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E-Poll Review 2024: Is This Survey Site Legit or a Scam?

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E-Poll is a popular survey platform that offers rewards in the form of a gift card or cash. This E-Poll review will cover the website’s most important features along with its pros and cons. We’ll also explain how to use the site and earn points.

Taking surveys for money may sound like a scam, but it’s actually an effective way to earn some extra cash. You can make a surprising amount of money simply by completing surveys in your free time.

That said, it can be hard to tell which survey sites are legitimate and which you should avoid. Some of these platforms are either elaborate scams or pay out so little money that they aren’t worth your time. It’s important to find a site that offers decent rewards and has a good reputation.

So let’s dive into this E-Poll review and find out if it fits your needs.

E-Poll Review: How Does It Work?

E-Poll uses a similar model to many other sites that offer money to users that take surveys. It’s free to sign up. E-Poll makes its money from brands that need the market data its members supply. Since E-Poll works with a variety of clients, there are often opportunities for you to take surveys for extra cash.

E-Poll is a well-known survey site with a long history of reputability. You can trust E-Poll to protect your personal information and take all relevant security measures. Taking surveys isn’t going to replace your primary source of income, but it could be a decent supplement to your paycheck.

Signing Up

Creating an E-Poll account is as simple as following its three-step process. Start filling out the sign-up form by entering your email address, age, and location. The website currently accepts users born as late as 2010. From there, E-Poll will ask for further information including your name, gender, race, income, and more. Make sure to answer each question accurately to qualify for as many surveys as possible.

Once you finish entering your information, you’ll need to verify your account through the confirmation email. Remember to check your spam folder and set future E-Poll emails to arrive in your inbox. You can start taking surveys and earning points as soon as you’re done with the sign-up process.

E-Poll Signup
Signing up for E-Poll is simple and straightforward.

Taking Surveys

The first survey you take after creating an account offers 250 points to help you get started. After that, E-Poll will send you an email whenever you could qualify for a new survey. Most surveys offer between roughly 500 and 1,000 points, although some provide more or less.

In contrast to some other survey platforms, E-Poll doesn’t display any surveys on the website. Receiving email invitations is the only way to find new surveys. Invitations show how many points you’ll earn, but there’s no way to tell how long the survey will take. In general, you should expect to finish each survey in about five to 15 minutes.

E-Poll uses your profile information to match you with new surveys, so you should double check that your profile is complete if you’re having trouble qualifying for enough offers. Survey volume can change dramatically, so don’t count on consistent invitations. You might receive several invitations in a week after not getting any the week before.

Each offer starts with a short screener questionnaire to determine whether you qualify for the entire survey. You won’t know if you’re qualified until answering these questions, and you won’t earn rewards if you’re screened out.

Earning Rewards

You can use the points you earn taking surveys to withdraw a variety of rewards. E-Poll offers gift cards to a number of popular brands like PayPal, Starbucks, Amazon, and more. PayPal allows you to redeem your points for cash, making it the most flexible option.

Points don’t translate evenly into dollars, so you might have trouble understanding just how much you’re earning. A $5 Amazon card, for example, currently costs 3,750 points, rather than 500 or 5,000. Rewards get more affordable as you redeem higher quantities — $10 cards are just 7,250 points.

Most options are available for as little as $5, but the minimum redemption for PayPal is $10. At an average of 500 points per survey, you would need to take 15 surveys just to earn $10 in PayPal rewards.

Each survey you take also gives you an additional entry in a monthly drawing for $1,000.

You can view the points you’ve earned for each survey along with your total balance in the Activity Summary. Rewards can take as long as two months to process, so don’t expect funds to transfer overnight. Keep in mind that some methods may work more quickly than others.

Some users report having points deducted from their account for inactivity, so make sure to log in regularly and respond to as many invitations as possible. Even a small loss could make you spend much more time earning your next reward. It can be extremely discouraging to lose the points you’ve already earned because you missed a survey.

Your first E-Poll survey will reward you with 250 points.

E-Poll Review: Is E-Poll Legit?

E-Poll is a legit and reliable survey site, and it also provides several unique benefits. If you’re looking for a way to earn some side money, E-Poll is a great place to start. These are a few of the best reasons to consider it over the alternatives that we found when writing this E-Poll review.

International Support

E-Poll doesn’t clarify the specifics of its international support, but users outside of the U.S. can create an account. This makes it more accessible than many survey platforms which are available only in the United States.

Survey availability may be limited for users who aren’t in the U.S., so consider switching sites if you don’t find many surveys on E-Poll. No matter where you are, there’s no way to predict how your survey frequency will change over time.

Cash Payouts

Some survey sites allow you to redeem rewards only in the form of gift cards. E-Poll gives you the option to withdraw either gift cards or PayPal credit. You can connect PayPal to your bank account to deposit that money directly into checking or savings.

You can always redeem for a gift card if you have something in mind, but you can’t go wrong by withdrawing cash. Furthermore, E-Poll offers the same value no matter how you choose to redeem rewards. You’ll pay 7,250 points for $10 regardless of whether you want cash or a gift card.


Taking surveys isn’t exactly work, but you still want to make the most of your time. E-Poll’s email invitations display exactly how many points you’ll earn from each offer. Since you need 7,250 points to redeem $10 in rewards, it’s easy to calculate how much you could make.

If the average 10-minute survey provides 500 points, for example, you’re earning 3,000 points per hour. This works out to roughly $4 per hour. Seeing how many points you’ll earn also helps you avoid surveys that don’t offer enough rewards.


Many survey sites started in the last few years, giving them an uncertain reputation. E-Poll’s parent company has been around for over 20 years and has a long history of reputability.

With that in mind, skeptical users are more likely to trust E-Poll than many other popular survey platforms. Your answers are  used only to form statistics, so they won’t be associated with you individually. E-Poll won’t share or sell your information without your consent.


Most people will earn only a few extra dollars through E-Poll each month. That said, it offers the potential for more money if you happen to win the monthly draw. E-Poll gives 50 winners $20 each, and you can gain more entries simply by continuing to take surveys.

The odds of winning the raffle are relatively low, but it’s still something to look forward to as you spend time answering questions. Taking surveys for nothing more than a couple dollars per hour can get discouraging quickly.


The majority of survey websites are open only to users over 18. While this represents most people interested in taking surveys, it’s also an underrated option for kids in middle or high school who want to earn some extra cash but don’t have enough time for a job.

Right now, E-Poll allows folks who were born in 2010 to sign up. That means even 9-year-olds can participate in surveys.

If you’re looking for a way to make money, consider signing up for an account with E-Poll. You can take surveys as often or as rarely as you like, and you can withdraw points as a gift card if you don’t have your own bank account. E-Poll is incredibly easy to learn for users of all ages.

Unique Offers

Every survey site offers unpredictable opportunities, but E-Poll occasionally provides relatively lucrative surveys. You could receive invitations for offers of up to 2,500 points, nearly enough to redeem a reward immediately.

These surveys are less common than those that pay just a few hundred points, so make sure to check your email regularly and respond to the best offers quickly. The subject line will specify is an offer will only be available for a limited time.

E-Poll Review: Is E-Poll a Scam?

E-Poll is a trusted and worthwhile survey site, but it’s also far from perfect. You should consider these drawbacks before creating an account and spending time taking surveys.

No Time Estimate

Although E-Poll tells you how many points you’ll earn from each survey, it doesn’t specify how long these surveys take. This makes it difficult to determine which offers are a good deal and which are worth avoiding.

Rewards are generally based on the length of the survey, so you should expect surveys with more points to take longer. On the other hand, this isn’t always the case, and survey times can be highly unpredictable. You should set aside at least 15 minutes for each new survey.

Screener Surveys

E-Poll isn’t the only website to use screener surveys, but they’re still a frustrating element of the survey experience. Screeners are designed to filter users out if they don’t match the survey’s criteria for demographics, income, and more.

While most survey sites have screeners, some ask for more detailed information upfront to avoid the use of screening surveys. This helps you save time by avoiding surveys you aren’t qualified for. E-Poll doesn’t provide a reward if you’re screened out, so the time you spend taking screeners is essentially wasted. There’s no way to determine in advance whether you’ll qualify for a survey.

E-Poll Dashboard
Unlike some other survey sites, with E-Poll you must wait for an email invitation to take a survey.

No Mobile App

Unlike many survey sites, E-Poll doesn’t offer a mobile app for either iOS or Android devices. Without an app, you’ll likely take most surveys on a laptop or desktop. It’s often much more convenient to answer questions while you’re on your phone.

If you know you’d rather take surveys on the go, you should consider registering for another survey site. On the other hand, you can still take surveys on your phone with E-Poll through the website. Unfortunately, the mobile experience is much less intuitive than the E-Poll website.

Low Payouts

While you can earn a decent amount of money by taking surveys with E-Poll, you should expect to make more than a little extra cash. You probably won’t earn more than about $5 or $10 per week even if you respond to every invitation you receive.

Given the relatively limited payouts, you should avoid spending more than an hour or two per week on surveys. If you have more free time, consider investing it in a more lucrative and sustainable opportunity. There are a variety of easy ways to earn passive income around your existing schedule.

E-Poll FAQ
E-Poll’s FAQ page should answer most of your pressing questions.

Point Deductions

E-Poll is one of the only sites that actually removes points from your account. You could receive a deduction if you fail to respond to enough survey invitations. Most people don’t think of surveys as a priority, so it’s easy to forget about them and suddenly have fewer points in your account.

This practice is clearly anti-consumer and designed to make you take more surveys simply to protect the points you already have. It’s probably the best reason to consider switching away from E-Poll to another survey website.

Payment Processing Times

Different rewards options may process more quickly, but users report receiving rewards after as long as two months. Many sites process rewards within a week or even on the same day. Waiting this long for rewards is a major inconvenience compared to most other survey platforms.

Of course, waiting longer for your money doesn’t actually impact your earnings. You shouldn’t worry about this if you’re OK with getting your rewards a month or two later. Don’t forget to check your account to make sure you received the money you earned.

E-Poll Review: The Bottom Line

Survey sites aren’t going to replace your income, but E-Poll offers enough features to differentiate itself from most other platforms. Create an E-Poll account today if you’re interested in earning some additional cash.


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