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Updated January 07, 2023

41 Best Freebies Online and Where You Can Find Them

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Is anything sweeter than getting something for free?

We’ve hunted down 41 of the best freebies — including ice cream, beauty products, pizza, chocolate, coffee, kid’s products, pet products, and books — you can find online and where you can find them after browsing and sign-ups are complete.

We hope some of these freebies below will catch your eye.

1. Free Cash

Do you like free money simply for sharing your opinion?

Sign up with SurveyJunkie and let them pay you for answering simple surveys from your computer or phone.

They have an 8.9/10 rating on TrustPilot — the highest of any online survey company.

And they also have some really fun surveys!

2. Free $10 Stocks

Do you wish your money would grow on its own? Think about starting an investment account with Acorns.

The free app lets you start small and then stack up savings over time. For example, if you spent $9.50 at the grocery store, then $0.50 gets put into your Acorns investment account.

It’s an amazing way to start saving without thinking about it too much. The app even fives you a $10 bonus when you sign up.

3. Free Credit Score

If you’ve tried to get your credit score, you’ll know that most services charge you an arm and a leg to find out your own score.

Instead, Credit Sesame gives you your credit score for free in about 90 seconds. You can also see a credit report card, check for errors and potentially boost your overall score.

4. Free Slots Game

Hiring someone to help you with your finances can be quite expensive. Instead, consider downloading Long Game.

Long Game Savings is a savings account with cash and crypto rewards that can help you get back on the right financial path. It’s essentially free financial help on your phone!

5. Free Health Cheer Squad

Losing weight is a big deal. The process can be very long and exhausting.

That’s why it’s better to go through the journey with others who are supportive. Enter HealthyWage, a platform that turns your personal weight loss challenge into potential cash prizes.

Success stories and cash won are evidence on the HealthyWage site of how well the system works. Find your health cheer squat today.

6. Free Cashback Shopping Portal

Another of the greatest freebies around is the money saving app for shopping called Rakuten (formerly Ebates). It offers up to 40 percent cash back at over 2,500 stores.

Arguably one of the easiest ways to make money while shopping is by doing your online shopping through Rakuten at your favorite stores.

They offer a check or PayPal payments every quarter.

7. Free Cashback Assistant

One of the best freebie assistants for finding cashback deals is the Ibotta app, a free mobile coupon and cashback shopping app compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

When you sign up with Ibotta, you have the opportunity to earn cash back on select products by performing easy tasks, purchasing the product, then providing proof of purchase like a receipt.

See our Ibotta Review 2023 for more helpful information.

8. Free Baby Stuff

When you join the Everyday Family community, you automatically get access to a wide range of family resources.

One such resource is their Free Baby Stuff section that gives free samples, coupons and offers from top brands.

9. Free Dunkin Drink

Do you love Dunkin coffee or donuts? Well get ready for one of the best freebies of all time.

Join their DD Perks program and get a free beverage when you sign up and on your birthday. Plus, get points for each purchase and get a free drink for every 200 points.

Bring on the free Dunkin drinks! All you need to do is sign up and have birthdays!

10. Free Samples

Do you like free samples?

If you sign up with PINCHme, you get a free box of samples that you choose every week! Samples range from NIVEA body products to Dentalife dog chews to Hidden Valley ranch dip.

Just pick the samples you want, and they will be delivered to your door. In exchange, you just have to share your opinions about the new products.

11. Free Pet Food

Do you have furry members in your family? If you’re looking for a way to try a new pet food brand for free, then look no further.

Rachael Ray — yes, the chef for humans! — has started her own cat and dog food line. Her “Nutrish” brand of food is natural, nutritious and gourmet.

If you’re looking to spice up your pet’s next meal or two, request a sample of her dog or cat food today.

12. Free Roast Beef Classic

One of the best freebies online has to do with a roast beef sandwich.

Did you know Arby’s has an email list? Sign up for Arby’s email list and you get a free Roast Beef Classic with the purchase of a drink!

Arby’s will also send you money-saving coupons too. While buying the drink isn’t free, it’s certainly sweet getting the sandwich part for nothing — especially if you were already planning to grab a meal.

13. Free Beauty Services

Had a bad day at work or just looking for some free TLC? Aveda offers a free beauty consultation that includes services for hair, skin and spirit.

Realistically, Aveda may give you a 15-minute facial or a makeup or hair session at your local store. Get a stylist’s opinion on which products suit you best, or just enjoy the free TLC.

Another money-saving hack is that you can ask for free samples as a bonus if you do end up buying anything from your session.

14. Free Shampoo

Need some more shampoo? Don’t want to trek to the store to buy it or think the prices are heinous for some hair goop?

Another one of the best freebies by mail is to sign up for Pantene’s email list. They will mail you free samples of shampoo as well as other products!

Soon, you could have free shampoo delivered right to your door!

15. Free Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes

Well, that’s quite a name for pancakes, isn’t it? This freebie must be one of the tastiest ever created (and offered for free)!

Join IHOP’s Pancake Revolution and you get a free stack of Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes. You also get them on your birthday and on each anniversary of your sign-up date.

Tasty free pancakes for everyone (with an Internet connection)!

16. Free Branding Checklist

Are you a freelancer or starting your own small business? If so, then this may be one of the best freebies online for you.

One of the hardest things to do when you’re just starting a business is to know how best to brand your company, mission, ethos, and aesthetic vision and goals.

Sign up to Braid’s email list and the branding and consulting company will give you a free copy of its branding checklist. Position yourself as a leader within your industry with this branding checklist now.

17. Free Makeup

Makeup can get pretty expensive — especially if you’re looking for something specific or high-quality.

Save that chunk of change you were going to spend and consider a Bare Minerals offer.

Bare Minerals will give you a free five-piece customizable Everyday Minerals makeup kit sample based on your skin tone!

All you need to do is pay for shipping and voila, you’ve got some free makeup customized to your skin tone. Easy!

18. Free Driving Navigation

One of the best freebies online, this app is certainly one of the more interesting ones, as it can keep you out of traffic and save you money on your way to the shops.

Waze is a driving app that focuses on community-based traffic and navigation. Its goal is to save people time and gas money on their daily commutes.

For instance, it can navigate you around traffic and dead ends while also alerting you to the cheapest gas stations along your route.

19. Free Natural, Organic, Gluten-Free Food

Do you eat healthy or want to eat healthy? This is a freebie that requires you to buy then scan a receipt for cashback.

The BerryCart app may be the answer to your healthy eating goals! You can download the free app then start browsing their exclusive offers on food you can feel good about, such as all natural, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO kinds of foods.

After you buy the product and snap a picture of the receipt, they’ll send you real PayPal money or gift cards within 24 hours. Boom. Food acquired and money in the bank.

20. Free Home Delivery

Are you looking for a freebie that can save you time and gas money?

Boxed is the app that will save you both. It’s essentially a Costco for home delivery, where you order items in bulk and they are delivered free to your door if your order exceeds $49.

Plus, there’s no membership fee!

21. Free No-Buy Exchange

Do you want something but can’t be bothered to pay for it? This one takes freebies to the next level.

Listia is modeled after the old-school bartering system, where you can get rid of your own stuff for in-app credits, which you can then use to buy other items people are selling — all without spending “real” money, saving you cash in the long run.

22. Free Salad

One of the best freebies site is Sweetgreen, a salad-making company.

If you regularly shop for food — specifically at Sweetgreen — you can get free salad (up to $10 worth) if you spend over $100 within a year.

If Sweetgreen is a place you already buy from, why not save some money with their app? Download the app, track your progress, and reap the rewards.

23. Free Starbucks Item

Did you know that Starbucks has an app that could get you free drinks and food? Well, it does, and if you’re a regular, it could seriously help you save money.

Once you accumulate 300 stars necessary to get Gold Status, then you get a free food or drink item every 125 stars, plus free refills! Download the Starbucks app today and get more of what you love for less!

24. Free Activities and Hobbies

To save money in various ways, give the  Meetup app a try. It helps people find groups they may be interested in.

This may help you save money that you would have spent buying something if you join a group such as a clothes-swap group, book exchange group or a free yoga group. Plus, who doesn’t love a free yoga class or book?

25. Free Local Goods

One of the most well-known and best freebies sites, Craigslist is the king of free local goods. Who hasn’t heard of Craigslist? I

It’s the original save money site. In this instance, save money you would have spent shopping by downloading the Craigslist app for your local area and buying things or services much cheaper.

26. Free Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? Would you say that getting free chocolate every month would make you happy?

If so, then this freebie method is for you. Sign up with Godiva and get free chocolate every month (at participating store locations) plus birthday chocolate, too!

27. Free Scratch-Off Tickets

Do you love buying those scratch and play tickets from your local gas station? Then you should definitely try one of the best freebie website apps called Lucktastic.

Every day, it releases new assortments of digital scratch-off tickets. The company site notes that the win range is from $1 to $10,000, making these free tickets worth a lot more than $0.

28. Free Pizza and Cash

You may be wondering what company would be crazy enough to offer both free pizza and cash. It’s Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Sign up for Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese Rewards program and get a free personal one-topping pizza on your next visit. Also, you’ll get a $10 reward for every three visits when you spend over $20.

And, as if that wasn’t already enough, they give you mystery treats on your birthday and half-birthday as well! How very Alice in Wonderland of them.

29. Free Ice Cream

Do you love free ice cream? We do!

Download the Slab Happy Rewards app from Marble Slab Creamery and you’ll get a free ice cream just for signing up. After that, the points you earn for dollars spent give you $5 discounts off future purchases.

Ice cream freebies and future discounts? Count us in!

30. Free Goodies

Sign up for the free Daily Goodie Box to receive a free box of goodies in exchange for sharing your opinion of the products.

There’s no required shipping cost or any shared credit card information. All you need to do is sign up, use the items, and then share your thoughts.

31. Free Samples

Free Stuff Times is an info-sharing site for contests, coupons and money-saving deals at your local stores. It’s also a great place to score some freebies.

If you hover over their homepage icon, you’ll also see a pop-up with options for free samples of health and hygiene products, food samples, and even beauty samples.

32. More Free Samples

On the topic of free samples, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the best freebies website, Free Samples. It’s a site that updates every 24 hours to bring you the most updated access to free samples and other items.

It has anything from cleaning products to food products to pet samples to health product samples. You can find coupons there, as well.

33. Free Walmart Box

Did you know that Walmart gives away freebies throughout the year in different boxes containing assorted products?

It seems like you can get quite a lot from each box. Just keep in mind that they charge a $5 fee for shipping each freebie box.

34. Free Mom Stuff

The site Freebies 4 Mom does lean toward advertising free samples which benefit moms, but many samples are great for non-moms too.

These free items may include the likes of free food samples, free health and beauty products, and pool cleaning kits.

35. Free Test Products

Signing up with BzzAgent is agreeing to receive and test numerous free products from home and providing your own honest opinion about them.

It’s free to sign up and you get to keep all of the products!

36. Free Body Care Products

Freeflys is one of the best freebie sites around. It offers all kinds of freebies and samples, but especially focuses on body care products.

Some recent freebies include styling gel, super cleanser, and Bath & Body Works goods.

37. Free Women’s Beauty and Scents

The popular freebie site WomenFreebies offers free stuff for ladies. Ranging from baby products to feminine products, perfume samples to books, the site really has something for everyone.

Recent freebies included: Rag & Bone fragrance, Dior Poison Girl fragrance, face mask sheets, Replens moisturizer, and Pantene Pro-V daily moisture renewal foam conditioner.

38. Free Coffee and Books

A freebie site you might not know about but totally should is Freaky Freddie’s.

The site offers a huge selection of freebies and samples in the areas of games, gags, bathroom, religion, software, teacher stuff, and travel supplies.

Recent free samples include: Olay deep hydrating eye gel, Garnier sheet mask, L’Oreal hydra genius liquid care moisturizer, diapers from Naty Eco Nappies, and Roasters pod coffee. There’s also toys, books, T-shirts, and coloring books for kids.

39. Free Season-Themed Box

Influenster focuses mostly on women’s products. Their box of freebies normally includes the likes of makeup, face care, and scents.

You can use the products, review them, and keep them. Even better is their VoxBox, which features holiday or seasonal themes.

Great for social media sharing!

40. Free Cuddly Blankets and Movies

Around since 1998, Totally Free Stuff is a freebie site dedicated to sharing items people will really use, not just useless junk.

Sign up for their freebie box and get a mix of items you may need. Recent samples included a fleece blanket, digital movies, Pillsbury samples and coupons, and a box of Quaker multigrain cereal.

41. Free Samples (Without Reviewing)

Finally, for those out there that just want the free goodies without having to review anything, SampleSource is for you.

It’s a free sampling source that sends you a box of 5-15 samples every three months or so, no strings attached. Items range from makeup and beauty to household cleaning and food.

Are there any freebies we’ve missed? Let us know some of the best freebies you’re getting online in the comments below!


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