September 01, 2020

Dosh Referral Code Gives You a $5 Sign-Up Bonus!

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As of September 2020, our Dosh Referral Code Link (Click Here) will give you a $5 sign-up bonus for the cash back app Dosh.

Dosh is a free app that gives you cash back for every purchase you make with your linked card to the app.

You can get up to 10% cash back automatically in your Dosh Wallet

If you’re using your credit cards to make purchases, you may as well download Dosh because this can add up to a decent chunk of change!

Click here to get your $5 Dosh Referral bonus!

What Is the Dosh App?

Dosh is a free mobile rewards app that does all this for you:

  • Gets you cash back when you shop or dine at your favorite places
  • Puts money back into your pocket without you having to think or work for it

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How Does Dosh work?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Dosh app (Click here to get a $5 Dosh Sign-Up Bonus.)
  • Link your credit and/or debit card through their secure process.
  • Shop and dine using your linked card at 1000s of stores and restaurants.
  • Get paid up to 10% cash back in your Dosh wallet.
  • Transfer your cash to your bank account, PayPal. You can also donate to a charity from the app!

Click here to get your $5 Dosh Referral Link bonus!

What are some stores and restaurants Dosh offers in cash back?

There are thousands of stores and restaurants that Dosh offers cash back in, but here are some favorites:

  • Target
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Sephora
  • Claim Jumper
  • Walmart
  • Nike
  • Sam’s Club
  • ExxonMobil
  • Jack in the Box
  • Walgreens

Click here to get your $5 Dosh promo code bonus!

When Was Dosh Founded?

Dosh is actually fairly new.  It was just founded in 2016.

That’s why they’re so generous with their $5 sign-up bonus; they’re trying to raise awareness about their app and platform.

So Should I Download the Dosh App?

Heck yeah you should.  It’s a free app that gives you money.  What’s not to love?

Click here to get your $5 Dosh sign-up bonus!

Logan Allec, CPA

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