mint a Pixelmon during the public mint. In that case, you’ll have to pick one up on the secondary market via OpenSea.

My Pixelmon NFT Strategy

Outside of the team being un-doxxed and a few minor hiccups, I have liked what I’ve seen from the Pixelmon NFT so far.

The project has gained almost 80,000 followers on Twitter in the last month. And a lot of YouTube NFT Influencers are covering the project as well.

When I’m investing in an NFT project, those are what I consider. I want to see a growing community and NFT influencers talking about the project. 

When YouTubers cover an NFT project, it shows that they are doing something unique, and people want to talk about it.

Play-to-earn games have been all the buzz in 2022, and Pixelmon is amongst the most hyped. 

I’ll be trying to get a whitelist spot via Twitter; if not, I’ll resort to the public mint.

I do imagine that this project will sell out pretty quickly since they have such a large and exclusive community. 

If I can’t pick one up during the public mint, I may buy one from the secondary market at a reasonable price, keeping an eye on the price on the volume because the last thing you want to do is FOMO into a hyped project at peak volume, especially pre-reveal.

Whether I will hold long-term or make a quick flip is to be determined. 

I need more information before deciding if I want to buy in completely. 

Unfortunately, like most Pixelmon followers, I’m not in the Discord, haven’t heard from the founders, and don’t know anything about future plans.

I can’t invest in a project when all the information isn’t on the table. 

Once the website is live and more information is available, I’ll be able to decide.

That’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and follow me on Twitter.

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5/5 Rating


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