Seth Kolloen

Seth Kolloen is a writer, editor, and voracious consumer of online content. His writing has appeared in McSweeney’s, ESPN’s Grantland, and the Seattle P-I. He has served as a content leader at (Gothamist Network), for top 500 US website, and for content marketing pioneers Content Harmony.

He served as the former content manager for Money Done Right, working with writers, designers, and video editors to help ensure that the site’s personal finance articles and videos were clear, smart, accurate, and enjoyable.

Seth’s Story

Seth graduated from New York University with more than $25,000 in student loans. He stayed in NYC after college, and paying for necessary expenses like exorbitant Brooklyn Heights rent, persistent student loan payments, and irresistible NYC pizza didn’t leave much money left over. Tickets to Broadway shows, Mets season tickets, and trips back home got charged to plastic. Soon he had five-figure credit card debt to go along with his student loans.

Moving back home to Seattle, where he established himself as a writer and editor, put him on a much firmer financial footing. His secret 30th birthday present to himself was paying off all his debt.


Seth found success writing for, part of the Gothamist Network. His writing earned a nomination for a “Genius Award” from local weekly The Stranger. He was also published in McSweeney’s first humor anthology, wrote a regular column for the Seattle P-I, and contributed to popular online publications like ESPN’s Grantland.

He led content as Executive Editor of Sports Northwest Magazine, and Head of Online Content for, where he oversaw a team of 13 writers and video editors. As Creative Director at Content Harmony (now Fixture Media), he led content creation for an international roster of content marketing clients.

He prides himself on helping people do their best work.


Seth and his wife, a Hawaiʻi transplant, met in Seattle. After one particularly cold, rainy November they decided to move back to her home state. They and their young son live a few blocks from Waikiki Beach.

Seth enjoys cooking local veggies, watching baseball, and chasing his son around the beach.