stimulus update october 26 2020
Updated November 04, 2020

“FIRE THEM ALL” Says Governor (Congress)


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Governor Says FIRE THEM ALL (Congress)

This is my stimulus update for Monday, October 26,

First of all Larry Kudlow was asked by Becky Quick this morning on CNBC Squawk Box if all hopes for stimulus are dead, he said no, that he doesn’t want to speculate, but he did claim that stimulus talks have slowed, but have not ended, that committee chairs are speaking to each other, and that he thinks that Mnuchin and Pelosi will be speaking today.

Don’t want to read? Watch the video here!

So here we are, another week, another round of stimulus frustration, it’s painful, but if it’s any consolation to we the people, we have a state governor, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who has some strong thoughts on our elected federal legislators, here are his thoughts that he shared with Squawk Box this morning.

Fire them all, he says, he says none of them have shown any leadership on the COVID crisis since March, they made a lot of promises but have literally done nothing and he doesn’t expect a stimulus package until early 2021.

And I want to know, do you agree with Governor Sununu, do you think that all five hundred and thirty-five members of Congress should be fired for their conduct these past seven months, tomorrow marking seven months since the CARES Act was passed and nothing since then.

Let me know what you think of his remarks in the comments below and remember you can fire them by voting, that is your voice, that is how we can make the change we want to see, if you’re not yet registered to vote, it’s not too late, but please do so ASAP at, where you can select your state and receive instructions on how to register to vote in this upcoming election.

Speaking of Congress, despite a Democratic attempt at a filibuster, the Republicans are expected to vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court this evening, 52 Republican senators are expected to vote to confirm her, the only Republican who is expected to vote against the confirmation is Susan Collins of Maine, who has expressed her belief that this process is being done too close to the election.  All Democrats are expected to vote against Judge Barrett’s nomination.

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