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Money Basics

  • What is money management?

    Put simply, money management is how you handle your finances. It’s all about having a plan. This can include strategies for everything from budgeting to paying off debt to saving your cash to investing it for the future. Spending can also be a part of a good money management strategy, as long as it’s done wisely.

  • How can I build wealth?

    There are myriad ways to build wealth. The first step is to pay off all bad debt and get a good handle on your finances. Then you can be on your way to growing your wealth.

  • Ways to save money

    Finding extra money in your budget can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised how much was there! Simple steps like using a budgeting app, comparing grocery store prices, and refinancing your debt can cut your monthly costs and free up money for short- and long-term goals.

  • What can money management help me accomplish?

    Good money management skills and strategies can help you set and reach your long-term financial goals. The “big” goal is a comfortable retirement, but money management can also help you pay for big expenses like a house. Managing your money right can let you live day-to-day with fewer financial worries.

Saving & Budgeting

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Building Wealth

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Personal Taxes

Estate Planning

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