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Updated August 13, 2022

11 Jobs That Allow You to Travel and Earn Well

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If sitting behind a desk is not your cup of tea and you love to travel, then the list below will give you some great ideas on the kind of jobs that you can do while traveling.

For most people, traveling is normally done for only 2 weeks each year, when they get a reprieve from their jobs, which is not enough time if traveling is your greatest desire. There are jobs that will constantly keep you on the road every single day, and to you, this can be one big vacation.

Now, there are basically two main categories when it comes to these jobs:

  • Jobs that require international travel
  • Jobs that allow you to travel

Jobs That Require International Travel

These are jobs that take you to specific destinations for work and you must travel in order to do the job. This means you cannot do them from a remote location such as your home. They include the following;

1. Flight Attendant

This is one of the best jobs that require international travel. Most flight attendants or cabin crew, as they are often called, start off in one country where they travel all over, then they are promoted to international destinations such as Japan, Europe, China, etc.

Pros: The beauty of this job is that you will soon become a world traveler and will be able to visit almost all the countries on the planet. So, if that sounds like your thing, you should try and get a job as a flight attendant.

Requirements: The requirements for this job will vary from airline to airline, but, most of them simply require you to be of a specific height, so you can reach the overhead cabins, and be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time. If you have excellent communication skills and the ability to speak multiple languages, you will be a highly valued flight attendant.

Good to Know: Flight attendants work long hours, and of course, you have to deal with issues such as jet lag and difficult customers, but you will get to earn some good money and may get discounts on flights for you and close family members.

2. Cruise Ship Worker

This is another job that requires international travel. You get to be on the sea and to see the world while you interact with lots of different people from different backgrounds.

Pros: Cruise ship workers get paid handsomely and they are given room and board on the ship.

Working on a cruise ship is one of the dream jobs for travelers, but it is also one that requires a lot of hard work and many long hours.

Good to Know: Cruise ships travel to long and far destinations across the globe such as Hawaii, the Middle East, etc. You will be required to be onboard for many months and work throughout.

3. International Aid Worker

This is yet another one of those jobs that let you travel all over the world. As an international aid worker, you can choose to work as a peace corps volunteer, or even join an international organization such as the Red Cross, or USAID.

Pros: In any of these positions, you will be required to travel all over the world and to countries in dire need of help such as war-torn countries or those that have suffered natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes.

Requirements: If you have a background in health or social sciences and international relations and have a love for traveling, then this job is perfect for you. You would only need to undergo some medical evaluations and get some immunizations and vaccines.

Good to Know: Working for an international organization can be physically and emotionally tasking, as you will regularly have to spend many weeks in remote locations without basic necessities. The beauty of this job, however, is that it gives you a great sense of accomplishment because you will be helping people who need help the most.

Asides the fulfilment you would get from lending a helping hand, the pay is good and you will get housing and other benefits as well.

4. Tour Guide

Tour guides normally offer help to tourists who are traveling on safari. This is a job that can take you all over your country and various holiday destinations all over the world.

Pros: As a tour guide, you get to share your passion for the wild with other like-minded individuals who are out to see what the world has to offer.

Requirements: You must have an essential knowledge of the different destinations so you can share this information with the people you’ll be guiding. Most tour guides actually run the travel programs in most companies.

Good to Know: This is a great job if you love living out of a suitcase and sometimes sleeping in the jungle, plus, it pays really well, and every day is a holiday for you.

5. Au Pair

This is one of the oldest jobs that require international travel, and it is still a great option for anyone who loves children, is smiley, happy, and bubbly, and someone who doesn’t mind the occasional sick child.

Pros: The pay may not be too great, but it comes with free room and board. In addition, most families with au pairs normally take them along when going on holidays and vacations.

Requirements: It is also an added advantage in this job if you happen to be good in foreign languages because most families that require an au pair is purely so they can teach their children how to speak a foreign language. You must also be willing to do a few odd jobs around the house such as laundry for the children as well as cooking and picking them from school. A good au pair will occasionally be required to take the children to the park in order to play with them.

Good to Know: This is not an easy job, and so, you must be ready to work extra hard, especially with difficult children. If you have a degree in early childhood management, it would be an added advantage, and it will go a long way in making the job easier for you.

6. Travel Writer

As the name suggests, this is a job that you can only do as you travel. Travel writing jobs are jobs for travelers and people who love to see the world.

Requirements: As a writer, you are required to write about different destinations, and give the readers valuable information that will convince them to visit the specified location. You must talk about the sightings and the places to visit. Most people would love to know what they can do when they go on holiday to a specific country, what kind of people they would find there, and in some cases, they want to know the type of food available so they can be prepared.

You must be able to travel to these destinations and partake in all the activities available so you can be able to write about it and let people know what to expect.

Good to Know: A good travel writer is one who is unafraid to try new things, so, you should be able to perform even dangerous activities such as bungy jumping, whitewater rafting, etc., and let your readers understand how exhilarating such activities can be as well as the risks involved.

7. Ski Instructor

If you enjoy snow sports and the mountains, you can combine this passion with travel by becoming a ski instructor. Because of the changing seasons in the different hemispheres, this is a job that can keep you traveling all year long.

Pros: One time of the year you may be in Argentina, and yet another, you’ll be in Holland. You could even travel all the way to Japan. Wherever the season for skiing is in full motion, it is your time to visit the location and instruct people on how to ski. Countries such as New Zealand, Chile, Canada, and Switzerland have resorts that hire ski instructors during the high seasons, and this is always a great opportunity for anyone who loves to ski. You can be traveling from resort to resort teaching and having a great time. This job comes with great pay, and in addition, you can also give private ski lessons to people who would love to perfect their skiing art. It is open to everyone and even children can learn the skill.

Good to Know: As a ski instructor, you must always be careful as there is the possibility of accidents happening in the mountains. Ensure you have all the relevant experience, which means that you must have been skiing for a while and have been certified as a qualified instructor.

If you are an excellent skier patient with people and great at giving instructions, then this is the right job for you.

8. Foreign Services Officer

For someone who loves their country, this is a fantastic job, because it allows you to combine the passion for your country and traveling into an exciting and rewarding career.

Pros: Now, as a Foreign services officer, you become like a diplomat and get to travel the whole world dealing with complex issues such as immigration, disaster aid, refugee flows, and represent your country’s interests. You will also get to interact with your fellow countrymen located in different countries all over the world.

Good to Know: To qualify for this job, you must undergo a foreign services officer test, and pass it. The positions are normally posted through the Department of State, which also determines which country you will travel to. You must have great communication skills, and a heart for humanity, as you must be able to offer help and comfort especially in areas where disaster may have stricken.

9. TV Reporter

This is yet another of the jobs that let you travel. If especially you become a foreign correspondent, you’ll get to travel to many different destinations and give a report on the status of these places.

Requirements: As a reporter, you must have undergone a journalism course and be able to speak clearly and soundly while giving a report. You must also be very good at research because most reports are normally accompanied with historical statistics which go a long way in giving people an idea of what is happening.

TV reporters usually have to work challenging and long hours, and in addition, they tend to get exposed to extremely dangerous situations because they must bring the situation as it is to those watching and waiting for an update on different occurrences all over the world.

Another very important quality of a TV reporter and most especially a foreign correspondent is the ability to be able to up and go at any time. This is because sometimes when a disaster happens in another country, you may be required to travel immediately and go cover it.

Good to Know: For people with families, it may not be the best job as you would be having long stretches of time where you are not with your loved ones, but it is, in fact, an extremely rewarding job.

If you have the required skills, a passion to travel, and a compassionate heart for when you have to cover some really heartbreaking stories, then this is a fantastic and great job for you.

Jobs That Allow You to Travel

These are the kind of jobs that give you the freedom to work from any location in the world. What I mean is that you can work from any place you wish, since the work can be done from a remote location and it is not limiting.

The types of jobs that allow you to travel include:

10. Freelance Writer

Freelancing is slowly taking over the world, and it’s not limited to writing alone. Many people are turning towards a freelancing career because of the opportunities it has to offer, one of which is the fact that you can work from anywhere in the world.

Pros: If you love to travel, then writing would be an excellent career, because no matter where you are, all you need to do is log on to your computer and start to work. It doesn’t matter how far away you are from your home, as long as you have an internet connection, you can deliver work to your clients.

Requirements: It, however, requires you to be very creative, good at the services you offer, and you must also be extremely disciplined in order to deliver the work needed on time to the client. You should also be a good communicator.

Good to Know: Asides writing, there are many other freelancing jobs such as graphic design, web development, proofreading, editing, transcriber, etc. Whichever one you choose, ensure it is best-suited to your skills.

11. English Teacher

For this job, you can be either a traveler or a home-based teacher. It is one of the jobs that let you travel if you want.

Requirements: There are many online English teaching jobs and all you would need to be accepted is a bachelor’s degree in English or some other certification in English.

Countries like China have specific platforms such as DaDaABC and VIPKID that allows teachers to work with their students without ever leaving their homes. You only interact online and offer the skills required for them to read, understand, and speak English.

Good to Know: These companies are extremely efficient, and they will create a lesson plan for your course, and in addition, they will find you well-paying students.

If you decide to travel to these countries and teach from there, there are companies responsible for this too, and they will set you up with housing, and the location in which you will be teaching from. They will also connect you to the students that require your services.

Pros: This job has excellent benefits and perks that anyone interested will get to enjoy, and in addition, it comes with opportunities for doing private tutoring which can get you some very good money.

You must be an excellent communicator, patient and have great interpersonal skills in order to do the job effectively. The ability to speak a foreign language such as French, Spanish, Chinese or any other language is an added advantage.

Final Thoughts

There are many other jobs that allow you to travel, which we have not been able to review. We will list a few of them below;

  • Consultant
  • Travel agent
  • Customer service assistant
  • Telemedicine
  • Engineer
  • Scuba-diving instructor
  • Masseuse

Now that you have seen some of the available jobs for travelers, take time to explore. Consider the skills you possess and choose a job that you qualify for and that will make you happy.


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