Get Paid to Play Video Games
Updated August 13, 2022

Can You Really Get Paid to Play Video Games?

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I was a little suspicious when I heard that people could actually get paid to play video games.

No one would actually pay somebody to literally play video games..would they?

Since when did play become work?

Can You Get Paid to Play Video Games?

So when I heard about this new supposedly lucrative work from home phenomenon, I decide to investigate for myself.

First, I had to get to the bottom of why anyone would want to pay somebody for playing video games.

I soon realized that the answer was simple: the video game industry is both massive in size and in profitability.

This means that video game developers need to come up with the absolute best product, and in order to do so, they need people to play them and provide their honest and unbiased opinion.

Bugs Can Cost Developers Millions

Another reason that video game companies desperately need game testers is because they need to make sure that all bugs are caught before games go to market.

In this day and age where gamers expect the highest quality gaming experience, just one problem or glitch with a game’s play, music, or graphics can mean millions of dollars of revenue lost due to poor initial reviews.

Also, you’d be surprised how often bugs get past programmers.

See, programmers are not necessarily gamers, so they won’t find all the bugs that a gamer will.

A developer would rather pay you $40/hr to play games and find glitches for them than losing millions in revenue due to a glitchy game.

What Kind of Games Can I Test?

Game testers test all games for release on Xbox, Playstation, PC, and other devices.

Genres include sports titles, RTS, FPS, MMPORGS, action, adventure and other genres.

It’s is impossible to tell what games you may test as a game tester because most will be games that haven’t even been released to the public.

Why Isn’t Everybody Doing This?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

So naturally, if developers are really willing to pay people to play video games, why isn’t everybody playing video games for money?

The answer is that these opportunities can’t be found by just anyone.

The biggest agency out there right now is Gaming Jobs Online.

They’ve been around for a while and have several proprietary partnerships with the major developers looking for video game testers.


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