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Investing Basics

  • What is investing?

    Investing involves committing your money for the long term with the expectation of receiving more money in return. It’s how you build lasting wealth. But don’t think you’re limited to socking your money away in stocks. Investments can be both active (in which you have hands-on control) and passive (in which you sit back and relax while your money grows).

  • How can I start investing?

    There are countless ways to start investing. Robo advisors, such as Wealthfront and Betterment, offer a simple and inexpensive way to grow your money without worrying about individual stocks. On the other hand, if you’d like to DIY, you can sign up for an online stockbroker. Although there are many ways to get started, the important thing is that you begin now.

  • What is a stock?

    A stock is an investment that represents a share of a company. So if you buy a share in Netflix, you actually own a little piece of Netflix! Investors buy stocks hoping that they’ll go up in value, at which point they’ll sell them for a profit. Stocks are bought and sold on an exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange. We sometimes call these exchanges the “stock market.”

  • What should I invest in?

    Maybe the best piece of investment advice came from a famous and successful investor named Peter Lynch. He said, “Invest in what you know.” That means you should invest only in the companies whose businesses you understand and are familiar with. But don’t think you’re limited to stocks. You can safely make money from investment bonds, real estate, and even interest-paying savings accounts. There’s no one investment that’s best for everyone, so make sure you research all of your options.

Investing in Stocks

Investing in Real Estate

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