Loan Basics

  • What Are Loans?

    A loan is a sum of money that you “borrow,” typically from a financial institution. Along with paying the money back according to set terms, you’ll usually also have to pay interest charges too. There are many different types of loans, from personal loans to student loans and also mortgages for purchasing a home.

  • Student Loans

    Over two-thirds of recent graduates used student loans to finance all or part of their education. Their average per-person debt is over $30,000. Chances are, you might be looking to apply for a student loan, pay an existing loan off, or even refinance it with better terms. In our archives, we have plenty of resources or you.

  • Personal Loans

    There are many reasons to take out a personal loan, from consolidating credit card debt to making a necessary purchase or paying off expensive medical bills. Here at Money Done Right, we don’t want you to get ripped off, so we’re offering important information about finding the best personal loans, paying them off, or alternatives that could save you a ton of money.

  • Mortgages

    A mortgage is a loan you receive for the purchase of property. A lot of people refer to them as “good debt,” but they’re still debt. If you’re shopping around for a mortgage, you should make sure that you’re not paying too much in interest charges or fees. There are several strategies for getting a good deal on a mortgage, including improving your credit score and comparing rates. It pays to be smart and prepared!

Personal Loans

Student Loans

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    • Credible Loans

      Credible started as a student loan refinancing platform, but has since expanded into an aggregator for loans of all types, including mortgages, mortgage refinances, student loans, student loan refinances, personal loans and even credit cards.

    • Fiona Loans

      Fiona is a lending marketplace designed to help consumers find financial products such as personal and student refi loans from various industry providers in one place. They are a good tool for comparison shopping, however, you are limited to their  lending partners.

    • Earnest Loans

      Earnest is an educational lender providing funding to students across the country. The company offers private student loans, refinancing, and even personal loans, all with competitive interest rates and unique loan features. Applying is quick and easy through Earnest.

    • College Ave Loans

      College Ave is a student loan provider that solely focuses on student loans and refinancing. This ensures they are able to make the process as quick and easy as possible. They offer a number of loan term and repayment options for borrowers, along with rates that are some of the lowest around.

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