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Updated July 23, 2022

17 Ways to Get Free Birthday Stuff Online and Offline

Free Stuff

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Another year has passed and your birthday is soon approaching, now is the time to capitalize on aging by getting free stuff.

Keep in Mind: You can always find a deal at most locations if you just walk in and show your ID. However, most companies will ask for your email before they release the good stuff. Some companies may even require you to download their app, but that shouldn’t stop you from capitalizing on birthday freebies.

We have compiled a list of where to get freebies to help you have a great day.

Find Freebies and Fun Ways to Start the Day In Style

1. Get a Free Morning Gift

What’s better than having a coffee in the morning to perk you up? A free medium-sized cup on your birthday, that’s what. By joining Dunkin Donuts DD Perks reward scheme, that’s exactly what you’ll get on your birthday. They’ll even give you an extra cup just for signing up, making this an excellent place to start getting free birthday stuff online.

Good to Know: The free signup medium iced or hot drink, can be redeemed even without a purchase. While you’re registering to get those birthday freebies, you’ll need to enter your DD Card, which is tied to the company’s rewards program.

Pro Tip: The Dunkin Donuts rewards card accrues points that can be redeemed for special offers, such as meals or beverages, but it needs to be linked to a DD Perks account.

If you don’t have a DD Perk account, it’s just a simple process to sign up. This deal can be used on your birthday and even up to 30 days after.

Extra Bonus: Try This Ridiculously Simple 14-Day Money Saving Challenge for 2019 and save extra cash to treat yourself on your birthday!

2. Consider a Free Makeover

By joining Sephora’s Beauty Insiders, you’ll be given a free birthday gift that changes annually. You can redeem this gift either while checking out at the store, or even while you’re making purchases online. These are generally birthday freebies for adults, however, since they change every year, you never know what you’re going to get.

Good to Know: Sephora’s birthday freebie back in 2017 was a choice between a Caudelie set, a Tarte set, or a Jack Black set. Sephora also offered a choice in 2018 with birthday gifts in the form of a box of four BITE Beauty products, a set of two GLAMGLOW products, or mini versions of Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil shampoo and conditioner.

This is a company that knows how to make you feel special on your birthday.

3.    Sign In For Free High-End Underwear

For those of you who appreciate lingerie, Victoria’s Secret has a few special day freebies for adults. By signing up for the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card, you’ll be in position to to get some goodies on your day.

Good to Know: Be aware that you need to apply and be approved for the Angel Card (which is essentially a store credit card) in order to utilize their free birthday offer.

  • Once you’ve been approved as a card holder, you’re eligible for a free $10 gift.
  • The bonus can be applied to bra’s, panties, and the various other merchandise that Victoria’s Secret offers.

Good to Know: There are different tiers of cards that you can choose from, with the Angel Card providing free standard shipping on purchases, rewards for shopping, plus your birthday freebie.

The higher tier cards provide insider access and invitations to events throughout the year, as well as a bonus gift annually.

Look For Lunch Freebies That Will Keep You Well Fed

4. Free Lunch Anyone?

If you’re in the mood for a BBQ chicken pizza, then you should head over to California Pizza Kitchen.  If it’s your birthday then you should join their free rewards program, CPK Rewards. 

Good to Know: After you’ve signed up, you’ll be eligible for your free Birthday Dessert. The free dessert is available to you for your entire birthday month.

Pro Tip: Just show up with you CPK Rewards card and choose between a Key Lime Pie, Butter Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Belgian Chocolate Souffle Cake, Salted Caramel Pudding. The CPK Rewards registration is fast and simple and will offer you more than just your birthday freebie.

Bonus: Just by signing up, you’re entitled to a free small plate as well.

5. Get a Free Kids’ Gift

Did you know that the “E” in Chuck E. Cheese stands for “Entertainment”? Did you also know that Chuck E. Cheese’s offers a free gift for your child’s birthday, and even on their “half-birthday”?

Chuck E. Cheese’s has always been a hotspot for children parties, and by signing up with their More Cheese Rewards program, your little one is up for some great birthday offers. By signing up your kids with the Chuck E. Cheese’s E Mail club and inputting their birthday, they’ll receive free birthday tokens to use at the store.

Good to Know: As an added incentive, Chuck E. Cheese’s also offers a Printable Reward Calendars that can be turned in for free tokens as well. If you find yourself frequenting Chuck E. Cheese regularly, then you may be interested in the incentives provided by their More Cheese Rewards program.

By signing up, you’ll receive:

  • A free one-topping personal pizza
  • 20 minutes of Unlimited Games during your birthday week
  • 100 tickets during your child’s half birthday month
  • 100 free tickets for each friend you refer
  • $10 reward when you visit three times within a year.

To get these little extras all you need to do is download the Chuck E. Cheese mobile app or go through their website.

Pro Tip: To get free kid stuff year around make sure you check EverydayFamily.

Bonus: Learn more about EverydayFamily by reading this great review.

6. Enjoy Free Ice Cream

Who screams for ice cream? We all scream for ice cream especially if it’s a free birthday ice cream.

Cold Stone Creamery is known for making fantastic ice cream, delicious cakes, and the smoothest smoothies, but what really makes them stand out is their custom ice cream creation prepared on a frozen granite stone slate. If you’re trying to get your hands on that ice cream during your quest to get free stuff online, you should join the My Cold Stone Club.

Good to Know: By joining the My Cold Stone Club, you’ll get a buy one get one free offer for one of their ice cream creations for your birthday. You can redeem your birthday coupon for one of Cold Stone’s signature ice cream creations, such as their OREO Overload, Berry Berry Berry, or their Birthday Cake Remix. Once you’ve joined their club, you’ll receive your buy one get one free coupon a week prior to your birthday.

Bonus: You’ll even get “buy one get one free” coupon just for signing up.

Choose Among Plenty Of Dinner and Evening Fun Solutions

7. Look for Free Dinner Dessert

If you want to spend your special day with family, you should consider Olive Garden because according to them, when you’re there, you’re family. By joining the Olive Garden eClub and submitting your birthday, Olive Garden will give you a free dessert coupon to help you celebrate.

Good to Know: Your birthday freebie coupon can be used towards one dessert up to $8.50 in price which is valid for 3 weeks. In terms of your dessert choices, it will depend on what your local Olive Garden is offering, but if you can, you should definitely try Sicilian Cheesecake.

Pro Tip: Just by signing up to the Olive Garden eClub on their site, you’ll receive another coupon for either a free appetizer or free dessert.

Warning: Keep in mind, that in order to redeem this coupon you need to purchase two adult entrées.

8. Have Free Afternoon Fun

Go back to an era of brave knights and fair maidens. Medieval Times is there for you, and on your birthday you can bypass the castle guards with free entry, as long as you don’t mind being on their email list.

Pro Tip: If you sign up to their marketing list, then when your birthday rolls around, you’ll be seated around an arena with a turkey leg in one hand and a pitcher of ale in the other. Just make sure that while it’s your special day, everyone bends the knee for the king.

Bonus: Since birthdays are all about fun, check out how to get super cheap movie tickets.

9. Recharge with Free Coffee to Keep You Going

By joining the coffee mega giant’s My Starbucks Rewards, they’ll give you a little gift in the form of a free beverage or snack to celebrate your birthday, and you’ll get the added bonus of having 15% off

Warning: In order to redeem these coupons, you need to register at least one month prior to your birthday. After that, they’ll send you a notification to remind you about the coupon before your special day arrives.

Pro Tip: In order to collect your birthday freebie, just tell the barista that you are one-year older and they’ll scan your My Starbucks Rewards mobile app. Just make sure to make a note to use your coupon. If you want your complimentary handcrafted beverage, complimentary food snack, or a free ready-to-drink bottled beverage, make sure you use the coupon before it expires the day after your birthday.

10. Continue the Fun Online With Free Stuff

Now is the time to put searching for free birthday stuff online into high gear. If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, it’s a website that enables users to earn SB (the Swagbucks currency) by doing what you normally do on the internet. Essentially, Swagbucks is partnered with different advertising networks that will pay for your attention and feedback.

You can earn SB by:

  • Taking online surveys
  • Searching the Internet
  • Using coupons issued by Swagbucks
  • Watching videos

By doing these activities you’ll earn SB, where 1 SB is equal to $0.01.

Pro Tip: After you’ve accumulated a sizable amount of SB, you can then convert them into gift cards for popular websites like Amazon, or transfer them into PayPal. The payout can take up to a week before they reach your account.

What does this have to do with my special day and getting free stuff, you ask? On your birthday you will receive an exclusive Birthday Swag Up for a 55 SB rebate on a Gift Card redemption.

Warning: Just keep in mind that your free Swag Up needs to be utilized within one month of your birthday. And why not give yourself the gift of savings? Check out these incredible 99 money-saving apps and set a goal to save more money the year ahead.

11. Take a Walk and Get More Free Stuff

You know that you’re going to devour a cake, you may want to consider exercising before the big day so those calories have a place to go. Well if you are willing to put a little effort into getting free birthday stuff online, you may be interested in Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin is digital currency you earn by sweating.

Pro Tip: The first step is to get the Sweatcoin app and then take your first step. (See what I did there?) If you have the Sweatcoin app running as you walk your way to a birthday gift, you can earn just a little under 1 sweatcoins (SWC) for every 1,000 steps you make. After your birthday marathon, you should have enough SWC to redeem for a nice present.

Good to Know: Your SWC can be used for watches, Amazon credits, music, e-Books, or gift cards. The list of available items is subject to whoever Sweatcoin is in partnership with.

Bonus: If you sign up with Sweatcoin now, you can get 5 SWC as a nice freebie. If your birthday just passed, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Get free stuff any day by checking out these incredible 41 best freebies online, and where to get them.

12. Join for Free Books and Cupcakes

These aren’t all birthday freebies for adults, if your kid is scared of the animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese, maybe a trip to the bookstore may be a better choice. If you sign up with Barnes and Noble B&N Kids’ Club, your little one gets a free cupcake or cookie on their birthday.

You’ll get other bonuses from signing up the B&N Kids’ Club outside of a birthday treat.

Benefits of the B&N Kids’ Club include:

  • After completing the registration you’ll receive a coupon for 30% off one kids’ book or toy
  • A $5 reward for every $100 you’ve spent on Barnes and Noble’s kids’ stuff
  • According to their website “Quick access to age-appropriate products for your children”

Good to Know: While this birthday freebie most likely isn’t for you, your kid will thank you for introducing them to the world of books. Or maybe they’ll just be happy to have a cupcake.

Bonus: Check out these 9 Places to Get Free Children’s Books Online and In Person.

13. Too Much Partying? Get Free Pharmacy Money

Check out their Extra Care Bucks Rewards. This will help you save year round, and as a bonus during your hunt for free birthday stuff online, they’ll even give you an extra $3 in rewards on your special day. To get started, you need to either sign up through  CVS’s ExtraCare website or ask a cashier to get a CVS card. The card will give you Extra Care Bucks, which are points that can be used towards your next CVS visit.

To get Extra Care Bucks you can:

  • Find items in the store that have a deal concerning Extra Care Bucks
  • Purchase two prescriptions and earn $1 in Extra Care Bucks
  • Get 2% on back quarterly on all of your purchases.

14. Earn Some Cashback on Those Presents

So you’ve already eaten the cake and now it’s time for the presents. If you are like me, there is a good chance that you’ve already bought yourself exactly what you wanted. However, if you haven’t found your birthday present yet, then you may want to check out Ibotta, a free mobile coupon and cash-back shopping app. By using Ibotta, you can earn cash back after you accomplished and easy task and provided proof of the purchase.

The tasks vary depending on the product, but generally fall within:

  • Reading a fact
  • Answering a poll
  • Watching a video
  • Posting on your Facebook page
  • Making a small review about the product.

15. Find More Ways to Get a Free Dinner

Like many of the other companies on this list, Red Lobster has a Rewards Program for staying loyal to your seafood restaurant of choice. The My Red Lobster Rewards will earn 1 point for every $1 spent on meals that can be used towards a special reward.

Bonus: They give you a 75 point signing bonus when you join their club. Once you reach 125 points, you can choose between free menu items like desserts or appetizers.

Good to Know: If signing up with loyalty programs isn’t your thing, you can still benefit from your birthday at Red Lobster by signing up with their Fresh Catch News email list. By giving them an email, you’ll receive a surprise birthday offer, however, be aware that you need to join at least 10 days prior to their birthday to receive a birthday coupon.

16. Look for a Free Night Snack

Sometimes for your birthday, you just want a tasty sub. Luckily Subway has a program to help you out when it’s your birthday and you need to get your hands on a steak and cheese. Subway offers  20 points to members who are in the Subway Rewards Program and have an upcoming birthday. These 20 points can either be saved up or used towards the different food items offered by the company. To give this a little perspective, 20 points can either get you a 21-ounce fountain, a bag of chips, or two cookies.

Some deals are just as good as getting freebies, check out this Butterfly Saves Review 2019 and learn how to get 50% off coupons for and more!

17. End the Day With a Free Show And Drinks

Our final destination on your journey to discover free birthday stuff online is my favorite. If you like your food with a bit of showmanship, then you’ll definitely want to checkout Benihana. If you register with the restaurants Chef’s Table program, you even receive a $30 birthday certificate.

Good to Know: You will have 29 days from the date the certificate was issued to redeem at your favorite location and see an onion turn into a volcano.

Bonus: You can even register your child for the Benihana Kabuki Kids program. When your kid has joined the ranks of the Kabuki Kid program, they will receive a special postcard for their birthday. The Postcard provides them with a  free souvenir mug of their choice with the purchase of any Kabuki Kids meal.

If you know of more ways to get freebies on birthday, comment below and help up grow the list!


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