Voyagers Unknown NFT
Updated January 20, 2022

Voyagers Unknown NFT: Can Devs Do Something?


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We’ve gone through many phases in the NFT space over the last few months. From Ape derivatives, to pixel art, token generation, land plays, and now the new kid on the block: high-quality 3D avatars.

We’ve seen hyped and successful drops from 3D projects like CloneX by RTFKT studios and Crypto Bull Society, which enjoyed a nice run up to 3+ ETH.  And now we have Voyagers Unknown.

Who’s Behind Voyagers Unknown?

This team was willing to add links on the Voyager Unknown website to their Twitter accounts and Instagram profiles, but they’re completely anonymous. We know their names and social media platforms, but this is not a doxxed team. I couldn’t verify any of their identities, so these very well could be fake names. 

Voyagers Unknown Team

The team starts with Christian Yulmanova, a 3D artist and designer from Norway.

He has almost 100,000 Instagram followers thanks to the hype built around his art, but again, I can’t find any third-party verification of his identity.

The second member of the team is Lionel Kee whom we know even less about, and the third member is Espen, who only provides a link to an Instagram page that has zero posts.

All this is being said to shed light on the fact that any anonymous-team-created projects require extra research and care before purchasing, especially when that purchase price is possibly going to be as high as 0.3 ETH — yes, 0.3 ETH, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

However, despite their anonymity, the artists are very talented — wait until I show you a sneak peek of their level of detail in a second — but we just don’t know anything about them, so being the conservative investor that I am, I am proceeding with caution.

Is the Art Good?

The art is really good. It falls into the hottest current trend of high-quality 3D avatars, and the team picked a great time to launch.

Voyagers Unknown Art

The art reminds me of a collection of influencers to be honest.

It feels like the characters were inspired by some of the big TikTokers, YouTube stars, and hip-hop icons that kids look up to.

They have the exact same sense of new-school high end fashion mixed with the expressions of influencers.

There are two things that make Voyagers Unknown stand out with their art that gets me really excited about the project.

The first is that they’re doing both men and women lines right off the bat. We were originally introduced to these Voyagers which I thought were amazing.

But just last week on December 22, the team announced a new set of faces arriving, the Female Voyagers.

Not many projects are inclusive like this upfront; it’s typically an afterthought or an airdrop after the fact to be passed off as “utility” for holding the NFT.

The fact that Voyagers Unknown is releasing the Female Voyagers as part of the initial drop definitely helps them stand out.

Did I mention the insane attention to detail when it comes to the artwork?

Look at this jacket and tell me that you can’t FEEL it just by looking at it.

That level of detail is consistent across all of their sneak peeks so far.

You can see in each piece of clothing, in each strand of hair and right down to the skin, that this team has a mission to bring us the highest quality art in the entire space.

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How the Voyagers Unknown NFT Works

Voyagers Unknown is dropping as a 5,000-piece collection of 3D avatars.

In terms of mint price, according to the second post on the Voyagers Unknown dev blog, the mint price was set at 0.3 ETH with a planned release date in December 2021.

If this is the case, then clearly Voyagers Unknown is pushing the boundaries of what enthusiasts will be willing to pay for this kind of project.

I say “if this is the case” because despite what the blog post said, Voyagers Unknown obviously isn’t dropping in December 2021, and in fact in the Discord FAQ channel, the mint price is still listed as TBA rather than the 0.3 ETH mentioned in the blog post.

Some people in the Discord claimed that the mint price in the FAQ channel used to be 0.3 ETH, but it was actually changed to TBA.

I do not know if that’s true, but nevertheless I believe that the Discord is probably more up-to-date than a blog post published almost a month ago, so maybe the mint price is still up in the air.  I don’t know.

But if the mint price is truly TBA as stated on the Discord, then that’s a sign to me that the devs don’t actually know how to value their own project and may feel less confident about it than they did a month ago when they mentioned the 0.3 ETH price.

And if the mint price is not TBA and it is 0.3 ETH, then I’m not thrilled that the team hasn’t updated the FAQ channel yet with this information.

But now let’s move on from the mint price speculation and talk about the Voyagers Unknown character types.

Voyagers Unknown Character Types

There are three different types of characters you need to know:

  1. The Unknown
  2. Voyagers
  3. Executives

Voyagers The Unknown

The Unknown

The Unknown are highly-skilled workers who are in the lower class because they’ve become unemployed due to the continuous cheap labor from the high-income district.

Now the Unknown have dedicated their life to fighting for the working class and changing the status quo.

They’re called The Unknown because they aren’t seen as full citizens of the government, so their status, age, and position in society is unknown, hence the name.

The Voyagers


Voyagers are eager for inspiration and highly fashionable. They often wear stylish colors as they travel throughout the multiverse.

Similar to The Unknown, Voyagers are not full citizens and are treated with suspicion by the Executives.

Voyagers Unknown Executives


The Executives or Execs, are of the highest social status. They’ve used cybernetic enhancements to alter their perception of reality and are becoming even more robotic.

Their district is heavily guarded by police and armored vehicles to prevent non-citizens from polluting their riches.

Voyagers Unknown NFT Roadmap

In the Voyagers Unknown Discord — which is the place where most projects explain their Roadmap in detail and what makes the project a great long term hold — Voyagers Unknown decided to make this statement:

Voyagers Unknown The Roadmap

While I do understand where they’re coming from, giving piecemeal updates instead of laying out a long-term future plan is a bit of a red flag for me.

So let’s talk about the “Dev Blog“, of which there are three posts so far.

In the original development blog post the team stressed the care they were putting into their minting mechanics. They wanted to implement a random selection raffle process and prevent bots from participating.

The team made sure to emphasize the fact that there would be no locked-in roadmap. You could sense excitement from the team in this first development blog when expressing the possibilities of the project down the road.

The team was excited about potentially collaborating with fashion brands and really wanted to talk about their tech behind these ID cards.

ID Cards

ID Cards

Now, I will admit, this was one of the pieces of utility this project was marketing to us that really got me excited when I originally read about it on their site:

“Imagine your own personal passport for adventure, a redeemable document that will grant benefits such as VIP access to partnered locations, access to a Voyager ID which can function as a link-tree.”

The possibilities were endless. Imagine one digital identity that you could use everywhere.  I was very excited about the prospects of this even though there weren’t any hard details of how they’d make it happen.

This second dev blog update mostly only touched on the release being pushed back to early 2022 and announcing the mint price of 0.3 ETH. To my surprise, there weren’t any updates about the ID cards. 

In this third dev blog update, hey had this to say about the ID Cards:

Voyagers Unknown Roadmap Update part 3

Alright, so what are these “much more interesting uses [they’ve] come up with”?

Well, to be frank, they seem a bit cash grabby.

Multiple times they introduced new concepts like adding clothes (that you could buy from them of course) and fashion shows and other ways for the team to make more money without providing any extra utility or at least without stating what that extra utility is.

They wrapped up the blog with this closing line which felt empty. 

Voyagers Unknown

No promises, no roadmap other than an ID which can get you into a fashion show where you can spend more money. Here’s our art and some ideas.

Look, I’m not saying that this is the extent of Voyagers Unknown’s utility, but it’s all we know about at this time according to the dev blog.

Now I’ll just briefly go over what we know right now about the mint and then talk about my personal strategy with the Voyagers Unknown NFT.

How to Buy the Voyagers Unknown NFT

The mint date for Voyagers Unknown recently got pushed back from December to early 2022. The announcement was made in their Discord on December 8, 2021.

They are allowing a maximum purchase of three Voyagers per wallet for the public as well as the whitelist.

About the whitelist, the team says:

“Our whitelist system is not here to mitigate bots or gas wars.  Its main focus is on rewarding those who truly contribute to the community.  For those of you who are whitelisted, you will need to supply us with your ETH wallet prior to our raffle in order to have your spot guaranteed. You will mint during the same period as everyone else, but you will be minting from a reserved pool of Voyagers.”

No official release date has been announced.  The project’s Twitter and Discord both say, “Release Date: EARLY 2022.”

When referencing the Whitelist, the team mentions that they have implemented a whitelist system but emphasize that it won’t be a grind to glory.

Voyagers Unknown Whitelist Access

One thing the community needs to pay attention to is the mint price. Like I mentioned previously, according to their second dev blog post, the mint price is 0.3 ETH but their FAQ channel still says mint price is “TBA”.

Discord is usually the most updated source for NFT projects, so frankly this should raise some eyebrows. It seems like they announced the high mint price, got some pushback, and are considering changing it, which makes it feel like the team doesn’t quite know how to value their own project but does know that they want to make as much money as possible on the launch.

My Strategy for the Voyagers Unknown NFT

So first of all, let me reiterate, I love the attention to detail on the art. I think the team did a really good job making it stand out as even higher quality in a space already filled with very good artwork.

But, overall I’m not a fan of how this project has played out over the last five weeks or so. I was so excited when I first heard about this project at the end of November.

The art was truly special and I thought there were some great ideas when it came to the ID cards and the team seemed to have put real effort into the lore and backstory behind their characters.

My excitement has lessened each time they post, though. In my eyes the team has gone from artists that wanted to put out their best work and please their community to a team focused on maximizing the amount of money they can squeeze out of this project without showing their work.

This project is one of the main reasons I am not a fan of undoxxed teams. It would be much easier to feel better about future utility if there was some accountability attached to the project.

If you chose to mint other projects in this space like Crypto Bull Society, MTG, or CloneX, you would have made a good amount of money on a flip.

Prime Ape Planet just minted for 0.25 ETH with a similar lack of utility, but the art was good enough where the floor is already almost 2.0 ETH pre-reveal. I think this project will also make quick flippers some money.  

If hype continues and really picks up closer to launch, Voyagers Unknown might be a great project to whitelist for and flip, especially if the mint price is lower than 0.3 ETH.

With a mint price at 0.3 ETH, it might be tough, unless the team really has something special in mind that they’re going to wow us with on the dev blog, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

But with an undoxxed team, I’d need to see a lot of quality from the dev team moving forward for this to be a long-term hold.

Personally, I will be passing on trying to get whitelisted for this project.  It could make a great flip, but with the limited time I have, I’m not going to be spending much time on this one.

If I miss out on a couple bucks by not flipping this project, I’m okay with that. It’s more important for me to stick to my process.

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