Updated January 18, 2024

CreationsRewards Review 2024: Is This Survey Site Legit or a Scam?

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There are a number of websites offering money for taking surveys, but you can’t always tell which ones are legit.
We’ve taken the time to use many of the top survey sites and compare their pros and cons. This CreationsRewards review will cover everything new users need to know before creating an account.

Even among safe survey sites, most don’t offer enough rewards to be worth your time. The best platforms give you the opportunity to earn passive income on top of your regular paycheck. They also offer a variety of additional features that separate them from other websites.

So let’s dive into this CreationsRewards review and help you determine if this is the right survey platform for you.

CreationsRewards Review: What Is CreationsRewards?

Like many other sites, CreationsRewards gives you cash for the time you spend taking surveys. It’s free to sign up; CreationsRewards makes its money from collecting audience data and performing market research for clients in various industries.

While completing surveys isn’t a realistic career, it can be a surprisingly effective way to earn some extra cash.

CreationsRewards is one of the most popular survey sites, and it has a good reputation compared to other platforms. Your data is completely safe with CreationsRewards, and your responses are used only to form statistics.

While it isn’t a perfect website, it’s entirely legitimate and a reliable way to earn a few extra bucks here and there.

CreationsRewards Review: How Does It Work?

Signing Up

The CreationsRewards sign-up process is similar to those of most other survey sites. The website asks you to enter your email address and country along with a password. That’s all it takes to create an account, and registration is completely free.

After signing up, you’ll need to confirm your account via email to start taking surveys.

CreationsRewards Dashboard
The CreationsRewards dashboard offers several ways to earn rewards.

Taking Surveys

You can begin earning rewards once you create and verify your new account. Surveys are displayed under “Take Surveys” within the “Earn Points” category. From there, you can view all surveys you could qualify for. The surveys are hosted by a number of providers.

While the point count is clearly displayed next to each survey, there’s no estimate of how long the survey will take. Completion times are unpredictable, so it’s hard to tell which surveys are worth taking.

CreationsRewards uses short screener questionnaires to determine whether you qualify for the longer survey. There’s no way to pre-guess the surveys you’ll qualify for, and you won’t receive rewards if you don’t qualify. That said, you’ll qualify for at least some surveys if you answer thoughtfully and attempt surveys consistently.

Survey availability can fluctuate throughout the year, but CreationsRewards appears to offer a higher volume of surveys than most other sites. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding as many surveys as you want to take. You can take each provider’s survey only once per day, so remember to check the website daily.

Earning Rewards

CreationsRewards tells you how many points you’ll earn with each survey, and you’ll receive rewards within 24 hours. Points don’t exactly match up to dollars, but most rewards work out to roughly $1 per 200 points. A $5 Amazon gift card, for example, is currently 1,000 points, while a $10 Starbucks card costs 2,200. 1,000 points is currently the smallest quantity you can redeem.

Current rewards include gift cards to Amazon and Starbucks along with Target, PayPal Cash, and Walmart. PayPal gives you the ability to effectively redeem your points for cash. Keep in mind that cash is priced slightly higher than some gift cards — a $5 PayPal cash card costs 1,020, rather than 1,000.

In addition to taking surveys, CreationsRewards gives you a number of other ways to earn points. You can watch videos on a variety of topics, allowing you to make money with even less effort than answering questions. This is also convenient when you grow tired of finishing surveys and want another option.

It’s worth noting that CreationsRewards is currently offering a $5 bonus once you earn 5,000 points in your first 60 days with the platform.

CreationsRewards Videos
If you want to take a break from completing surveys, you can watch videos for rewards.

Mobile Apps

A number of mobile app developers offer CreationsRewards points to members who use their apps on their phones. For example, you can currently earn 23 points by signing up for Zynga Poker and reaching Level 6. This isn’t a great payout if you aren’t interested in the app. On the other hand, you could make money for downloading an app you wanted anyway. Check the listings to see if you’re interested in any offers.

Outside Opportunities

Furthermore, CreationsRewards can direct you to other websites that need more user input. These are some of the most lucrative opportunities on the website, with payouts of up to nearly 3,000 points. If you’re interested in walking dogs, for example, CreationsRewards will give you 2,925 points for creating a Wag! account and finishing your first walk.

CreationsRewards OfferWalls
The OfferWalls give you many additional opportunities to earn rewards.

Shopping With Partners

Like some other survey sites, CreationsRewards offers points whenever you shop with certain brands. You can currently earn 2 percent cash back on purchases made at Walmart or JC Penney. The website also partners with a variety of other popular brands to provide cash back at different rates.


Finally, CreationsRewards provides one of the most powerful referral programs of any survey site. You earn 10 percent of the earnings of all your referrals, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Only some websites offer referral benefits at all, and they’re generally smaller than the rewards for taking surveys. If you refer at least 10 people to CreationsRewards, you could earn more from referrals than from taking surveys.

CreationsRewards Referrals
CreationsRewards will award you for referring friends to the site.

CreationsRewards Review: Is CreationsRewards Legit?

CreationsRewards is a reliable survey site, and it comes with a number of noteworthy features that set it apart. If you’re looking for an easy way to make passive income, this is a great way to start.

These are a few of our favorite things about the platform that we uncovered while working on this CreationsRewards review.

International Support

A surprising number of survey sites are open only to Americans. CreationsRewards doesn’t offer as much international support as some survey sites, but it’s also open to users in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Keep in mind that survey availability can vary widely depending on your location and profile information.

You need to be at least 18 years old to create an account.

CreationsRewards Surveys
CreationsRewards offers more survey opportunities than the average platform.

Sign-up Bonus

$5 is a significant bonus for any survey site, and it’s a great incentive to sign up for CreationsRewards. It might not sound like much, but it will put you that much closer to redeeming your next reward.

You need to earn at least 5,000 points in your first 60 days to take advantage of this bonus. Don’t forget to take surveys regularly so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Unfortunately, this offer is available only to new users.

Payout Options

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having a convenient way to redeem your rewards, and CreationsRewards gives you a few choices.

You can get a gift card to one of many popular brands or simply withdraw your points as cash. Payout rates are relatively consistent from one method to another.

Digital payouts also lead to a much quicker turnaround, so you won’t have to wait to receive rewards. These features add up to a streamlined experience, especially compared to more complicated websites.

Different Ways to Earn

Rather than limiting you to surveys alone, CreationsRewards enables you to earn points in other ways. Some of these offer significantly more money than surveys, although they also tend to take more time. The website’s range of options makes it more enjoyable to use than most competitors.

Shopping is the easiest way to generate points with CreationsRewards. Simply check the website before making a purchase to see if you could earn any rewards. You can earn money for buying something you were already interested in.

Daily Bonuses

CreationsRewards is one of only a few survey sites to offer a daily bonus. You’ll earn bonus points whenever you hit the goal for that day. For example, the current daily bonuses are 8 and 21 points once you reach 75 and 218 points, respectively.

Daily bonuses probably won’t add up to much on their own, but they’ll make a difference in your overall rewards. Combined with the options described in the previous section, you’ll find it easy to earn points every day. Remember to check the daily bonus and see how many points you need that day.

Referral Benefits

CreationsRewards’ referral program is one of its best advantages, and you can earn a lot of money by referring new users. Copy your referral link from the “Refer Friends” section under “Earn Points.” Anyone who signs up using that link will be considered a referral.

Referral rewards are completely unlimited, so you’ll make more money anytime you introduce a new user to CreationsRewards. If you have a large network, you could earn tens of dollars per week from referrals alone.

Mobile Apps

CreationsRewards now offers mobile apps on both iOS and Android to help you earn even more rewards. Every opportunity that’s available on the website is just as accessible on a mobile device.

It’s often much more convenient to take surveys and watch videos on your phone. Unfortunately, most survey platforms are available only through a website. A mobile app makes it significantly easier to take surveys during your free time throughout the day.

Games and Apps
CreationsRewards also lets you earn rewards for playing games on your phone.


It’s easy to get stuck while taking surveys, and CreationsRewards offers a number of resources to keep you on track. Your first step should be the website tour, which introduces you to its basic functions.

If you’re still having trouble, click the “Help” button in the lower-right corner. This allows you to search for answers to common questions and reach out for further support. You can send a support message in just a few minutes using the template on the website.

CreationsRewards Review: Is CreationsRewards a Scam?

CreationsRewards isn’t a scam, but it’s also not the perfect way to make money. Everyone’s experience is different, but there are a few issues worth mentioning.

You should be aware of these issues that we found when writing our CreationsRewards review.

Confusing Payouts

The website displays exactly how many points you’ll earn with each offer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t clarify how long that offer will take to complete. This makes it impossible to compare different options or determine how much you could earn for your time.

Offers with more rewards typically take longer, but there’s no way to predict how much time you’ll need. Most other sites give you an estimated time along with the available rewards. This helps you identify the offers that are most worth your time.

Bonus Requirements

The CreationsRewards $5 bonus is a good opportunity, but it’s easy to miss out by not earning enough points. You need to make at least 5,000 points in your first 60 days, and this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Most surveys offer around 100 points, meaning that you would need to take 50 to get to 5,000. You’ll reach that number more quickly if you use the website’s cash-back deals or third-party opportunities. Otherwise, you’ll have to take a survey nearly every day just to earn an extra $5.

Limited Rewards

Low payouts are an issue with nearly every survey site, but they’re still worth considering before signing up. Even if you take surveys consistently, you probably won’t earn more than $5 or $10 per week.

This is more than you would earn if you replaced this time with something that doesn’t earn money at all, but you could use your time more effectively if you’re serious about earning passive income. People with more than a few extra hours per week should look into more profitable time investments.

Reward Redemption
You can redeem your rewards for gift cards and PayPal Cash.

Screener Surveys

The vast majority of survey sites use screener surveys, although some use your personal information to pre-qualify you for surveys. Most websites with screener surveys provide at least some reward after you’ve been screened out.

CreationsRewards doesn’t offer any screener rewards, which can make this process feel like a waste of time. It’s especially frustrating to be screened out of several surveys in a row without earning anything.

CreationsRewards Review: The Bottom Line

CreationsRewards is a great way to earn extra cash, and its variety of opportunities give you even more chances to make money. You can earn points on your computer, tablet, or mobile device using the website or app. The website allows you to redeem your rewards for as little as $5.

On the other hand, it also comes with a few drawbacks relative to other sites. Screener surveys are a frustrating way to spend your time, and CreationsRewards doesn’t offer much cash per hour. Don’t expect to earn a significant income by taking surveys or completing other offers.

All things considered, CreationsRewards is fine if you want to earn a couple of bucks while wasting time on your phone. You’ll make a few extra dollars per week if you check the website or app consistently. Create an account today to start earning points and making progress toward your first reward along with the sign-up bonus!


Alex McOmie

Alex McOmie is a freelance writer for Money Done Right. He joined the Money Done Right editorial team in summer 2019. Learn more about Alex.

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Dennis Green
Dennis Green
3 years ago

I think it is one of the worst time wasters I have ever had if you don’t want to waste your time like I did I recommend you to stay away from this site they always take away your points and the rewards you claim never arrive.
Fake claims the site is a scam and a big one! imagine 1000 people and each one of them charging 10$ in a week is a good sum for the owner of the site who never pays.