Emeritus Review
Updated September 30, 2021

Emeritus Review: How to Improve Your Education for Better Earnings


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Education is the key to success in our modern world. Whether you’re a fresh graduate just breaking into the workforce, or a seasoned professional looking to update your skills, business and management schools are a great way to gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in business. Better business education not only helps you to expand your knowledge and gain expertise but also improves your marketability and earning potential.

Did You Know? The US is home to many of the world’s best business schools. However, business school can be very expensive, with the average MBA program costing $40,000  – $80,000 for a two-year program.

Is Online Education a Reliable Solution?

Some of us don’t have the time or money to do a full MBA program, but still want to better ourselves and gain new skills through education. Considering this, more and more students have been turning to online education as an alternative. With so many websites offering online business and management education courses, it can be difficult to know which is the right one for you.

Enter Emeritus Institute of Management, a provider of quality online business and management education partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious schools.

Our Emeritus review will cover some background information about the institute, describe some of their course offerings, evaluate their online platform, and conclude as to whether Emeritus is the right place for you to improve your business education.

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About Emeritus

Emeritus was founded by Ashwin Damera in 2014. Damera had one goal in mind: to provide high-quality and affordable business school education to students around the world using the convenience and innovations of an online platform. Emeritus is partnered with some of the world’s leading institutes of business and management training including MIT, Columbia, Tuck at Dartmouth, Wharton, UC Berkeley and London Business School.

Emeritus has offices in Boston, Dubai, Mexico, Mumbai and Singapore. With over 350 employees from a variety of backgrounds, Emeritus has a diverse and multi-disciplinary workforce to serve the diverse body of students Emeritus serves. Last year Emeritus enrolled over 30,000 students from 80 different countries, with approximately 70% of its students based overseas.

Good to Know: Emeritus currently offers courses in English and Spanish but is working on developing course materials in Mandarin and Portuguese for the future.

What They Offer

The Emeritus program offers many courses from different educational institutions, with a variety of topics and focuses depending on your desired area of expertise. Our Emeritus review will now provide an overview of the main course areas offered by Emeritus, describing some of specific courses offered and highlighting their unique features.


Three Digital courses are offered by the Emeritus program:

  • Digital Strategies for Business, Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation “Digital Strategies for Business” will help students to conceptualize a digital transformation strategy for their business. This course is ideal for those looking to approach digital transformation for their business and develop a strategy for digital transformation.
  • “Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics” teaches strategic digital marketing for businesses. This course is intended for those who wish to understand and implement a digital marketing strategy for their business, achieve growth, and identify areas of opportunity.
  • “Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success” teaches students how to implement the digital platform approach. For those who want to transform their businesses into highly-scalable, highly- profitable and innovative online platforms, this is the course for them.


The Innovation courses offered by the Emeritus program all focus on disrupting the status quo and bringing new ideas and approaches to the table.

  • “Innovation of Products and Services: MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking” is an exciting course offered by MIT which teaches students how to blend the perspectives of marketing, design and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation. This is ideal for students looking to apply a multi-disciplinary approach to their product and service design.
  • “Strategy is Innovation: How the Leaders of Tomorrow Create the Future” teaches how to deal with the shifting demands of the modern economy while simultaneously preparing for the future. This course helps students to gain the knowledge, insight and analytical skills needed to bring innovation to their business strategy.
  • “Breakthrough Innovation” teaches students how to employ the Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) methodology, an innovative approach used by many of the world’s most successful companies. This course is ideal for students who wish to understand this approach and learn how it can help their business to achieve results in product development and innovate rapidly.


Leadership is a key aspect to any successful organization, and the Emeritus program offers several programs to help develop your leadership acumen.

  • “Personal Leadership and Success” is a course taught by acclaimed executive coach Marshall Goldsmith and offered in partnership with Tuck at Dartmouth. This course will help learners to understand themselves and reflect on their effectiveness as leaders, grasp the key aspects to good leadership, and learn a proven model to help you develop as a leader, coach others and build relationships.
  • “Leadership: People, Teams and Organizations” covers the essential components of effective leadership including problem diagnosis, effective decision making, motivating others, and managing personal contacts. This course is ideal for those looking to enhance their leadership skills and learn to negotiate with others while always maintaining their ethics and integrity.
  • In “Strategic Thinking: Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage” students will gain a practical framework for evaluating a broad range of strategic problems. The interactive and case-based approach will teach key concepts through real-world cases and help students to develop essential strategic thinking strategies to help ensure success in their business.

Finance / Marketing / Team

Emeritus offers several comprehensive courses related to finance, marketing and networking.

  • “Financial Statement Analysis: Measuring & Interpreting Business Performance” teaches students how to understand financial accounting processes and apply that knowledge to evaluate an organization’s financial status, operations and investments. For those wishing to become more involved in the financial side of their business, this course is highly recommended.
  • “Marketing: Building and Managing a Customer Centric Organization” utilizes both psychology and economics to give students a nuanced and modern view of marketing in the global economy. Working both individually and in groups, students get the opportunity to apply key concepts and explore the growing influences of social media and digital marketing as alternatives to traditional marketing strategies.
  • In “Intelligent Teams and Networks: Communication and Collaboration in The Digital Age”, students will learn how managers address the needs of the digital age at an individual, team and organizational level. The course combines cutting-edge research from MIT with an innovative approach to education that will ensure students understand key concepts and can apply them in real-world contexts.


Analytics is an emerging and exciting field, and Emeritus offers three courses in this area, in partnership with Columbia University.

  • “Applied Machine Learning” teaches students what Machine Learning is and how it drives countless aspects of our modern lives. This course helps students to understand the fundamental aspects of Machine Learning algorithms and explore how they can be applied in both business and everyday life.
  • In “Applied Data Science”, students will explore the underlying concepts and statistics of Data Science. Going beyond theory, this program is facilitated by experts and practitioners in the field of Data Science who will offer students an unprecedented look into how Data Science has transformed countless facets of our society from finance to cybersecurity and beyond.
  • “Applied Artificial Intelligence” will explore the exciting possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, discussing how they’ve impacted society and business up to now and what possibilities the future may hold. This course offers a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, giving students a nuanced understanding of the technology, which is rapidly shaping the future.

Postgraduate Diploma Programs

In addition to the courses mentioned above, Emeritus offers a number of Postgraduate Diploma Programs. The Postgraduate Diploma Programs differ from the previous course offerings in that they are more intensive and last much longer. These courses take from 9 – 12 months to complete and are designed for working professionals.

Our Emeritus review will provide a list of the Postgraduate Diploma programs below, for more information please visit Emeritus’ website.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business
  • Postgraduate Diploma in General Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Their Platform

Next, our Emeritus review will evaluate the Emeritus program’s online platform and learning experience. It should be noted that each course has a different structure and so not every course will contain the same learning components.

Video Lectures

Most courses feature video lectures as their primary instructional elements. These lectures are given by professors from leading educational institutes and industry professionals with decades of expertise and experience. Courses can have as few as 30 or as many as 120 video lectures.

Case Studies

Case studies give students invaluable insight into how concepts apply in the real world. Many courses provided by Emeritus feature detailed case studies as part of their curriculum, helping students to contextualize their learning within actual real-world scenarios.

Group Discussions and Peer Learning

Though these courses are delivered online, Emeritus understands the importance of peer learning and interaction to the learning process. Many courses involve scheduled small-group discussions for students to discuss key concepts, share knowledge, make connections and support one another on their learning journey.

Line Online Teaching and Webinars

Several courses allow opportunities for students to communicate directly with their instructors through webinars and live chat sessions. This valuable one-on-one interactive gives students the chance to form a personal connection with their teachers, ask questions, clarify concepts and broaden their understanding of the material as a whole.

Quizzes and Assignments

Most courses have quizzes and assignments for students to complete, providing valuable feedback and giving students the opportunity to benchmark their performance. Some courses even offer optional assignments in addition to mandatory ones, letting students decide if they want the extra practice and feedback or not.

Enrolment and Fees

Our Emeritus review wouldn’t be complete without an overview of their fees and enrolment processes. While education can be very expensive, Emeritus offers affordable rates.

Course Fees

Fees will vary from course to course, with course fees for the regular certificate courses ranging from $900 -$1,400 USD per course.

The Postgraduate Diploma programs are longer and more comprehensive, and thus come with higher associated fees. These fees can range from $3,000 – $12,500 USD per course.

Application and Enrolment

To enrol in any of their courses, visit the website, find the subpage of the course you’re interested in and click the “Apply Now” button on the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Exact application requirements will vary from course to course, so make sure you read the requirements for the course you’re interested in.
  • Most Emeritus courses are intended for working professionals, which means you’ll need to provide your CV and proof that you are currently employed.
  • The courses offered by Emeritus are graduate-level, so students should hold relevant undergraduate degrees before applying. Students who obtained their undergraduate degree from a non-English speaking country may need to provide an IELTS or TOEFL score to prove their English proficiency.

All applications charge a non-refundable $50 application fee, so make sure you meet the requirements before applying.

Final Thoughts

This brings our Emeritus review to a close. So, is Emeritus right for you? Considering how expensive most MBA programs are, the courses offered by Emeritus are a significant value. Moreover, these courses are backed by some of the world’s leading educational institutions including MIT and Columbia, therefore students know they’re getting a quality education taught by some of the top professors and practitioners in the field.

Emeritus’ courses cover a wide range of topics, so prospective students can find something that fits their needs. While many students will find the courses relevant and useful to their specific field, the entry requirements and fees for certain courses may not be suitable for all applicants.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional MBA to enhance your knowledge and career, and you’re interested in studying from home, Emeritus is definitely worth your consideration.

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Mariella Gatt
Mariella Gatt
3 years ago

I am doing an Emeritus course right now (Digital Transformation) and I’m afraid it’s overall a thumbs down. Although it’s offered in conjunction with Imperial College, London, only a few of the lectures are delivered by a lecturer from the University. Instead we have a marketing guy, who wrote a book, and is basically reading the book back to us. I feel really let down by the course and will not come back to Emeritus ever again.