Katherine Peach

Katherine Peach

Katherine Peach is the former managing editor of Money Done Right.  She has more than 12 years of experience in the financial industry. She particularly enjoys writing about stocks and the markets, as well as investing in art and antiques.


Katherine didn’t always intend to write about money. She’s a classically trained pianist who graduated from university with a degree in archaeology and ancient Greek and Latin. However, in 2007 she began working in financial publishing as an editor for Agora Inc. (Apparently, unearthing ideas about improving your personal finances isn’t such a bad career alternative!)

Since then, her writing has been featured in Truth & Plenty, Independence Monthly, NICHE, AmericanStyle, AntiqueWeek, InvestorJunkie.com, TheStreet.com, Sure Dividend, and many others.


Katherine lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where she and her husband own an independent record store.

She also enjoys spending time in the woods, recording and composing music, and goofing off with her three kids.

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