Christine Song

As a homeschooling mother of four, Christine had to find creative ways to make her family survive on one income, barring eating potato soup every day.

She has learned to pounce on killer deals and snag optimal sales.

She has fun working side gigs to make money — from tutoring, teaching piano, freelance writing, and gigging piano.

Education & Credentials

Christine got her English B.A. from UCLA and went to Talbot School of Theology for a Bible Certificate.

While at UCLA, she succeeded in making it into three highly-competitive creative writing classes, one which published their own book “Noon to 3”.

She enjoys writing and dabbles in humor blogging.

She teaches writing classes, which are filled to the brim with future budding writers.


Christine lives with her family in the Los Angeles area.

For fun, Christine enjoys delectable cuisine, jamming with musicians, watching K-dramas, and being in the company of humorous people.

Articles by Christine Song