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PrizeRebel Review 2024: Is This Survey Site Legit or a Scam?

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PrizeRebel is a popular GPT, or “Get Paid To,” site that offers to pay you for answering survey questions. But is it worth your time? Or is PrizeRebel a scam? We’ll answer those – and other questions – in this PrizeRebel review.

You’ve certainly heard of GPT survey sites by now. The most popular one is probably Swagbucks, which has more than 20 million members.

PrizeRebel is a good bit smaller, with fewer than half that number of survey takers. But it’s become a fan favorite, claiming to pay out more than $1,000 in rewards per day.

Furthermore, it provides a range of convenient features that separate it from similar platforms.

Keep reading this PrizeRebel review as we go through the application’s key features and explain why it’s worth your time. If you like what you see, you can sign up for an account today to begin making progress toward your first rewards.

PrizeRebel Review: History

PrizeRebel was founded in 2007, and it has since become one of the best-known survey sites. The platform has paid out $19 million in rewards to a community of more than 9 million people.

PrizeRebel is a reputable and reliable option for anyone interested in taking surveys for money. You can trust the website to protect your security, privacy, and anonymity.

PrizeRebel Review: How Does It Work?

Like other survey platforms, PrizeRebel gives you the opportunity to earn money by answering questions. It’s one of the oldest online survey platforms, and it’s convenient to use on any device. You’ll be able to view and take surveys no matter where you are.

Signing Up

You can create a PrizeRebel account in just a few seconds by entering your name, email address, and password. New users can also sign up with Facebook. The website will then ask you to verify your email or Facebook account.

Signing up for PrizeRebel is completely free, and you can earn rewards immediately after creating an account. This is one of the quickest ways to start making passive income.

Signup Questionnaire
You’ll be asked for some basic information when signing up for PrizeRebel.

Taking Surveys

After making an account, you’ll be able to view the available surveys and complete short preliminary questionnaires to see if you qualify for the entire survey. You’ll earn rewards only on surveys you qualify for, so try to pick topics you’re interested in.

New users should start by taking PrizeRebel’s profiler surveys covering basic personal information. Profiler survey topics include employment, household, auto, and travel, among others. They’re an easy way to start earning rewards, and they’ll also help you qualify for other surveys.

PrizeRebel uses dollars rather than points, so you’ll know exactly how much money each survey offers.

PrizeRebel displays the dollar value of each survey along with the estimated time to complete it. This makes it easy to budget time for taking surveys and identify the best deals. Note that some surveys don’t provide a reward at all — make sure to check the incentive before starting.

Once you’ve finished the profiler surveys, you’ll begin to receive alert emails when new surveys become available. Earning rewards is as simple as checking your email for surveys — you won’t have to monitor the PrizeRebel website.

Survey Interface
We found PrizeRebel’s survey interface clean and easy to use.

Redeeming Rewards

PrizeRebel allows you to withdraw your earnings on platforms like iTunes or Amazon once you reach $25. Alternatively, you can redeem your points for cash payouts via PayPal.

PrizeRebel’s minimum for redeeming rewards is significantly higher than those of many other survey sites. This makes it less convenient for users who are just trying to earn a few extra dollars.

There are currently more than 500 gift cards available on PrizeRebel, so you won’t have trouble finding a reward you’ll use. That said, it’ll take you some time to accumulate enough points to reach the minimum.

But here’s something that won’t take a long time: receiving your rewards. That’s because PrizeRebel’s payments pay out within 24 hours (and are sometimes nearly instant). That’s unlike some other survey sites, such as American Consumer Opinion, which can take up to 12 weeks to get you your reward.

PrizeRebel Review Rewards
PrizeRebel lets you redeem your rewards for gift card codes with select popular retailers, as well as PayPal cash payments.

PrizeRebel Review: Is PrizeRebel Legit?

The most important question you can ask about a new survey site is whether it’s trustworthy. With so many options out there, it can be tough to determine which platforms are legitimate.

Fortunately, PrizeRebel is a reputable brand with a long history of professionalism. In fact, it’s one of only a handful of survey sites we’ve awarded with an “A” rating.

PrizeRebel Review: Pros

PrizeRebel is just one of countless survey websites, but it does provide some great features that set it apart.

These are some of our favorite things about PrizeRebel and a few of the best reasons to sign up today.

Rewards Flexibility

Joining a survey site is all about earning rewards, and PrizeRebel gives you several convenient payout options. If you want cash, you can redeem your points as PayPal credit — each point is equivalent to one cent.

On the other hand, you can also use points for gift cards to Amazon, Facebook, Steam, and more. You’ll always redeem the same value for the same number of points — there’s no disadvantage to choosing cash.

In addition to redeeming points directly for rewards, you can buy entries in drawings for larger prizes. PrizeRebel runs a weekly lottery called Lucky Numbers, and tickets are available for 20 points each. You could win anything from 35 to 7,500 points, although most users won’t win anything.

Furthermore, PrizeRebel raffles off a new gift card every four days. If you’re interested in the current offer, you can buy a single entry for 10 points. Unlike Lucky Numbers, your raffle odds depend on the number of entrants. If you’re feeling lucky and only a few people buy tickets, you might prefer to enter the raffle than to redeem cash.

If you’re a Bronze or Silver PrizeRebel member, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for your rewards to process. Once you reach Gold, this time decreases to just five minutes, giving you nearly immediate access to your cash or code.

PrizeRebel PayPal
Cash payments via PayPal can be a welcome alternative to gift card codes.

Membership Tiers

Membership tiers are one of PrizeRebel’s most unique features compared to other survey platforms.

New users start out as Bronze members, but you’ll move up through the levels as you take more surveys. You need to reach only 1,000 points to upgrade to a Silver membership. Users in the Silver tier get 25% referral bonuses instead of 20%.

After Silver, you can move up to Gold at 4,500 points, then Platinum and Diamond at 10,000 and 16,000. Gold users have access to automatic prize processing plus a 1% bonus on rewards and 1% discount on prizes. Platinum increases those to 2% each, while Diamond raises them to 3% and offers 30% referral bonuses.

Earning rewards on PrizeRebel is always a lucrative opportunity, but you’ll get even more by upgrading your membership. Most survey sites continue to offer the same features to all users, so membership tiers set PrizeRebel apart.

Low Minimum Redemption

Most survey sites require a certain minimum balance in order to redeem rewards. In some cases, it could take you weeks or even months to earn enough points to withdraw any cash.

PrizeRebel has one of the lowest reward minimums of any survey platform at 200 points. You can redeem 200 points for a $2 gift card to a wide range of retailers. While this doesn’t add anything to your earnings, it helps you feel like you’re making progress.

Referral Bonuses

PrizeRebel is one of many survey platforms to provide valuable referral rewards. As mentioned above, you’ll start to earn even more points for each referral as you upgrade your membership. And unlike with some of its competitors, users can continue to earn rewards when people they referred take surveys.

PrizeRebel’s referral system is also different in that you don’t receive any points up front. Instead, you earn a percentage of that user’s payouts as described in the Membership Tiers section. While it’s less exciting than getting points immediately, this is actually much more lucrative than competing offers.

If you’re a Silver member, for example, you’ll earn a 25% kickback on all referrals. That means you can effectively double your earnings by referring four people who take the same number of surveys. There’s no limit to how much you can earn in referral rewards, so you might even eventually earn enough from referrals to stop taking surveys altogether.

You earn points anytime someone uses your referral code, so members use a range of strategies to get more referrals. In addition to talking to friends and family members, consider posting on social media.

Referrals are clearly the best way to earn significant, sustainable income with PrizeRebel. That said, it takes time and effort to bring in enough referrals to make more than a few dollars per month.

PrizeRebel Weird Question
Sometimes the questions PrizeRebel asks can be quite amusing.

Point Bonuses

Point bonuses are yet another way for users to generate more points on PrizeRebel. The website posts a point goal at the beginning of each day. If you reach that goal by the end of the day, you’ll also earn the listed bonus.

While point bonuses don’t offer as much as referrals, they provide you with one more option for getting points. PrizeRebel gives users more choices than most other platforms when it comes to earning rewards.

Processing Times

Waiting for your rewards to arrive is one of the most frustrating parts about survey sites. Fortunately, PrizeRebel processes rewards much more quickly than most competitors, especially for users in higher tiers.

Even if you’re only a Bronze member, you should still see your reward within 24 hours of requesting it. If you’re Gold or above, you’ll have to wait only up to five minutes. These times are both much lower than standard waiting periods with other survey platforms.

Your money will get there eventually, no matter which site you use. That said, it’s much more satisfying to see it arrive in your account that day or the next. PrizeRebel’s quick processing times are a significant benefit relative to the alternatives.

Multiple Ways to Earn Rewards

Most survey sites offer points only for taking surveys, but PrizeRebel compensates you for a number of other actions. You can earn a lot of money on PrizeRebel even if you aren’t interested in surveys. These options are one of the main reasons so many people choose PrizeRebel.

In addition to taking surveys, for example, you can earn points for testing out new mobile apps. You’ll earn money for trying out applications that haven’t been released. You could even get points for playing games on your phone.

That said, some of these alternatives don’t offer enough rewards to be worth the time. Smores.tv, for example, pays out just 0.55 points (less than one cent) when you watch three videos. Make sure to check the rewards value and estimated time before starting a new survey or offer.

PrizeRebel Review Listing
Each PrizeRebel listing states the estimated time it takes to complete the survey, as well as the point or dollar value.

PrizeRebel Review: Cons

PrizeRebel is a reputable and reliable survey platform, and you can trust it with your information and funds.

That said, there are important concerns worth mentioning. These are a few of the most common reasons we found when writing this PrizeRebel review that made us think you might prefer other services instead.

Low Payouts

While low payouts aren’t unique to PrizeRebel, they’re still something you should be aware of. Some people assume they can earn a significant wage by taking surveys, but that typically isn’t the case. Most surveys offer relatively little in rewards considering how long they take to complete.

Furthermore, it can be tough to find enough surveys to sustain a real income. Brands are always looking for different kinds of information, so survey availability fluctuates dramatically from one week to the next. You shouldn’t be surprised if you go several days or more without qualifying for any surveys.

You’ll have a better time with PrizeRebel if you don’t expect more than a few dollars per week. Complete surveys when you don’t have anything else to do, but don’t worry about earning substantial rewards. If you’re interested in making more money, you should invest your time in a more sustainable source of income.

Varying Payouts

PrizeRebel runs surveys from a number of different providers, and rewards vary from one provider to the next. You might earn significantly more per hour with one survey provider relative to another.

This dynamic further reduces the pool of available surveys, since many surveys simply won’t be worth the time. Many survey platforms offer a relatively stable number of points per hour. Your earnings may be less predictable with PrizeRebel.

Survey Quality Scores

PrizeRebel developed survey quality scores to rate the quality of your responses. This information is used to determine which surveys you can qualify for.

Survey quality scores can be either a benefit or a drawback. You’ll be able to take more surveys if you increase your score, but you’ll miss out on opportunities if it drops.

Keeping your survey quality score above 100 is one of the most beneficial things you can do on PrizeRebel. You’ll earn rewards even more slowly if you only have access to a small percentage of the platform’s surveys.

Fortunately, you should be able to keep your survey quality score up if you pay attention during surveys. PrizeRebel uses obviously incorrect response options to filter out bots and other spammers. This helps the site avoid collecting responses from people who don’t answer honestly.

The platform also checks the time it takes you to complete each survey. If you finish an entire survey in two minutes, for example, your survey quality score may decrease. Spamming PrizeRebel with inaccurate responses won’t help you earn any more money, so pay attention when taking surveys.

Keep in mind that PrizeRebel will decrease your score if you try to complete two surveys simultaneously. The platform is actively looking for people who attempt to circumvent the normal process. You could also be affected if you zone out during a survey.

If your score is already below 100, you may have trouble finding surveys. Make sure to read each question and answer carefully to avoid dropping your score even further. You should qualify for more surveys once you bring it back up to at least 100.

PrizeRebel Review: The Bottom Line

Overall, PrizeRebel is a decent way to make a few dollars here and there. It’s great that payouts can be nearly instantaneous, compared to some other survey site. Plus, the flexible payment options are convenient for members.

However, there’s a drawback you should be aware of before signing up for any survey site: These sites just don’t pay enough money to count as a substantial source of income. If you’re desperate for extra cash, there are plenty of other options.

Still, PrizeRebel can be a fun way to pick up some extra cash.

Find out more about PrizeRebel.


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