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The 10 Best Websites for Discount Shoes

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Shoes can be incredibly expensive, and it’s easy to end up with more pairs than you need. Over time, you could spend a significant amount of money on shoes without getting what you really want.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find high-quality shoes, and there are a growing number of ways to buy discount shoes online. This article will cover some of the best places to start if you’re looking for shoes on a budget.

Designer Shoe Warehouse

  • Designer Shoe Warehouse: Best for all kinds of shoes
    • Basics: Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) is a popular retailer with both in-store and online sales. It offers a decent selection of shoes for every purpose, including options at almost any price point.
    • Pros: DSW offers low prices and free returns within 60 days of the sale, plus free shipping on orders more than $35. VIP Rewards remove the minimum for free shipping and come with additional benefits.
    • Cons: The retailer doesn't allow exchanges, so you'll have to create a new order and manage returns separately. VIP Rewards perks are similar to programs offered by most competitors.
    • Free shipping

      above $35

    • Free returns

      within 60 days

    • Exchanges


DSW is all about shoes, and its collection covers some of the most popular brands. You can find shoes for almost any purpose, so you won’t need to shop at multiple stores. Designer Shoe Warehouse usually has decent prices both in physical stores and on the online shop.

While DSW carries some more expensive brands, you’ll still get a good deal on most of its products. The selection includes items at different price points, making it a great option for any budget. If you don’t like the shoes, you can return them for free within 60 days.

In addition to its already low prices, you can get even more discounts by signing up for VIP rewards. Members earn one point for each dollar they spend. One hundred points can be redeemed for $5, essentially giving you 5% cash back on all DSW purchases. You’ll also receive a birthday coupon for $5 off.

Additionally, VIP members receive free ground shipping on every order. For regular users, free shipping is only available for orders of at least $35. The VIP program is completely free, so there’s no downside to signing up.


  • Shoes.com: Best for product review rewards
    • Basics: Shoes.com offers a diverse selection of shoes plus free shipping on every purchase. You can find shoes for nearly any occasion.
    • Pros: Shoes.com provides free shipping with no minimum, making it good for small orders. It also facilitates exchanges for other products. Rewards members can earn 50 cents for writing a product review.
    • Cons: While exchanges are free, you'll be charged a $6.95 restocking fee for each return.
    • Free shipping

      all purchases

    • Free returns

      no ($6.95)

    • Exchanges

      yes (free)

Like Designer Shoe Warehouse, Shoes.com is entirely focused on providing the best discount shoes. One of its key advantages is free shipping on every order. Similarly, the return process is simple and free, so you won’t have to worry about a disappointing pair. That said, returns are subject to a $6.95 restocking fee, while most other retailers offer free returns. There’s no fee on items exchanged for other products.

Shoes.com also runs a rewards program that’s comparable to that of DSW. Members get $5 back after spending $100 in addition to a $5 sign-up bonus. You can even earn 10 extra points (equivalent to $0.50) for writing a product review.

While its prices are usually competitive, Shoes.com offers regular discounts, such a New-Year sale or a year-end sale, on nearly every product.

All things considered, Shoes.com is an easy way to start looking for your next pair of shoes. You can find shoes of all kinds and prices, and shopping through Shoes.com is extremely simple. It’s one of the best options for buying discount shoes online.

Foot Locker

  • Foot Locker: Best for sports footwear
    • Basics: Foot Locker focuses on sports and has an unmatched selection of athletic shoes. In addition to low prices, it offers a strong rewards program for returning customers.
    • Pros: You can take shoes back to a Foot Locker store up to 89 days after the purchase. New rewards members get a welcome bonus of $10 off their next order of at least $50. Foot Locker has a separate Platinum membership for those who spend more than $300 in one year.
    • Cons: Foot Locker only sells sportswear, so you won't find any other shoes. You need to spend $20 for free shipping, although even a single pair should put you over the minimum.
    • Free shipping

      $20 and above

    • Free returns

      within 89 days

    • Exchanges

      yes (free)

Foot Locker’s selection focuses on athletic shoes, but it’s arguably the best site if you’re looking for sports shoes online. Unlike Shoes.com, Foot Locker has physical locations, so you can go in and try shoes on if you prefer. The key disadvantage is that you won’t find any shoes that aren’t designed for athletics.

If you want to return an online purchase, you can either send it back within 45 days or take it to a Foot Locker within 89 days. Packages include prepaid shipping, so you won’t be charged at all if you don’t like the product. Alternatively, you can reduce that risk by buying discount shoes in person.

Foot Locker offers free shipping on all orders over $20, which is low enough to cover the majority of purchases. You can always go to a physical store for smaller orders.

Foot Locker offers a rewards program with many of the same features its competitors offer. Notably, new members get a coupon for $10 off the next purchase of at least $50. This is more than the welcome offers available at either DSW or Shoes.com.

Additionally, you’ll be upgraded to a Platinum membership after spending $300 in a single year. Platinum members receive an exclusive welcome offer plus cash back on each purchase ($10 when you spend at least $100, $15 for at least $150, and $20 for at least $200).


  • Amazon: Best for variety
    • Basics: Amazon sells nearly everything, and you can find shoes from both Amazon and third-party sellers. Amazon is an even better choice if you're already a Prime member.
    • Pros: Prime members get free two-day shipping on most orders, although third-party vendors can set their own shipping policies. You can send shoes back for return within 30 days of receiving them.
    • Cons: Third-party sellers may or may not accept returns. Amazon doesn't have a rewards or cash-back program aside from its Prime rewards credit card.
    • Free shipping

      yes, for Prime users

    • Free returns

      yes, for items sold by Amazon

    • Exchanges


Amazon offers a wide range of discount shoes, and you can combine shoes with virtually anything else into a single order. If you have a Prime membership, you can get free two-day shipping at no additional cost. Amazon also accepts returns within 30 days of receiving the order.

Amazon carries most popular brands, and there are specific sections for discount shoes. The website also has fine-grained search and filter tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Amazon’s comparison feature makes it easy to decide between two or more similar options.

Because Amazon sells more than just shoes, it can be more complicated to look for shoes compared to the shopping experience on a website like Shoes.com. There are also more independent sellers, which may be a perk or a distraction depending on your preferences.

While Amazon itself accepts returns for up to 30 days, third-party sellers can set their own policies. With that in mind, it’s critical to check each listing to determine the return policy. You don’t want to get stuck with something that doesn’t fit because you didn’t read the fine print.


  • Grailed/Heroine: Best for used luxury items
    • Basics: Grailed and Heroine are marketplaces for buyers and sellers (of menswear and womenswear, respectively) rather than selling their own products.
    • Pros: You can often find great deals on used clothes, particularly on luxury brands. It's easy to set up your own listings and sell clothes to pay for new items, too.
    • Cons: Used clothing can be unpredictable, and reselling is the only way to earn money back on items you don't want. Each seller sets their own shipping policies, and some items require international shipping fees.
    • Free shipping

      depends on seller

    • Free returns


    • Exchanges


Online marketplaces Grailed and Heroine work differently from most of the options on this list, but they’re each a great place to start if you’re looking for affordable shoes. Unlike the others, these websites exclusively feature items from individual sellers. Sellers can either set a firm price or consider offers for less money.

Grailed and Heroine are essentially the same thing except that Grailed features men’s clothes, and Heroine features women’s. Buying used can be tricky, but you’ll get good prices, especially on designer items that would be expensive brand new.

On the other hand, you won’t be able to return anything you don’t like. You’ll need to spend more time finding the perfect shoes, checking measurements, and comparing listings, but you could walk away with a great deal on lightly used discount shoes. Or you can try to resell anything you don’t want to keep.


  • eBay: Best for hidden value
    • Basics: While Grailed and Heroine focus on luxury brands, you can find almost anything on the eBay marketplace. eBay also has large-scale vendors in addition to individual sellers.
    • Pros: Like other used clothing sites, eBay gives you the chance to constantly buy and sell clothing. You can wear something as many times as you like and resell it whenever you lose interest.
    • Cons: Sellers don't generally accept returns, so you'll have to resell anything you don't keep to get your money back. The auction format can be unpredictable compared to simply submitting offers, as you'll be asked to set a maximum bid rather than a definite price.
    • Free shipping

      depends on seller

    • Free returns


    • Exchanges


eBay is another good website for buying and selling shoes, and you can find both new and used options. While it depends on individual third-party sellers, there are countless eBay vendors with a long history of successful transactions. eBay is one of the safest places to buy used clothing online, though it doesn’t allow returns or exchanges.

In contrast to the Grailed and Heroine marketplaces, eBay facilitates auctions. If you’re willing to take the time to monitor multiple auctions, you can often find better deals than are usually available. Newer sellers often sell items at reduced prices to develop their reputations.

It’s also easy to sell your own items to pay for new purchases. Once you start buying and selling on eBay, you’ll likely find yourself making regular deals and adjusting your wardrobe. That said, the risk of being stuck with something you don’t want is enough to turn some people away.


  • Zappos: Best for returns
    • Basics: Zappos offers free shipping on all orders and a wide selection of shoes. It has slowly expanded into physical locations after starting as an online-only retailer.
    • Pros: Zappos gives you a full year to consider returns, far more than nearly any other retailer. There's also no minimum order value to get free shipping.
    • Cons: While returns can be processed for up to a year, exchanges are only allowed within 14 days. 6pm, a Zappos outlet subsidiary, sometimes offers lower prices on the same items.
    • Free shipping

      yes, no minimum

    • Free returns

      within one year

    • Exchanges

      within 14 days

Zappos is a clothing website owned by Amazon that offers an impressive array of shoes. While it was once online-only, it’s opened a few popup shops to generate interest in physical locations. In addition to its selection, Zappos provides a few helpful benefits compared to similar sites.

The most obvious advantage of Zappos is that you can make returns for a full year after the purchase. This is a much longer return period than nearly any other brand offers. You can also make exchanges, although these are limited to the first 14 days following your purchase.

Zappos provides free shipping on orders of all sizes. If you need something quickly, you can opt for two-day or one-day shipping for $15 or $25, respectively. Keep in mind that those numbers refer to business days, so two-day shipping may take longer than two days over a weekend or holiday.

Zappos offers consistently competitive prices, although you should look for sales and discounts whenever possible. Compare prices from a few sites to find the best deal. Zappos carries brands in nearly every style, so it’s also more versatile than sports shops like Foot Locker.


  • 6pm: Best for sales
    • Basics: 6pm is the outlet counterpart to Zappos, offering competitive prices on a similar catalog with less consumer-friendly shipping and return policies.
    • Pros: 6pm typically offers deeper discounts than most of its competitors. It also sells some of the same items as Zappos, so you should check both sites to find the lower price.
    • Cons: Free shipping is only available for orders of at least $50. 6pm accepts returns within 30 days of receiving the item, but you can't exchange your purchase for something else.
    • Free shipping

      $50 and above

    • Free returns

      within 30 days

    • Exchanges


6pm is a discount subsidiary to Zappos offering low prices on a variety of brands. While you may find better deals, free shipping is limited to orders totaling at least $50. Smaller orders are subject to a $3.95 charge, although you can pay extra for expedited shipping ($10 for two-day or $15 for one-day).

Unlike Zappos, 6pm only supports returns for up to 30 days after the sale. That’s extended until the end of February for holiday purchases. Similarly, 6pm doesn’t facilitate any exchanges, so you’ll have to send the first item back separate from making another purchase.

There are clearly some downsides to 6pm, but it often makes up for those with its incredible prices. It’s more likely than most online stores to feature deep discounts on luxury items. As an outlet, 6pm runs deals that brands like Zappos simply can’t offer. It’s a particularly good site to check during sales when prices are even lower than normal.


  • Overstock: Best for rewards
    • Basics: Overstock runs its own listings in addition to displaying items from third-party vendors. The website sells a variety of home goods and other items, including shoes and clothes.
    • Pros: Overstock's Club O rewards offer incredible perks, although the membership costs $20 per year. Still, it's a great deal for people who regularly shop there.
    • Cons: You only have 30 days to start the return process, and Overstock doesn't support exchanges.
    • Free shipping

      $45 and above

    • Free returns

      within 30 days

    • Exchanges


Overstock sells everything from home goods to jewelry, including some high-quality discount shoes. Its selection includes brands in all styles and price points, so you can get all the shoes you need at the same time (plus items from other departments).

The Overstock return policy gives you 30 days to start the process after receiving your item. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t mention anything about exchanges. You’ll likely have to send the shoes back and buy something else. This can be especially trick, because it may take a few days for the returning payment to process.

Like Amazon, Overstock sells its own products in addition to hosting third-party vendors. There’s also a robust rewards program, although membership costs $19.95 per year. Club O Rewards are only worth it for people who regularly shop on Overstock.

Members get 5% in credit back on every purchase, free shipping with no minimum, a price match guarantee, and more. Just considering the 5% credit, a membership is a good deal for anyone who spends more than roughly $400 per year at Overstock.

Famous Footwear

  • Famous Footwear: Best for online and in-person shopping
    • Basics: Famous Footwear is a chain of physical stores that also operates an online storefront. You can return online purchases through the mail or by bringing them to a brick-and mortar location.
    • Pros: Famous Footwear accepts returns within 60 days, and you can exchange your item for something else at the store. Famously You rewards include additional benefits.
    • Cons: Free shipping is limited to purchases of at least $75, higher than most other discount shoe websites. Standard shipping costs $6.95 for any smaller order.
    • Free shipping

      above $75

    • Free returns

      within 60 days

    • Exchanges

      in store

Famous Footwear has both an online storefront and physical locations, and the brand sells everything from sneakers to dress shoes.

Famous Footwear restricts free shipping to orders of at least $75. While you could easily spend that much on a single pair, it’s much higher than most competitors. Standard shipping for smaller orders costs an additional $6.95 and takes four to seven business days. Two-day and one-day shipping are available for $13 and $23, plus $3 for each additional pair in an order.

After purchasing online, you can return items to Famous Footwear for up to 60 days. Returns can be processed at a physical store or shipped online, although in-store purchases must be returned to a store. You have to go to a physical store if you want to exchange an item for something else.

Famously You rewards are free to any Famous Footwear shopper and come with mostly standard benefits. You’ll get 5% cash back up to $250 per year plus free shipping with no minimum, a $5 birthday reward, and bonus double points days.

Find Discount Shoes Online

With so many physical and online options available, it’s easier than ever to find discount shoes of all kinds. These stores have some of the lowest prices on both budget-friendly and luxury shoes along with consumer-friendly return policies and rewards programs. Prices vary, so the easiest way to approach buying discount shoes online is to look for the shoes you want on a comparison website like ShoeKicker.

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