GetUpside Review
Updated January 25, 2022

GetUpside Review 2022: Is GetUpside Legit or a Scam? How Does It Work?

Cash Back
  • GetUpside Review
    • Basics: The GetUpside app gets you quick cash back on purchases at participating gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.
    • Pros: The easy-to-use app is free, doesn’t require a lot of personal information, and gets cash in your pocket within days.
    • Cons: While gas stations in over 40 states are eligible for GetUpside cash back, the app is more limited geographically when it comes to getting cash back at grocery stores and restaurants.
    Legitimacy 10/10
    Potential Earnings 6.5/10
    Time Required 6.5/10
    Fees 10/10
    Ease of Use 8.5/10
    Customer Support 10/10
    • Payout Information

      You can cash out via PayPal, paper check, or digital gift card.

    • Fees

      Generally free, though if you cash out for less than $15 via PayPal or less than $50 via paper check you will be charged a $1 fee.

    • Promo Code


We may receive a commission if you sign up or purchase through links on this page. Here's more information.

When you sign up for a cash back site, you’re typically getting cash back on a specific purchase category or a handful of stores.

GetUpside offers something a little different.

GetUpside partners with grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants to give you cash back on the go.

It’s an app that lets you earn cash back on purchases you make every day.

Here’s our GetUpside review. Read on to see how the GetUpside app works and if it can put cash in your pocket.

GetUpside Review

GetUpside is a fairly simple app that gives you cash back on your everyday gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases.

You can get up to 25 cents per gallon cash back when you buy gas at participating stations. If you refer a friend to GetUpside, you’ll get cash back on their gas purchases, too.

GetUpside Cash Back

You can get up to 15% cash back on your total grocery bill, with no limitations on what you buy.

And you can get up to 35% cash back on your bill, before tax and tip, at participating restaurants.

The app is free to download and doesn’t ask for a lot of personal information.

And you won’t have to wait long to pocket your cash — as soon as you have any amount in your GetUpside account you can have it credited to your PayPal account, mailed as a check, or converted to a digital gift card good at select retailers.

How Does GetUpside Work?

The free GetUpside app is different from other cash back apps because you use it in real life, rather than online.

All you need to redeem your cash back is your phone.

Once you sign up for your free GetUpside account, open your phone and look for cash back offers in your area on gas, groceries, and restaurants.

The app is free to download for iPhones running iOS v. 10.0 and up and Android phones running Android 4.1 and up.

Step 1: Link Your Debit or Credit Cards

GetUpside Wallet

The first thing you should do after you download the GetUpside app is provide GetUpside with the limited credit or debit card information it needs to verify your purchases.

You do this by:

  1. Clicking the menu in the top left
  2. Clicking “My Wallet” in the menu that appears
  3. Clicking “Add Card” in the upper right
  4. Inputting the first six digits and last four digits of each card or cards you intend to use to pay for your gas
  5. Clicking “Save” when you are doing inputting all cards

Now GetUpside has your limited credit and debit card information.

You only have to input these cards once; GetUpside obviously saves your card information so you don’t have to re-input them every single time.

Related: Here are the best credit cards to earn gas rebates.

Step 2: Claim Your Offer in the App

When you find an offer you’re interested in, click the location in the app and make your purchase within the specified time. For gas stations and restaurants, that’s four hours. For grocery stores it’s 24 hours.

You’ll be able to see gas and grocery prices right in the GetUpside app, as well as the cash back offers for various stores and gas stations.

You’ll also see a list of restaurants that GetUpside partners with and the cash back they’re offering.

When you claim a cash back offer, pay with your credit card or debit card and keep the receipt.

Step 3: Get Gas

Then you simply head over to the gas station to get gas.

Step 4: Check In

After you’ve filled up your bank, open up the GetUpside app again and click “Check In”.

Now you just sit back and wait for GetUpside to process your purchase and deposit cash back into your account.

Upload Your Receipt

In order to get cash back for your purchase, upload your receipt and your cash back will be deposited into your GetUpside account.

Make sure your receipt is clear, easy to read, and otherwise meets the requirements specified in GetUpside’s terms of service. If the app denies your receipt, you’ll be shown what the problem is and have a chance to resubmit it.

GetUpside doesn’t accept prepaid gas purchase receipts, so don’t prepay for gas if you want to take advantage of a cash back offer.

As of 2021, you no longer have to upload your receipt to GetUpside to get cash back on gas!


We earn a commission on this offer.

Referral Code
WFM8UWe both get a bonus!
Minimum Cashout
$0But you will pay a $1 fee for cashouts less than $15.

No Minimum Balance for Withdrawal

You can monitor your cash balance in the app.

There is no minimum balance in order to withdraw your money, so you can cash out your GetUpside account at any time.

You can choose to have your cash deposited into your PayPal account, have a check mailed directly to you, or convert your cash to digital gift cards for select online retailers.

Getting Help

Like most cash back apps, GetUpside offers in-app customer support.

Getting help GetUpside

GetUpside also offers email support and responds to posts on the company’s social media accounts.

Their stated goal is to respond to all problems, questions and complaints within 24 hours, and their timely online responses appear to back that up.

GetUpside Review Video

Still confused? Check out our 2022 GetUpside review video!

Join me at the gas station as I show you, on-screen, exactly how to use the GetUpside app!

Getting Cash Back at Gas Stations

The GetUpside app is geared primarily toward finding deals on gas, and this is likely to be the feature you’ll use most.

The amount of cash you’ll get back depends, of course, on how much gas you buy.

If you fill your 15-gallon tank once per week, a 25-cent cash back offer will net you $3.75 per week. That’s about $15 per month, or $195 per year. If gig work or frequent travel means you fill up twice a week, you could earn back about $400 per year.

You won’t get rich with gas cash back, but a cash back app like GetUpside saves you money on something you have to buy anyway.

Get up to 25 Cents per Gallon Cash Back

GetUpside can get you up to 25 cents in cash back per gallon of gas purchased.

Gas prices change frequently, and cash back offers will change as well.

GetUpside is not accepted at every gas station but there are quite a few to choose from, and the list should continue to grow as more companies sign on.

Limits on Gas Cash Back

You can claim up to two offers per day, for up to 50 gallons each time.

How to Get Cash Back on Gas

When you open the GetUpside app on your phone, you’ll be able to search for nearby gas stations.

Search for nearby gas stations

The map shows how much participating stations are charging for a gallon of regular gas and how much cash back they’re offering. If you click on a station you’ll see the total you will pay per gallon after cash back.

Select a station and claim the cash back offer right from your phone. You’ll have four hours to buy your gas at that price, with that cash back offer. If you miss the four-hour window you’ll have to go through the process again, possibly ending up with a different offer.

See Your Savings in the App

At the pump you’ll pay the posted price. After completing your purchase, take a picture of your receipt on your phone and submit it to the app. Once the cash back hits your GetUpside account you’ll have, in effect, paid the discounted price.

Remember to pay with your debit or credit card, make sure the receipt is legible, and don’t forget prepaid gas purchases won’t count toward the cash back offer.

“Check In” to Save Time

Some gas stations participate in a streamlined “Check In” feature. With this feature, you can claim an offer and get cash back without having to submit your receipt.

How to Save Time With Check In

  • In the app, save partial credit card numbers in “My Wallet.”
  • Claim an offer at a participating station. You have four hours to pay, as usual.
  • Once you arrive at the station, click on “Check In.”
  • Pay for your purchase within 20 minutes, using a credit card you’ve saved in My Wallet.
  • Get cash back without having to submit your receipt.

Earn More Cash Back With Referrals

When you get someone to sign up for GetUpside with your referral code, you’ll get cash back on your next gas purchase.

GetUpside referral program

In addition to your one-time cash back offer for signing someone up, you’ll also get cash back for every gallon of gas purchased by the person you referred to GetUpside.

Not only that, but when they refer a friend, you’ll get bonuses from their friend’s gas purchases, too.

Whether you’re getting cash back on your purchases or your referrals’ purchases, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds at any time. 

Currently only gas purchases are eligible for referral bonuses, but according to the company they hope to add restaurants and grocery stores to the program in the future.

Check it out: Get even more cash back at the pump with these gas cards.

Getting Cash Back at Restaurants

If you live in the Washington, DC area and love eating out, you may find GetUpside offers significant savings on your favorite restaurants and fast food places.

The company has negotiated cash back deals you won’t find anywhere else, and using the app means not having to deal with coupons or explaining discounts to staff.

Get Up to 35% Cash Back at Restaurants

When you claim a restaurant cash back offer, you’ll get cash back on your entire dining bill before taxes and tip.

There are no limitations on which dishes you can get cash back on at the restaurant.

Limits on Restaurant Cash Back

A restaurant cash back offer is good on anything the restaurant serves, but the restaurant may cap the amount you can get back. If so, you’ll see that in the app before you claim the offer.

How to Get Cash Back at Restaurants

Restaurants offering GetUpside cash back will show up on the same map as gas stations.

Getting cash back at restaurants

When you click on a restaurant you’ll see its address, the cash back offer and photos of the kinds of dishes it serves.

Claim an offer, have your meal, and complete your credit or debit card purchase within four hours.

Submit pictures of both your itemized restaurant receipt and your credit card receipt to the app.

Deliveries and meals paid with cash are not eligible for cash back.

Getting Cash Back at Grocery Stores

GetUpside also offers cash back on grocery shopping.

At GetUpside’s participating grocery stores, you can save on your grocery bill with the GetUpside app up to twice per week.

Currently only groceries in the Washington, DC area are participating in GetUpside cash back, but the company is working on expanding the program to other areas.

Get Up to 15% Cash Back on Groceries

You’ll find grocery cash back offers of up to 15%.

There are no limitations on which products you can buy. You’ll get cash back on every product and brand.

You can also stack the GetUpside cash back offer with any other coupons, discounts, or loyalty programs that you have at the grocery store.

Limits on Grocery Store Cash Back

Although you’re not limited on which products you can buy, you may see a minimum purchase amount and an upper limit to the cash back amount.

Foodstamp, SNAP, WIC, and EBT purchases are not eligible.

And you can only claim two grocery offers per week, which means you won’t get a lot of cash back if you only make frequent, small purchases.

How to Get Cash Back at Grocery Stores

As with gas stations and restaurants, participating grocery stores will show on the app’s map.

Getting cash back at grocery stores

Click on a store to see the address and the cash back offer.

Claim your offer, do your shopping, and complete your purchase within 24 hours, paying attention to any minimum purchase required. Take a photo of your receipt and submit it to the app.

Getting Paid Through GetUpside

When you redeem cash back offers in the GetUpside app, you’ll be able to easily track your cash back balance.

You’ll also see a detailed breakdown of which purchases qualified for cash back and how much cash back you got for each of your qualified purchases.

Get Cash Back Within 24 to 48 Hours

Most cash back and rebate sites require you to have a minimum balance in your account before you cash out, but GetUpside lets you cash out any amount.

After you upload a receipt on the GetUpside app, the approval time is 24 to 48 hours, meaning you’ll have a balance in your account within two days of submitting your receipt.

PayPal, Paper Check, or Digital Gift Card: Your Choice

When you want to withdraw your funds, you can have the money deposited into your PayPal account, mailed to you as a check, or converted to a digital gift card for select retail stores.

The best part about getting paid through GetUpside is that you don’t have to wait to get your money.

As soon as you have a balance in your GetUpside account, you can cash out.

Okay, There May Be One Small Fee

The GetUpside app is free to download and use. There are no fees involved in cashing out by any method, except you may pay a $1 fee for cashing out small amounts by PayPal or check. There’s never a fee for converting your cash to digital gift cards.

You can avoid even this small charge by waiting to cash out until you have the minimum balances noted below.

GetUpside applies a $1 fee for cashing out small dollar amounts.

Cash out fees will be waived for at higher cash out dollar amounts.

  • If you cash out with Paypal, there is a $1 fee for a cash out under $15.
  • If you cash out with a check, there is a $1 fee for a cash out under $50.
  • There are no fees to cash out to digital gift card, but you must have $10 and can only cash out round amounts, ie: $13, $22, etc.

However, if you refer one person and they are currently actively using the app, there is no fee for PayPal cash outs!

Is GetUpside Legit?

GetUpside is a legitimate company that offers cash back on gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases.

With up to 25 cents cash back per gallon of gas, up to 35% back on restaurant purchases, and up to 15% cash back on your grocery bill, there are plenty of ways to earn cash back with GetUpside.

Signing up takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require you to enter any sensitive personal information such as your bank account or social security number.

The My Wallet feature does save partial credit card numbers, but never asks for a card’s entire number and has no way to figure out what the entire number is.

GetUpside My Wallet

Since payouts are through PayPal, check, or digital gift card, your personal information is safe.

What People Are Saying About GetUpside

Reviews of the GetUpside app are overwhelmingly positive, earning 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play and 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple App Store.

The happiest users are those with realistic expectations about how much cash they’re going to get back, figuring that something is better than nothing.

Most complaints from users involve problems getting their receipts accepted, which seems to be largely a technical issue.

Some users don’t like the Check In feature because it currently takes a little longer to get cash back processed.

Connect With

GetUpside Logo


GetUpside Review: Conclusion

If you want to start earning cash back on your everyday purchases, GetUpside lets you do just that.

The Good Part

The app makes it easy to search for the best cash back offers in your area, and provides useful pricing and location information to help you decide where to shop.

How much cash back you reap with the GetUpside app is, of course, going to depend on how much you spend on gas, groceries, and restaurant meals, and how many retailers are participating in your area.

The Less Good Part

At this point in its development the GetUpside app is heavily geared toward gas purchases and is most helpful — and profitable — if you fill up frequently.

The biggest weakness with GetUpside is the relatively limited restaurant and grocery store offerings. Having patience while the company grows and adds retailers may pay off well for you.

GetUpside is a fairly simple app that gives you cash back on your everyday gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases.

4.5/5 Rating

We earn a commission on this offer.

Is GetUpside Worth It?

You won’t be able to retire on GetUpside’s cash back, but the app is an easy way to save money on things you probably buy every day.

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on the app to get your cash back. It’s easy to search for deals on the map of your area, and then make a decision on where to shop.

Claiming a cash back offer is as easy as tapping on the deal you want, and doesn’t require any discussion or negotiation at the point of sale.

Unless you use the Check In feature, which is only good for some gas stations, you will need to snap a photo of your receipt and submit it. You can do that right on your phone, which is great, but you may run into problems with the app inexplicably rejecting some receipts. There’s a process for dealing with that, but it could take more of your time than is really worth it for what you get back.

All in all, GetUpside gets you a modest amount of cash back on things you already buy. The only way to know if you’ll find it worth your time is to try it out.

GetUpside Pros

  • Free. The GetUpside app is free to download and easy to use.
  • Get cash back fast. Your cash back is usually credited to your account within 48 hours, and you can cash out at any time, with any amount.
  • No coupons needed. You’ll get your cash through the app, without having to produce coupons or explain the program to the gas station, grocery store or restaurant.
  • No security risks. You can choose to save partial credit card numbers in the app, but you never have to enter bank account or Social Security numbers.

GetUpside Cons

  • Limited coverage for grocery stores and restaurants. There are a lot of participating gas stations, but not in every state. Currently GetUpside only partners with grocery stores and restaurants in the Washington, DC tri-state area.
  • Glitches happen. Some have reported problems getting the app to accept their receipts.
  • Modest returns. You’ll get cash back, but probably not a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the GetUpside app?

    Download the app from the Google Play store for Android phones running Android 4.1 or higher, or from the Apple App store for iPhones running v10.0 or higher.

  • Do I have to link my bank account to the app?

    No. Your bank account is not used to cash out or pay fees.

  • How long does it take to get cash back?

    Cash back offers are generally credited to your GetUpside account within 24 to 48 hours.

  • How do I cash out?

    You can cash out through PayPal, a paper check, or a digital gift card to select retail stores.

  • Are there any fees with GetUpside?

    There is a $1 fee for cashing out small amounts. This is waived for PayPal cash outs if you refer another person who is actively using the app.


Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA, Certified Student Loan Professional, and founder of Money Done Right, which he launched in 2017. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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John Grafton
John Grafton
2 years ago

I drove out of my way to get gas to the station that showed $.11 a gal lower. When I go to the station the price was $.11 higher than the app stated. What a rip off if you can’t go by the app. I took picture of the app and the pump showing the difference. You can’t trust this app!!!

Bryant J Rivera
Bryant J Rivera
Reply to  John Grafton
9 months ago

Lol ? if you’re new to the app they show you the price with cash back applied already. Not the apps fault you were misinformed.

2 years ago

With each transaction my balance went up until I went to cash out. Then it went back to zero and they said some of my receipts were not approved over a 4 month period. This doesn’t ring true .

Reply to  Jenni
2 years ago

I cashed out and never got the money in my PayPal account. Not to happy!

2 years ago

I have to admit, at first I saw only the long term benefit of using GetUpside. I keep hoping that the more I use this app, the more acceptance it will have in my area. My promo code is T5WPD, if anyone wants to help get the word out. I’ve told some friends about it, and they’re using it too. Every penny saved is a big help to me, since I haven’t been able to find work. They have a good strategy for pricing, too (for those who wonder why the price keeps changing). Certain days, at certain times, I’ve seen discounts of up to 7 percent off the regular price. On holidays, that goes down in some locations. But it’s helping me to develop a better mindset about how I spend money, and where I spend it. In a month, I’ve saved $26, so by the end of the year, I should be able to take my wife out to dinner. 🙂
My code is T5WPD. I’ll keep using this as long as it exists. Thanks, GetUpside.

2 years ago

Get upside gives price of gas at a certain price then when you get there it’s way more than the quoted price also shell allows circle K to post a lower price without posting it’s for cash only which disallows you to claim your rebate. Be careful there many dishonest companies out there

Michael Hollenbaugh
Michael Hollenbaugh
2 years ago

I clicked on the button. It showed store. I clicked on store. It showed a direction symbol. I clicked on symbol it asked if I wanted my iPhone map or google map. I clicked on iPhone map. It took me there. I pumped fuel. I got receipt. It showed different address. I sent in by upload on app. They denied it saying wrong location. Said I didn’t use directions in app. Oh but I did. Then I clicked on it another day but used google maps this time. Took me to same place. Next day I just used blue dot and still took me same place. MR. aCE is refusing to give me my .05 cents per gallon for the 20 gallons I pumped. Your app took me there and it’s a week or so later and that location is still on your app and they refuse to correct it but won’t credit me. We are supposed to trust the app is getting us to the right place. We don’t know addresses. Reason we pay at pump so we don’t have to go in. Looks like we do just to confirm the address. I have the email. mR. aCE says I need to type address in my maps after saying to use app map. I have all evidence showing your app got me there and still you refuse to credit my account. This is very wrong on your part and unacceptable. No customer service. When companies are wrong they correct it. YOU HAVEN’T!!! Mr. ACE is giving out customer kiss my A**!!! And they wanna terminate our business relationship because I was upset and cussed because they are wrong.

Richard Gathers Sr
Richard Gathers Sr
2 years ago

I’ve only used SUNOCO gas and can’t find any stations listed. What’s up with that! If I can’t find any SUNOCO stations in the next week, I will be canceling the app. Waste of my time.

Josh b
Josh b
2 years ago

Been using this app 2 month up to 55 dollars. At the gas stations I have always used. So it’s literally free money for scanning a receipt. Let’s help the cash to keep coming in please use my promo code BBZQG thanks for the help!

Bill OConnor
Bill OConnor
2 years ago

The ‘scam’ part to me is when you go to a promoted gas station, the App mao shows you are there, you buy gas and print a receipt only to find that the receipt prints location differently than street address ( e.g. I75 and Main Street vs. 123 Main Street) or no address at all…poof, no rebate! They could match on store number but that would be more honest.

Teresa Mayfield
Teresa Mayfield
1 year ago

Hi! I love the app. Sometimes it does have the wrong address. But a positive note is you get paid for buying gas! Its not a fortune.the most I’ve gotten is $3.66 back on a gallon. But i have to fill up 3 times a week. So $30 a month is good to me. Anything is good to me. Lol. Please use my invite code Teresa3426. Thanks

Reply to  Teresa Mayfield
1 year ago

Having to get a receipt at a gas pump is a non starter. Most times they don’t work or you can’t read them.

Perry Denny
Perry Denny
1 year ago

I had close to sixty dollars in my account and now I have seven dollars. I haven’t cashed out anything. Can someone tell me where my money went?

Marvin Manghi
Marvin Manghi(@marvin-manghi)
Reply to  Perry Denny
1 year ago

Hi Perry, that’s strange. Have you tried contacting GetUpside support? They will be able to assist you and answer any of your queries.

Kavita Sood
Kavita Sood
1 year ago

This is 2nd time my GetUpside account got hacked and someone used the money I had accrued. Even after a password reset it happened again. Get Upside refuses to reimburse me AND continues to blame me for their account getting hacked. Awful customer service.

David Moss
David Moss
11 months ago

No restaurants or grocery stores anywhere in or around Seattle? Are you serious?

Vince Sadowski
Vince Sadowski
4 months ago

Their radio ad is deceptive. To save $200 a month at the rate of $.25 a gallon you would have to buy 800 gallons of gas in a month.

Reply to  Logan Allec, CPA
9 days ago

I’ve been hearing this ad for weeks on iHeart Radio. So shady. I work from home so I generally buy one tank of gas a MONTH so this would be more trouble than it’s worth for me!

Hi jo
Hi jo
Reply to  Vince Sadowski
2 months ago

This. The radio ads are the worst

Rick Bolser
Rick Bolser
3 months ago

Does getupside work with Kroger, Walmart and Sam’s Club?

3 months ago

I wonder if truck drivers could use this when they fill up….

2 months ago


Russell Moy
Russell Moy
Reply to  TIM KIDD
4 days ago

Exactly. The adds that they are running in my area now The lady states she can get $200 to $300 a month. She must have a fleet of cars. I have 3 cars and it takes me about 6 months to get $50

Steven Ortega
Steven Ortega
2 months ago

This is the worst app ever

Rich A
Rich A
Reply to  Steven Ortega
2 months ago

I agree worst app ever I use Mobil & Sunoco gas stations when I put the station and address It always shows speedway gas I don’t use speedway gas or when I put Mobil & Sunoco In the address search It says not found and theirs alot of Sunoco & Mobil gas stations where I live.

wayne brown
wayne brown
21 days ago

The author completely missed the boat on this one! The commercials that I hear 10 times a day on radio say “some months, I make an extra $200-$300”. Doing some basic math and using best scenario of $.25 a gallon (after trying this app for 3 months filling tanks at a car dealership, the average savings for us is $.095 a gallon) and using low MPGs of 20, you would have to buy 800 gallons of gas and drive 16000 miles or 192,000 miles a year to save $200 a month!! Using real world numbers ($.095 savings per gallon and 25 mpg), the customer would have to drive 78,925 miles a month to realize $300 per month. That’s possible if they drive around the clock at 106 mph!!!! The money she saves every month may be lost to speeding tickets and reckless driving when she falls asleep at the wheel while driving 24/7. If the author of this ridiculous article is a real CPA, I’d rather take my chances with Quickbooks and Liberty Tax Services. To the author: You are doing a huge disservice to your readers (all 3 of them) by not fully investigating the entire content of which you report, especially their false advertising. Time to bone up on your math skills…

Reply to  Logan Allec, CPA
9 days ago

Because when someone Googles the company to find out if it’s a scam or not your article pops up. It appears you are endorsing the app, but the radio commercials are blatant false advertising. I would distance myself from this app if I were you, even though in your article you tell the truth about the calculations.

Robert Palianto
Robert Palianto
16 days ago

All of a sudden get upside can’t find my transactions at the BP station giving me back .15 per gallon. So you get nothing if this happens. The app was working great until I had about $85.00 in my account. Now they can’t find the good cash back transactions. All the .03 back transactions they find no problem. Going to cash out and delete the app.

Russell Moy
Russell Moy
4 days ago

Get upside used to be great. I requested a check when cashing out and would receive it in a timely manner. Now they don’t issue checks but will credit it to your bank account. I have tried multiple times to get it credited to my account but it hasn’t worked. I’ve also sent multiple messages but no response. I quit using the app and would NOT recommend it.