Updated March 18, 2024

PointClub Review 2024: Is This Survey Site Legit or a Scam?

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This PointClub review will explain everything new members need to know before signing up for this popular survey site. We’ll also cover how to use the website and earn even more rewards.

Survey sites are an easy way to make a few bucks, and there are a variety of popular platforms. Each website offers a unique set of features along with some drawbacks relative to the competition.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your points add up when you’re taking surveys regularly.

So let’s dive into this PointClub review and find out what’s up.

PointClub Review: What Is PointClub?

Like many other survey sites, PointClub offers a small amount of money in exchange for taking surveys. The site receives payment from a large number of clients representing a variety of industries.

Survey websites won’t replace your income, but they can add a little extra money to your paycheck. You can create an account in just a few minutes to begin earning points.

PointClub Review: How Does It Work?

PointClub is easy to use, and it works similarly to most alternatives. These steps will help you through the process of creating an account, taking surveys, and earning rewards. Check out the Help Center if you run into any issues while using the website.

Signing Up

Creating a PointClub account is as simple as entering your name and email address along with a password. The site also allows you to sign up by connecting to Facebook or Google, if you prefer.

After starting the sign-up process, PointClub will ask you for some additional information to begin matching you with the right surveys. These questions are standard across all survey sites, and they’re an important step toward earning rewards.

PointClub offers a 1,000-point sign-up bonus after you create an account and finish the training surveys. There’s never been a better time to sign up for PointClub and begin taking surveys for money.

The website is currently limited to users above 18, although it’s available outside of the United States. That said, most PointClub surveys target American users, so you may have trouble finding surveys if you’re not from the U.S.

PointClub Review - Signup
Signing up for PointClub is relatively simple and straightforward.

Taking Surveys

PointClub offers a surprisingly large number of surveys compared to most other survey sites. You can view available surveys from the website at any time. New surveys are released periodically, so make sure to check PointClub regularly for the latest offers.

The website displays the available rewards along with the estimated time for each survey. This feature helps you compare different offers and make the most of your time. You can also avoid starting a survey you don’t have time to finish.

Keep in mind that PointClub offers only estimated times. While they’re generally fairly accurate, you may take more or less time than the website claims.

Like most other sites, PointClub uses screener surveys to determine whether you’re qualified for the entire survey. Screener surveys can be frustrating, and it’s easy to feel like you’re wasting your time. Fortunately, PointClub offers a small reward of 12 points for each of the first five surveys you’re screened out of each day.

Some PointClub surveys offer more rewards than usual, so keep your eyes open for uniquely lucrative offers. Make sure to pay attention during every survey — the website may flag your account if it notices anything irregular.

Earning Rewards

PointClub offers points for each survey you take, and you need 1,000 points to earn one dollar. Keep this ratio in mind to determine how much you can earn with a given survey.

After you finish a survey, your points are verified by the survey’s originator. This process ensures that you provided honest, thoughtful responses. These points are listed as pending until they receive approval, at which point they automatically become available.

PointClub doesn’t oversee the approval process, so turnaround times can be somewhat unpredictable. The website states that rewards can take as long as four to six weeks to post to your account. Contact PointClub support if you wait more than six weeks for points to process.

You can redeem your points for rewards once you accumulate at least 25,000 points. PointClub allows you to withdraw points as either a gift card or cash. Cash payments are processed via PayPal and should be transferred within ten business days. Gift cards take about the same amount of time, and PointClub sends them to the email address you signed up with.

Remember that you’ll earn an extra 1,000 points after creating an account and completing your profile.

Furthermore, PointClub runs daily drawings for points that are open to all members. You can earn an entry by copying the raffle code from Facebook, pasting it into the DailySweeps Shoutbox, and liking the original post. Check back the next day to see if you won the raffle.

PointClub Review - PointBank
The rewards you earn are “kept” in the PointBank until redemption.

PointClub Review: Is PointClub Legit?

PointClub is a reputable website with reliable practices, and you can trust the site to pay out rewards on time. Furthermore, the site offers several key features that make it unique among survey platforms. These are a few of the top benefits of PointClub that we discovered while working on this PointClub review.

Support Options

Joining a new survey site is often confusing, and PointClub offers great tools to help you get used to the platform. Check out PointClub’s support tools if you have problems with any part of the website.

The site’s help center provides answers to common user questions and troubleshooting issues. You’ll be able to find a response for most questions and concerns.

PointClub also advertises immediate assistance through their dedicated support email address. You can send a message at any time if you’re dealing with something that the help center doesn’t cover. Most platforms don’t offer support at all, and it’s easy to get stuck navigating a survey website.

PointClub Review - Guide Book
PointClub’s “manual” is in the form of an adventure guide book. Unfortunately, there’s no search function.

Sign-up Bonus

A 1,000-point bonus might not sound like much, but it makes you feel like you’re ahead before you really get started. It will help you earn your first reward more quickly and feel like you’re making progress.

Only a few survey sites offer sign-up bonuses, so this is a helpful perk that makes the platform a more attractive option. You’ll be that much closer to reaching the website’s 25,000 minimum required for redemption.

Daily Streaks

Daily streaks are one of PointClub’s most unique features, allowing you to earn even more rewards. They also provide an incentive to take surveys every day in order to maximize your rewards.

Your daily streak increases each consecutive day you log in and access your dashboard. On the other hand, you’ll lose some benefits if you break the streak.

Once you maximize your daily streak perks, you’ll earn twice as many points for each survey you take. PointClub also provides reward points for certain milestones, going beyond nearly every other survey site.

Survey Rockets
Survey Rockets promise greater-than-usual rewards.

Payment Options

Rather than limiting you to gift cards or products, PointClub gives you options when redeeming rewards. You can withdraw points as a gift card or cash for the same value.

Some survey websites offer different exchange rates for different rewards to encourage you to choose gift cards. PointClub provides more choices for maximum flexibility when using your points.

Mobile Optimization

While PointClub doesn’t provide a mobile app, the website is easy to use on any device. It’s optimized for both computers and smartphones along with tablets and other options.

Taking surveys on your phone or tablet is often much more convenient than answering questions on a computer. Having the option to earn points with any device adds substantial flexibility to the process.

Growing International Support

Although many surveys target American members, PointClub also offers an increasing number of surveys for international users. You might find even more surveys since the website is less well-known outside of the United States.

Never attempt to lie about your location, even if you’re having trouble qualifying for enough surveys. PointClub will likely suspend your account and prevent you from earning any further rewards.

Clear Rewards

PointClub clearly displays the rewards available with each survey to help you identify the best offers. Other survey sites are less transparent, leading you to take surveys that don’t pay out enough rewards.

You can use your time more efficiently by looking carefully for the most lucrative options. Remember to monitor the time you spend on each survey to make sure it matches PointClub’s estimated time. If you’re taking more than the expected time to complete each survey, you may not be earning as many points per hour as you think.

PointClub also provides offers for other survey platforms and services.


Privacy and security are two of the top concerns for survey takers, and PointClub does everything possible to protect your data. Its privacy policy states that the website will never share your data without your consent.

While PointClub may ask you to share personal information during surveys, this is only used to form statistics. In other words, your answers will appear as a percentage or similar number rather than being associated with you.

PointClub Review: Is PointClub a Scam?

It’s clear that PointClub is a legitimate website, but you may be wondering about any problems. While most users have positive feedback, there are a few common concerns that affect the platform’s value. These are some of the issues that we uncovered while writing this PointClub review.

Point Verification Process

With PointClub, your points need to be verified by a third party before being transferred to your account. This process shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, but transfer times can vary widely for different users. You might also have to wait longer after taking surveys from certain providers.

Verification significantly increases the turnaround time on rewards and adds another variable to the redemption process. It’s one more thing that could go wrong and prevent you from receiving rewards quickly.

High Minimum Payouts

Another frustrating delay associated with PointClub is the site’s high minimum threshold for redemption. You need to accumulate 25,000 points, or $25, before withdrawing them for either gift cards or cash. You may have to take numerous surveys in order to reach this goal.

Taking surveys is all about earning rewards, and it’s easy to give up if the process is taking too long. PointClub’s minimum is much higher than that of most other sites. Look for alternative platforms if you’re interested in a website that allows you to withdraw smaller rewards.

Media Lab
If you feel like watching videos and giving your opinion, there’s the Media Lab. However, this takes up a lot of time for not a lot of rewards.

Limited International Surveys

Although PointClub is moving toward a more international model, it’s clearly currently designed for American users. The vast majority of surveys target Americans, and it’s impossible to predict whether members outside the U.S. will find enough surveys.

There’s no fee or risk involved in signing up, so create an account and look for available surveys. If there aren’t enough, consider signing up for a survey site with a broader audience. Many platforms offer a large number of surveys for users in a variety of countries around the world.

Similarly, PointClub is open only to users who are at least 18 years old. While this represents most of the website’s target audience, minors won’t be able to create an account. Surveys are an easy way for teenagers to make money, and other platforms are open to younger users.

Unreliable Time Estimates

Every user’s experience is different, but some people report taking more time than expected to complete surveys. This cuts into your earnings and makes you think you’re earning more than you actually are.

With that in mind, you should always keep track of your own time when taking surveys with PointClub. Otherwise, it’s impossible to tell whether you’re actually earning as much money as you assume.

Cap on Screener Benefits

As mentioned above, PointClub gives you 12 points when you’re screened out of a survey. This is better than nothing, but keep in mind that it’s barely more than one cent. You would have to be screened out of more than 80 surveys just to earn a single dollar.

Furthermore, screener benefits are limited to the first five times you’re screened out each day. In other words, you can only earn up to six cents per day from screener rewards. This information makes a perk look somewhat irrelevant, especially considering that screeners pay much less for your time than full-length surveys.

Limited Rewards

Earning money for taking surveys sounds great, but you won’t make enough to significantly change your financial situation. Users are often disappointed when they sign up and expect to earn tens or even hundreds of dollars per month.

Even if you take surveys every day, you shouldn’t expect more than a little extra cash. Temper your expectations before creating an account and spending your time on surveys.

PointClub and similar sites generally pay substantially less than minimum wage. This isn’t an issue if you’re only taking a few surveys per month, but it means that you shouldn’t spend more than an hour or two of your week taking surveys. If you find yourself with more time, consider putting it toward a more sustainable source of income.

PointClub Review: The Bottom Line

PointClub isn’t perfect, but it’s a well-rounded survey site with a number of unique benefits. There’s a lot to like about the website compared to other survey platforms as well as other ways to earn passive income.

That said, you should be aware of the issues you may experience while using PointClub. These are especially important to consider if you live outside of the United States. You might also prefer to avoid a site that takes weeks or even months to post rewards to your account.

All things considered, PointClub is a decent tool for anyone interested in taking surveys. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll be able to redeem your first reward. Remember to sign in every day to increase your daily streak and earn even more points from surveys.


Alex McOmie

Alex McOmie is a freelance writer for Money Done Right. He joined the Money Done Right editorial team in summer 2019. Learn more about Alex.

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1 year ago

This site used to be great. I earned well and the best part was being paid 12 points for a failure 5 times a day. £15 a year for doing very little, sweet.

Then they updated the site. I still had a few surveys on my feed but if I completed any I was simply ‘awarded’ 12 points. Hm… I complained and they blamed me. After many emails they admitted other people were having the same issues.

A few weeks later surveys started to appear again, but if I selected any it immediately bombed and awarded me 12 points. Ah well, whatever, I’ll take the 4p a day and move on; Pointclub clearly don’t give a darn.

Then of course, the surveys dried up again. Support says my account is fine and that there are no surveys that match my profile. Seriously? Immediately after the site update my feed crashed from 60+ surveys to NONE?

If you live in the UK avoid at all costs.