Trump Supports More Stimulus Checks
Updated June 21, 2020

BREAKING: Trump Supports More Stimulus Checks


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Today we have more stimulus news out of the mouth of President Trump.

Does Trump Support Another Stimulus Check?

At the 0:45 second mark in the video below, you can see the President answer the very direct question of whether or not he supports a second stimulus check.

The President said when asked if he supports a second stimulus check, “I would do that, and we expect to do that at some point in the very near future. We’re coming up with some concepts now and we expect it to be bipartisan. We think we’re going to get it done.”

This is very good news in my opinion.

Now, this is a different answer (to a different question) than what Trump said in a previous interview this week.

In that previous interview, Trump was asked, “For people who may not be able to make rent by July 1, should people be expecting another stimulus check this summer?”  The President did not give a direct answer to that question.

However, in the interview in the clip above, Trump gives a far more positive answer, and this is the most direct thing we’ve heard out of the mouth of the President with respect to another round of stimulus checks.  He flat out confirms that he would support a second stimulus payment and that he expects it will be done at some point in the very near future.

Why Did Trump Answer This Question So Directly?

Why did Trump answer this question so directly but kind of evaded the question two days ago? Well, they were different questions.

The Previous Interview

In the previous interview, Trump was asked if people should be expecting a second stimulus check this summer.  He was basically asked to predict the future.

Trump couldn’t say if it would happen or not because McConnell and Senate Republicans need to be convinced about the need for another stimulus check first.

So Trump could not give a flat-out yes/no answer to that question.

He couldn’t say yes because he can’t predict the future.

But he couldn’t say no because that would look bad.

This Interview

However in the clip in the video above, Trump was asked a different question.

He wasn’t asked directly is a second stimulus going to happen.

He was asked if he would support a second stimulus payment.

That’s very different.

The first question basically asked Trump to predict the future.

The second question asked Trump how he feels right now — if he personally supports a second stimulus check.  And he said yes.

Second Stimulus Check Isn’t Confirmed Just Yet

Now, don’t let anyone tell you these two things:

  1. First, don’t let anyone tell you that a second stimulus check isn’t happening because the President just said yesterday that he supports it.
  2. Second, don’t let anyone tell you that a second stimulus check is “confirmed” just because the President said what he said.

To get something done in Washington, you need the House, you need the Senate, and you need the the President to be on board.

With respect to another stimulus check, we know the House wants it and apparently the President wants it.

The remaining question, of course, is if the Senate wants it.

We know that McConnell has said that the White House and the Senate will be on the same page with respect to the next relief bill.

Does this mean that if Trump wants something it’s going to happen?

I’m not sure, and we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for more stimulus news.

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