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Updated April 15, 2020

17 Fun and Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas That Will Keep Money in Your Pocket

Save on Big Purchases

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Bachelorette parties should be about letting loose and having fun, but a tight budget or an overly money-conscious bride can take the fun out of your evening.

Instead, plan ahead and use these handy ideas to save money while still having an unforgettable time.

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1. Book Way in Advance

If you think it’s too early to book a flight, it’s not! Your group will have so many options available if you start planning a few months in advance.

Not to mention booking months in advance will usually get you the best price.

Book with Airbnb now to save money by planning!

Many people who let out their homes are happy to book their place and make money rather than wait.

Cheap bachelorette party ideas don’t have to mean that you stay at home. If you and your friends have set the budget to travel, then take advantage of this money saving tip and enjoy your trip.

2. Rent a Place

If everyone is living with roommates, parents or partners, it can be hard to host a party at home.

But you can rent a place on Airbnb or HomeAway and get the full hotel experiences.

Head over to HomeAway now and rent a home big enough for the entire party.

Talk to the people in your group to set a budget that everyone can pitch in for, and you’ll be surprised with what you can find.

Renting homes or even apartments is usually much cheaper than booking a hotel suite. It’s a cheap bachelorette idea that still allows you to get out of your comfort zone and relax together!

You can rent locally, or book somewhere for a weekend trip. The result, either way, is that there’s no mess, and there’s no reason to waste money on paper decorations.

3. Adjust Your Travel Days

The go-to weekend getaway is Friday through Saturday, right?

But think about it, that means you’re doing the bachelorette party nearly a week before your bride gets married! Instead, move your travel days and start the weekend on Sunday.

If you’re going to big-ticket destinations like Las Vegas or Cabo, moving your travel days from starting on Friday to starting on Sunday can save you hundreds of dollars in airfare.

Hotel rates are always lower between Sunday and Friday not to mention you can get out of some expensive resort fees.

4. Invite Guests to “Stock the Bar”

You’ve probably heard or maybe even cringed at the “Stock the Bar” parties that invite all the guests of the wedding to bring a bottle of liquor to support the alcohol for the reception.

As one of the best cheap bachelorette party ideas, it’s a simple twist on a bit of traditional wedding fun.

Ask your guests to bring a bottle of whatever reminds them of the bride, that way every cocktail has a dedication to the bride!

Asking guests for large bachelorette parties to stock the bar with a bottle of whichever liquor reminds them of the bride is a fun way to show the different relationships involved too!

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Spread the word and tell your other guests and it might entice them to take part.

5. Look for Inspiration on Coupon Sites or Apps

Many coupon sites are still around, and you can find incredible experiences like champagne brunch after a sunrise hot air balloon ride.

Check out Groupon’s latest unique events and considerable discounts to plan an outstanding party!

These sites usually have a slew of deals that are local and cheap! Find something that fits the bride’s personality and invite all of her friends to take part as an unorthodox bachelorette party.

With outstanding discounts from popular retailers including Target, you can find all the party supplies you need too. Click here to get coupons for some of your favorite retailers!

6. Coordinate for Extra Attention

The best way to get free stuff is to grab as much attention as possible. So, find the most glamorous sashes, fluffy headbands and color coordinate those outfits.

Be sure to tell every doorperson, bartender, and server the occasion. Great cheap bachelorette party ideas don’t need to be exceptionally creative, sometimes spreading the word is enough!

If you’re visiting clubs or restaurants that don’t usually play host to bachelorette groups, you may get a fun surprise as they will often try to make the night extra special.

The extra attention isn’t just a great way to save money on the night by lucking into a few free drinks. It can make the night much more memorable and fun by getting every guest involved.

To start this cheap bachelorette party head over to your local party supply store or buy a few things online.

7. Have a Sleep Over

Go old school and put “Girls Night Out” to rest. A sleepover is perfect for the introverted bride who’d rather binge her favorite show on Netflix while conquering any last minute jitters.

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You can go all out with sheet forts and enormous amounts of pizza, or you can make the party more grown up with lush sleeping areas and fancy home-made treats. Fit the party to your bride and your group of friends.

A sleepover is an excellent option if your bride only has time to do a bachelorette party the night before the wedding. She can wake up surrounded by friends, and well-rested.

8. Go for the Unexpected Options

Every town has “that” bar or club that every bachelorette party heads to there might be more than a handful in your area.

The thing is the staff there are already over it and don’t try to appease a group of excited and semi-intoxicated friends. Instead, go to the places that aren’t expecting you. Check out bowling alleys, karaoke bars, and arcades for unexpected fun.

Call around to restaurants that don’t usually host large parties and let them know you’re pricing out what works best for your group.

Restaurants and many other entertainment places will happily give group discounts.

If you’re trying to save money, cook at home. This plan works exceptionally well if someone in your group is health conscious.

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9. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can take some work to put together, but it can be a great way to involve everyone and avoid your guests pairing up with who they know best for the entire night.

You can even put together a hunt that takes the entire group from place to place around town. Talk to servers or bartenders to get them in on it too!

This scavenger hunt idea works best for a group of close friends or family as you can build on clues from shared memories.

For example, the first item in the scavenger hunt could be your bride’s favorite food chain, and then you can see who makes it there on time!

10. Focus on One Experience

Okay, so instead of doing an elaborate weekend because that’s a little extreme. But focusing on one experience can get every guest involved, make lifelong memories and keep money in your wallet.

Go to Groupon now to find a class that is something exciting and new for everyone in the group.

Pole dancing classes are a favorite for bachelorette parties, but if they’re not your thing, you can book a cooking class or even a skydiving experience.  Classes sound expensive, but it’s on the list of the best cheap bachelorette party ideas because it puts the focus of the party on one event.

There is a class for everything and an experience for everyone. Of course, you should consider what your bride and your group like to do, but don’t be afraid to break tradition.

Wine tasting can be fun, but your friends may enjoy a “Paint Night” or ziplining tour.

11. Host a Vegas-Style Party Without the Travel Plans

Heading out to Las Vegas can break your bank, and then everything you want to do in Vegas can leave your bank account in a crippled stage well into your friend’s marriage.

But you can host a one-of-a-kind Vegas party that would be a great surprise for everyone.

Book dealers and bartenders through local services or you and your friends take turns through the night. Stock up on poker chips, retired casino playing cards, and fake money!

For extra fun, you can employ your craftiest friend to put together some authentic Vegas costumes depending on the bride’s favorite Vegas era.

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12. Karaoke in Your Comfort Zone

Karaoke is fun in theory, but once you get everyone out to the bar, no one wants to sing.

If you have introverts or generally shy people in your crowd, host a karaoke night at home! With YouTube, all you need is a cheap microphone and a decent speaker.

Everyone can have a chance at the microphone and shamelessly sing their favorite songs.

13. Movies in the Yard

Much like movies in the park, but with total control over the remote.

Investing in a projector and plain white sheet can make for many fun parties in the future, and when you look at the total cost of the party, you’re still saving money.

Invite your guests to bring food or pitch in for catering and lounge outside for a few hours watching the bride’s favorite flicks.

For a surprise party, choose movies that highlight weddings. Favorite films for bachelorette parties include Bridesmaids, The Proposal and of course, Magic Mike.

14. Let the Boys Mingle

Of course, you don’t want to step on their fun, so plan your party for a different night than the bachelor party but break tradition and invite them.

Bringing the boys into the mix is an excellent source of free entertainment. With a few adult games such as Dirty Minds, you can pair up, split up, or compete for a la Battle of the Sexes.

This idea works exceptionally well for the last couple to get married as they likely enjoy spending time with their already married friends.

Not to mention while you might spend more on food, you can save on the fluffy pink decorations and themed paper materials.

15. Explore Local Events

Many cities host a variety of art, music, and food events in any given month. Use this as an opportunity to provide every guest the chance to enjoy something.

Food events work out great because usually you purchase tickets or pay for each food vendor individually. Art and music events are known for having meager entrance fees.

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16. At Home Spa Services

There are tons of in-home or mobile spa services which means that you can avoid the crazy high price tags that come with a spa retreat.

Instead of booking the spa retreat, clean up your living room and tell everyone to bring their robe and slippers.

Order an at-home spa service to pamper your bride and have the remaining guests go in on it with you.

Everyone will enjoy a lot of pampering before the big day and all from the comfort of your home.

You can pair this idea with renting an Airbnb for an ultimately cheap spa experience before your spa services show up to grab some sparkling water and lemons for light drinks that are refreshing.

17. Rotate Activities Quickly!

Is your bride fast-paced, a little daring and in need of something unique for her bachelorette party? Host multiple parties to the tune of Musical Chairs, or Musical Houses really.

Get your fellow bridesmaids in on the action and ask them to pick any theme they want for their home. Tell them to use decorations they already have and the liquor in their cabinets for inspiration.

Then when everyone is ready, your party in short intervals while eating on the go. It’s a great way to choose cheap fast-food while partying it up over and over again.

Not to mention doing this can help everyone cut corners on the smaller party aspects such as banners and decorations that you won’t notice aren’t there because you’re only in the home for a short time!

Learn to save money by setting up rides with Uber for safe transportation between places.

At the end of the night, everyone can crash together or go home and wind down after the series of parties.

Leave a comment about your experiences and share some of your favorite cheap bachelorette party ideas!

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