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Money Making Basics

  • How to start a side gig

    Starting a side gig gives you the power to earn money on your own terms, without relying on a boss to give you a raise or promotion. Start by determining your skills and interests to figure out what kind of work you could do -- it could be anything from writing to babysitting to rideshare driving. Gig apps and peer-to-peer or freelancer marketplaces can connect with customers and clients to get the ball rolling. Some side gigs you can even do from home.

  • Can you make money online?

    You’ll find tons of legitimate ways to make money online -- as well as tons of scams that promise big bucks but never pan out. You can earn money as an affiliate or influencer with a website, social media or YouTube channel, but it’ll likely take months or years to build your brand and audience. Online gig apps, survey sites and marketplaces are a simpler and faster way to make money online without such hurdles.

  • Are money-making apps legit?

    Some apps that promise to help you make money through cash-back shopping or online surveys are legitimate, but others aren't. And even the legitimate ones usually require a lot of time to earn any significant income and have high payout requirements to meet before you see any cash. Don’t rely on them for money you need, but they can give you a nice sporadic boost if you tap into apps that let you earn passively and don’t require a lot of your time.

  • Money-making hacks (you’ve never thought of)

    You could be missing out on lots of little ways to make money fast without a ton of extra work. Look for credit cards and bank accounts that offer sign-up bonuses; use them strategically, and you can earn hundreds of dollars. Fee-free cash-back credit and debit cards are also easy ways to make money without changing your habits. You can even search for unclaimed money in your name through!

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