Credit Cards

credit cards
  • How can I get a credit card?

    You can get a credit card the old-fashioned way -- that is, by walking into a bank branch and talking to a personal banker about your credit card needs -- or you can simply apply for one online.

  • What credit card should I get?

    Picking a credit card (or cards) to use is a personal decision. As our credit card experts state in most of our credit card articles, the best credit card for you may not be the best credit card for them, so all you can do is analyze the facts and make a decision based on your own spending habits.

  • Which is better -- cash back cards or travel cards?

    Both cash back cards and travel cards come with their own pros and cons. Generally speaking, travel cards are worth it if you travel more than a couple times of year, especially internationally. If your travel is limited to a domestic trip or two a year, a cash back card may be your best bet. However, we encourage you to read about when a cash back card makes sense and when a travel card makes sense.

  • How does credit card interest work?

    Credit cards can be incredible financial tools, but they're not without their pitfalls, hence why it's extremely important to make sure you understand the basics of credit cards before applying for one. For example, most credit cards charge notoriously high interest rates, some with APRs upwards of 20%! However, if you pay off your previous statement's balance in full on or before your payment due date, you will not be charged any interest. Ideally, you would pay off your credit cards every month and never pay a lick of interest to the credit card companies.

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