February 17, 2020

29 Lucrative Online Chat Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Do you know you can make money from online chat jobs from the comfort of your home? The best part is, you’ll work at your convenience and still get time for other tasks.

As long as your internet connection is stable, there is a lucrative live chat job you can do from home.

Did You Know? For most online chat jobs, you do not need previous experience. With some little training, you can start making money within the comfort of your home.

Warning: You need to be careful so that you’ll not get scammed into taking a job where you’ll not get paid. To ensure you don’t get scammed when taking up online chat jobs, here are some great tips:

  • Do not share sensitive information: do not share your bank details, social security number or other sensitive details.
  • Do not accept payment if you’ve not worked: you may pay dearly if you agree to this.
  • If the pay is too good to be true, do not take the job as it is most likely a scam.
  • Do not respond to unprofessional emails
  • Do not pay to get an online chat job. Every genuine company will conduct an interview and follow the right recruitment process.
  • Trust your gut: if an inner feeling is telling you to avoid the job, do not take it.

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Here are 29 online chat jobs you can do from home either full time or at your convenience. Some of these online chat jobs will require a certain level of expertise such as teaching. For others, however, you require basic computer knowledge and you are good to go.

1. LiveWorld Chat Agent

      • Basics: A LiveWorld customer service agent is a virtual, part-time, work-from-home or full-time position. The hourly agents perform tasks including social customer service, engagement for marketing purposes, and protecting a brand’s image by supporting a good experience for a brand’s customers in their online venues.
      • Pros: Relaxed corporate culture, good management, reasonable pay rate. You can indicate your own hours of availability. Full-time employees are eligible for benefits.
      • Cons: No vacation, no sick days, no pension, no benefits or insurance for part-time employees, no guaranteed hours, or schedule.
      • Wage:

        $7.50 - $12.00 per hour

      • Requirements:

        All applicants must be fluent in English.

        Language fluency testing and writing samples are a requirement.

        Must be 18 or older.

        2-3 years experience in online moderation or customer service.

        One-year experience working in a Call Center environment.

        Experience using Salesforce and Social Cloud.

        College Degree or equivalent experience preferred.

      • Status:

        Part-Time or Full-Time

    As a LiveWorld chat agent, your responsibilities will be engaging with their clients on current issues. You can choose to work part-time or full-time depending on your availability. You need to have great typing skills to get this job. You will get an hourly rate and if you work full time, you can get benefits such as health insurance.

    2. Apple At-Home Advisor

        • Basics: As the customers’ first point of contact, you’ll be the friendly voice of Apple, answering questions about their products and services and providing world-class customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support. They will rely on you to listen to the customers and use your technical expertise, creativity, and passion to meet their needs — and remind them that behind the great products are amazing people.
        • Pros: Friendly culture, outstanding benefits for part-time work, room to grow, flexible scheduling, stock options, thorough on-boarding process.
        • Cons: Long hours, tedious work, heavy work load during peak hours.
        • Wage:

          $11 - $25 per hour

        • Requirements:

          For non-students applying for these positions, two years of experience in technical troubleshooting (in-person or on the phone) is required. Both students and non-students need experience with the iOS, smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs.

          According to Apple, an At Home Advisor should be "passionate about technology and experienced with computers," have good people skills and be able to work independently.

          Student applicants must be currently enrolled on the campus at which Apple is recruiting and have a 2.7 cumulative GPA.

          A criminal background check is required for all applicants, and for those applying for the chat positions, typing of 40 words per minute is required.

        • Status:

          Student positions are part-time during school sessions (minimum of 16 hours a week) and full-time during breaks and summer.

          Non-students must commit to 20 hours a week with the possibility of more or less depending on needs.

      I know you’ve heard of Apple Technology Company. Well, you can make money from home by responding to their customers’ chats. Though it is not easy to get this job, you can send your application and who knows? You may get the job!

      Good to Know: Here are some of the qualifications you’ll need to get the job

      • Stable network connection
      • A room where you’ll not get distracted when chatting with customers. You can choose one of the rooms at home and convert it into an office.
      • A desk and a chair to work on
      • Great typing speed of 40 words per minute

      Worried that you do not have the knowledge? Apple will train you and equip you for the task ahead.

      3. Amazon Chat Support Agent

          • Basics: A critical part of Amazon’s mission is to deliver timely, accurate and professional customer service to all Amazon customers. This vital position requires an action-oriented, flexible problem-solver who will assist customers in expediting orders and correcting post-sales problems. Associates communicate with customers primarily through mail, chat, and phone and utilize a variety of software tools to navigate customer accounts, research, and review policies and communicate effective solutions in a fun and fast-paced environment.
          • Pros: Overtime pay is available and employees will be eligible for healthcare benefits after 90 days of employment.

            Working at Amazon remotely comes with plenty of perks, including an employee discount. In addition to health insurance, some employees also receive benefits such as retirement planning and paid time off. Parents can also take maternity and paternity leave and receive adoption assistance.
          • Cons: You can only apply or work if you reside in one of the states that qualify.
          • Wage:

            $10 - $15 per hour

          • Requirements:

            A part-time role with an expected 20-to-29-hour workweek.

            Basically, you’ll need to reside in a state that qualifies.

            Technical skills include familiarity with chat services, email programs, Microsoft Office, and the general online shopping experience. General computer experience is always important when you’re working remotely. You’ll also need basic customer service skills, including the ability (and desire!) to do some problem-solving.

          • Status:


        If you fancy the idea of helping Amazon customers solve their needs when shopping, you can apply for this job. The job is only available during the busiest months from September to January. If you get hired, you’ll earn good money from these online chat jobs.

        4. Fiverr Live Chat Gigs

            • Basics: Be a seller on Fiverr and get clients as a live chat operator who will respond to answers and requests posed by customers of all nature through online platforms in websites and online assistance services in real-time. They are available to provide service through chat platforms and have the ability to solve inquiries of clients via written communication merely.
            • Pros: Easy to start and become a seller. Create a Gig. Sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your work to Fiverr’s global audience.

              Get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.
              Working at Amazon remotely comes with plenty of perks, including an employee discount. In addition to health insurance, some employees also receive benefits such as retirement planning and paid time off. Parents can also take maternity and paternity leave and receive adoption assistance.
            • Cons: Difficult to make consistent money. Depending on your seller level, it usually takes 14 days to access your funds. Be aware that your gigs may never take off.
            • Wage:

              With Gig Packages, you set your pricing anywhere from $5 - $995 and offer three versions of your service at three different prices.

            • Requirements:

              It's free to join Fiverr. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services. You keep 80% of each transaction.

            • Status:

              Full-Time or Part-Time

          Fiverr is a great platform where you can post a live chat support gig for as little as $5. A person who needs a live support agent will contact you. If the live chat support job is complex, you can charge a higher price for your services. You can also offer to provide other remote services such as data entry to increase your earnings. You can join Fiverr here and create your live chat gig. Who knows! You may land a job that pays really well.

          5. Arise Online Chat Representative

              • Basics: This is more a “business opportunity” than your typical work from home job. Arise Virtual Solutions hires independent contractors to provide chat assistance, phone support, etc. for large companies such as AT&T, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney, and more.
              • Pros: Flexible hours, and work from home.
              • Cons: Unstable hours, no perks or benefits, salary is minimum wage, tools to use are not user-friendly. Unpaid Training.
              • Wage:

                $7.25 - $14.00 per hour

              • Requirements:

                Create a profile with Arise.

                Sign an NDA.

                Enroll in a certification course that works with your schedule. These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses. Most come with a fee that ranges from $50 to $250. These courses are required by clients and provide details about the client’s systems and the requirements of the particular program.

              • Status:


            Arise is a reputable company to work with as it has a proven track record. You will have a guarantee that the job you’ll get is legit. Arise employs online chat agents for multiple Fortune 500 companies located in the US, the UK, and Canada. 5 days after you submit your application, you can start your online chat job. you will set your schedule based on the time you’ve set apart for this job.

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            6. Best Buy Customer Service Agent

                • Basics: Best Buy rarely hires remote customer service agents. The primary duties will be assisting customers with answering basic retail-related questions and completing an order, you might be required to provide product support too.
                • Pros: Solid benefits and culture, great discounts and perks.
                • Cons: Some customers can be clueless and seem hopeless to help even if you explain properly. The job can be very demanding.
                • Wage:

                  $10 - $14 per hour

                • Requirements:

                  A minimum of 18 years old.

                  Best Buy requires at least a year of experience troubleshooting and diagnosing Microsoft, Apple, and mobile device operating system issues. They also require that candidates have a minimum of a year of customer service experience and working in a sales environment.

                  You must be able to work at least 35 hours a week on a flexible schedule, including days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

                • Status:


              Best Buy offers periodic customer service agent jobs. Your responsibility will be assisting customers to complete orders. Where possible, you’ll assist in responding to retail-oriented questions regarding their electronic brands. The company may also ask you to offer product support as well.

              7. Presto Experts

                  • Basics: Engage with thousands of new clients via online chat, phone or email. PrestoExperts's reliable, highly reputed platform provides an excellent way to acquire new clients, reach a wide range of people looking for your expertise, and connect with them in a way that's flexible, innovative, and most of all work with your schedule. You'll make money by putting your knowledge to work online on PrestoExperts's highly trafficked site, where thousands of people can contact you in professional services or tutoring.
                  • Pros: You can offer your customer service support services to online clients from international businesses. Working from home as a freelance expert or tutor on PrestoExperts allows you the freedom to consult with professionals and tutors on your own time and at your own pace. And the best part is, through PrestoExperts, it's easy to make money!
                  • Cons: It is highly competitive as you are not the only one offering the same services and it can be hard to get into their system.
                  • Wage:

                    Depends on how much you price your services.

                  • Requirements:

                    To become a chat expert, create an online profile listing your qualifications and specialties so people can find you to seek out advice and support via chat, voice, or email.

                  • Status:

                    Part-Time or Full-Time

                This is another great freelancing platform where you can get online chat jobs. There are many multinational businesses that offer online chat jobs here and you can choose one of them.

                8. ModSquad Chat Support Staff

                    • Basics: Mod contributors specialize in digital engagement such as moderating content, chatting with customers, managing communities, checking for bugs, and updating social media.
                    • Pros: The only benefit is that it is a work from home position.
                    • Cons: Contract work. Low pay and poor management. This is a contract job and the workload is high but pay is low with zero benefits.
                    • Wage:

                      $8 - $10 per hour

                    • Requirements:

                      You’ll need an updated resume/CV, and, certainly, passion and enthusiasm for digital engagement. Join the Mods on the home page and complete the network application form. Once you submit that form, you’ll receive an email acknowledging receipt, usually within 72 hours.

                    • Status:


                  With ModSquad, you’ll choose the project you are passionate about. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can work from any location. Unlike other companies that may require you to visit their physical offices, with ModSquad, you are free to work from anywhere.

                  Good to Know: Your responsibilities will depend on the brand you choose to work with. However, you can choose the time you’ll be interacting with the customers based on your availability.

                  9. The Chat Shop Chat Agent

                      • Basics: The Chat Shop hires native-level English speakers as live chat agents for sales, support, and off-hours customer service. This company hires in the United Kingdom and some U.S. states.
                      • Pros: Working from home is incredible. Training is paid. Excellent communication between team leaders and chat agents. Fast hiring process. Constructive feedback for job improvement. Occasional phone calls for chat agent support.
                      • Cons: Pay is on the low side for the required skills and commitment. There is always a need for shifts to be covered, usually without much notice, so be prepared to be flexible.
                      • Wage:

                        $9 - $11 per hour

                      • Requirements:

                        Need agents who have perfect typing skills. Perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

                        Agents that are efficient in their answers.

                        Someone who can engage, who can advise, and who can sell.

                        Looking at how you would come across to customers, and how you would represent the company and clients.

                        Looking for people with the potential to be fantastic customer reps – those with the right communication skills, people skills, patience, attentiveness, adaptability and all the other competencies that make up a great agent.

                      • Status:

                        Part-Time or Full-Time

                    Do you get bored with working for one company and want a place you can work for different companies? The Chat Shop is a good place for you. You will answer questions via live chat on behalf of several companies in different industries. For instance, you can sell properties via live chat and still help another client book a holiday destination. The Chat Shop is a great place for you to learn as you will be dealing with multiple issues.

                    10. Weebly Live Chat Agent

                        • Basics: A free online website builder hires individuals to provide email support to customers who need help with Weebly.com services.
                        • Pros: The job can lead to a full-time position with the company. Flexible hours. Get paid on time.
                        • Cons: Inconsistent job flow.

                          A shocking number of people who use Weebly websites don’t truly know anything about website design or management, and they don’t always listen to the advice they are given. High number of people will contact you with the expectations you will do everything for them.
                        • Wage:

                          $15 - $18 per hour

                        • Requirements:

                          The company wants motivated, self-disciplined individuals with strong communication skills to help with their customer service program.

                        • Status:


                      Weebly offers occasional online chat jobs that you can handle from any location. You can send in your applications so that if a chance arises, you’ll get considered for the job. Since the job flow is not constant, you need to look for alternative ways to earn money when this job is unavailable.

                      11. TeleTech Chat Support Agent

                          • Basics: Without leaving your home, they will provide you with paid training and ongoing mentoring. You'll assist the customers of major consumer brands with their questions about products and services, delivering an exceptional customer experience.
                          • Pros: Flexible and part time work offered. No cold calling and a variety of clients
                          • Cons: High turnover. Low pay. Constant technical issues. Poor training and inflexible Schedule.
                          • Wage:

                            $9 - $10 per hour

                          • Requirements:

                            Most projects require at least 20 hours per week.

                            A minimum of 17y/o and hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

                            As with most home call center companies, employees are required to supply their hardware. Agents need a PC (not Mac) with a DSL or cable internet connection, and a USB/VOIP headset. However, most of the time, a phone line is not required, as customer calls come in through the internet, but a dedicated cell or landline phone is needed for contact with the company.

                          • Status:


                        If you have vast experience in customer service, you can work as a customer service supervisor via chat. Those under you will forward the issues they are unable to handle and you’ll chat with the client to get a solution.

                        Good to Know: When applying for a job at TeleTech, you need to specify your working hours. With this, the management will assign the right project. Unlike other online chat jobs where you’ll decide your working hours, for TeleTech you have to work for at least 20 hours. You should also be 17 years or more and hold a high school diploma. A GED equivalent is also accepted as a qualification. You can choose to work for more hours where you’ll earn better pay or work for a few hours.

                        12. Support.com Remote Support Agent

                            • Basics: In Support.com’s virtual call center you’ll work with people from all backgrounds in a fast-paced environment fully committed to providing world-class technical support service. They have exciting work-from-home opportunities that keep you connected with your colleagues through ongoing virtual engagement. You’ll be equipped with training, intuitive digital tools, and exceptional, experience-tested content library, so you can become a tech support rock star — and grow your career too!
                            • Pros: Work from home. Paid training Non-taxable work-from-home reimbursement for all hourly employees. Pay for performance bonus program. Medical, dental, and vision insurance available. Long term disability insurance available. Paid life insurance. Referral bonus program. Employee Assistance Program. Tuition reimbursement. PTO and floating holiday pay.
                            • Cons: High turnover. Low pay. Constant technical issues. Poor training and inflexible schedule.
                            • Wage:

                              $10.25 per hour

                            • Requirements:

                              Type 30 to 40 words per minute.

                              You only need to have basic technology skills for these support positions.

                            • Status:

                              Part-Time or Full-Time

                          Do you have vast knowledge in electronics such as computers or printers? You can make money by working for Support.com as a remote chat agent. All you need to get this job is basic technical skills. As you gain more experience, you stand a chance of becoming one of the cloud support agents.

                          13. SiteStaff Agent

                              • Basics: They have positions open for chat support and sales. As a chat support agent, you’ll be responsible for talking to customers of various companies and supporting them with their concerns.

                                Customer service experience will help you in this role and you should be able to type quickly if you want to succeed. In a chat support role, you’ll need to be able to multitask. You’ll have to research issues while talking to customers and sometimes you’ll have to juggle a few chats at a time.
                              • Pros: Schedules are flexible. Great leadership team. First-rate live chat services for its customers.
                              • Cons: Chat hosts have such great tenure there are few opportunities open for this position. Very strict prerequisites and intensive testing for chat hosts to make the grade, which is a testament to the company.
                              • Wage:

                                $10 per hour

                              • Requirements:

                                Type at least 60 wpm.

                                Proficient grammar/spelling.

                                Ability to use chat software or instant messaging software.

                                Comfortable surfing the internet quickly.

                                Fun personality and communication skills.

                                Computer, speakers, reliable internet connect.

                                Have no distractions during work hours.

                              • Status:


                            Can you manage to engage in multiple conversations at a time? This is your time to make money on SiteStaff. At the moment, SiteStaff is not hiring but you can still send your application for live support staff. When an opportunity arises, you’ll get considered.

                            14. Convergys Support Agent

                                • Basics: Convergys is hired by Fortune 500 companies to handle their customer service needs. Your role would be to be that customer service rep who hears your problems, answers your questions, and helps you find solutions.

                                  Offers several types of at-home customer service jobs. Including tech support. Seem to always be hiring. They have over 89,000 employees.
                                • Pros: Various projects, and great people to work with. Great ability to work from home. Hiring from within is a plus. Being able to work for different clients working from home has been great.

                                  Paid training and employee benefits (e.g health care coverage and paid vacation).
                                • Cons: Pay not very competitive and clients can downsize the workforce, so you have to hope there are openings available on other projects if this happens. A potential loss of tenured benefits including pay rate and earned time off rate if transitioning between projects and the gap is too long between positions.

                                  Convergys don’t hire residents of some states.
                                • Wage:

                                  $10 - $15 per hour

                                • Requirements:

                                  Available to work any shift, 7 days a week.

                                  You reside in one of the qualified states.

                                  You need a dedicated internet connection for work.

                                  High school diploma or GED.

                                  At least a year of customer service experience.

                                  A monitor that’s at least 17 inches.

                                  A standard quiet, distraction-free work environment for receiving your calls.

                                • Status:

                                  Part-Time or Full-Time

                              If you are looking for a full-time job that has added benefits, apply for a remote live chat job with Convergys. Your task will be providing technical support on a full-time basis. One of the key requirements is that you’ll be available during the company’s working hours. There are many companies under Convergys and you need to be familiar with the operations of the company you’ll work with.

                              15. Site5 Online Chat Jobs From Home

                                  • Basics: Site5 is a web hosting and website solutions center providing management and building solutions for websites. As a live chat customer service specialist, you will need familiarity with various email, FTP, and website services and applications.
                                  • Pros: Health/dental/vision insurance to US employees. If you are outside of the US, then that is paid as part of your package. 20 paid vacation days.
                                  • Cons: Site5 does not appear to list their job openings on its site. Inflexible schedule. Extremely technical and high standards.
                                  • Wage:

                                    $12 - $15 per hour

                                  • Requirements:

                                    Experience using cPanel and WHM. cPanel is a control panel that lets you maintain a website. WHM stands for WebHost Manager.

                                  • Status:

                                    Part-Time or Full-Time

                                Site5 employs people that know about web hosting. If this is your specialty, you can make money as their chat rep. You are required to assist clients that need technical support. If you’re afraid of speaking on phone, this is a great job as the company doesn’t offer phone support. You can at one time get a request to offer email support as well.

                                16. Live Chat Agent on Upwork

                                    • Basics: Tackle your next Live Chat Operator project with Upwork - the top freelancing website.
                                    • Pros: Biggest network for translation and freelancing in general.

                                      A good place to make connections and start off your career. They handle all the business stuff, such as contracts, payment, mediation, so you can focus on your work.
                                    • Cons: Upwork takes 20% of freelancer fees and charges clients a fee. Too much competition.

                                      Upwork advises new clients to choose freelancers who have established hours and experience, leaving little opportunity for new freelancers to get work.

                                      Have to spend or buy “connects” in order to send job proposals.
                                    • Wage:

                                      $3 per hour minimum bid and up, depending on how much you charge per or you can charge a fixed rate every project or milestone.

                                    • Requirements:

                                      Sign up to the website and wait for your Upwork profile to get reviewed and approved.

                                      You should meet the basic requirements as a live chat agent in order to offer services and get clients on Upwork.

                                    • Status:

                                      Part-Time or Full-Time

                                  Upwork is one of the largest freelancing sites where you can get online chat jobs. If you are just starting your career as a live chat agent, this is a great platform for you. When applying, you’ll check if they need a full-time support agent or part-time. You need to be careful so that you do not apply for scam jobs where you’ll end up losing your money.

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                                  17. Uber Remote Chat Agent

                                      • Basics: Ride-sharing company that hires chat support agents to provide customer service to their clients.

                                        They offer customer support jobs and use Zendesk to answer tickets. Uber has chosen to send most of the customer support jobs outside of the US.
                                      • Pros: Uber hires full-time remote community support representatives to support customers via email

                                        A constant flow of work.

                                        Ability to work from home and enjoy the perks of it.
                                      • Cons: They started outsourcing some of the jobs out of the US. Be willing to devote 40 hours per week to Uber.
                                      • Wage:

                                        $14 - $15 per hour

                                      • Requirements:

                                        Must be an Uber evangelist.

                                        Weekend and weekly evening shifts required.

                                        Solid writing skills.

                                        A college degree.

                                      • Status:


                                    In addition to hiring drivers, Uber also hires live chat agents as well. To qualify for this job, you need to avail yourself at night and during weekends. This means your program may get interrupted when asked to work at some odd hours. Though it is not as flexible as other online live chat jobs, it is a good opportunity to work from home.

                                    18. Online Chat Jobs on SimplyHired

                                        • Basics: An online job search engine where you have to search for “online chat jobs” and constantly check if there are jobs available for you.
                                        • Pros: This job search site aggregates job postings from numerous sources around the web like other search sites, social media, and company websites. This means that you won't ever have to jump from one job search site to the next in order to find the exact job you are looking for.
                                        • Cons: There could be no jobs available for you.
                                        • Wage:

                                          This could vary depending on the company that will be hiring.

                                        • Requirements:

                                          Prepare an updated CV/resume to send to potential clients or companies.

                                        • Status:

                                          Part-Time or Full-Time

                                      This is a search engine where you’ll key in the words, ‘online chat agent jobs’ and view the available jobs. There are times when there are multiple companies hiring and other times when there are no jobs. You need to keep checking if you want to land a great online live chat job on SimplyHired.

                                      19. Sutherland Global Live Chat Agent

                                          • Basics: Sutherland is a business process company that is well-known for hiring home-based employees. They hire customer service representatives, including online chat support agents.
                                          • Pros: There's a fair number of work-from-home opportunities. If you're good at your job, they'll try to retain you by moving you to another contract if one is lost. Paid training and benefits. Flexible schedule.
                                          • Cons: Pay is low. Raises are 1-2%/year. No 401k match. PTO policy doesn't rollover or payout. Your bonus, if you get one, will always be late by several months.

                                            Might have to start the night shift. Night shifts can be tough especially for newcomers.
                                          • Wage:

                                            $10 - $14 per hour

                                          • Requirements:

                                            Minimum home office requirements vary depending on assignment. For example, some assignments require consultants to provide a Windows computer, some require Macintosh, while others are supported by devices provided by Sutherland.

                                            Minimum Internet access speeds of 1 Mbps upload and 5 Mbps download are required to meet our quality standards (certain client programs may require higher speeds).

                                            Dual Core or Quad Core processing environment with minimum processor speed of 1.6 Ghz required (the faster the processing environment the better).

                                            2 to 4 GB RAM depending on assignment (the more RAM the better).

                                            10 GB available hard drive space.

                                            One or more available USB ports (2.0 or greater).

                                            Sound card installed and enabled
                                            Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows 10 (Must be a valid licensed Windows version currently supported by Microsoft.).

                                          • Status:


                                        Sutherland Global acts on behalf of many companies that need live chat and email support agents. Due to its affiliation with multiple companies, you can easily land live chat jobs on Sutherland Global. You’ll choose to either take up a full-time or a part-time online live chat job.

                                        20. Sedgewick Live Support Agent

                                            • Basics: To expedite the Customer Service claims application process; to ensure correct case assignment; and to act as a customer liaison in assisting the customer with the correct contact person to resolve problems and/or questions.
                                            • Pros: Can work remotely and good hours. Training provided.
                                            • Cons: All PTO has to be used within the calendar year. No carry over. Heavy caseloads. Constant change of accounts. No advancement opportunities. Shift varies, weekends required.
                                            • Wage:

                                              $13 per hour

                                            • Requirements:

                                              High school diploma or GED required.

                                              One (1) year customer service experience or equivalent combination of education and experience required.

                                              Excellent oral and written communication.

                                              Good customer service skills.

                                              PC literate, including Microsoft Office products.

                                            • Status:

                                          If you are conversant with insurance especially with handling compensation claims, apply for a job at Sedgewick. Unlike other live chat jobs that you exclusively work from home, Sedgewick will need you to travel at times.  You’ll get compensation if asked to travel for the amount you spent on accommodation and travel. Sedgewick has offices in more than 65 countries. With this, you can easily land a job even when you don’t reside in the United States.

                                          21. Paperless Pipeline Online Chat Agent

                                              • Basics: Luckily this position does not entail selling the online software, but assisting those clients who have already purchased the software and need assistance or a question answered.
                                              • Pros: Good pay and full-time position.
                                              • Cons: Hours are extended past office hours since realtors sometimes do work later or need to pull up their files after the office is closed.

                                                This position is an IC or Independent Contractor position. You will be responsible for your own taxes and should receive a form 1099 if you make $600 or more in any given calendar year.
                                              • Wage:

                                                Hours and pay vary depending on the type of position as well as your experience and skills.

                                              • Requirements:

                                                Excellent communicative skills. This entails good grammar and spelling as well as listening and problem solving skills.

                                                A PC or laptop with Windows 7/Windows XP/Windows Vista, and an ethernet cable. You will need a noise cancelling headset with a mic, but only for training. You will also need a quiet work space in your home.

                                              • Status:


                                            Paperless Pipeline offers seasonal online chat jobs to assist their customers in sending digital documents.  Any time a client is unable to carry out a task, you’ll walk him through the entire process. There are times you’ll be required to respond to queries from prospective clients as well.

                                            Pro Tip: If you are looking for more passive income ideas to supplement your earnings, check this article out.

                                            22. Needle Live Support Agent

                                                • Basics: This company is seeking individuals that are familiar with name brands such as Coach, Skull Candy, Coach, etc. As an online chat agent you will provide customer service via chat or email. Please note the pay is very low and the work is not steady. To apply, visit their careers page.
                                                • Pros: Easy, fast-paced, work from home on a chat online basis. Flexible hours, easy onboarding process. Free products. Incredibly easy job.
                                                • Cons: Pay is very low. Company doesn't value advocates. Advocates basically work for free. Pay went from amazing to non-existent. Extremely difficult to get in contact with anyone.
                                                • Wage:

                                                  Paid by the number of chats you get.

                                                • Requirements:

                                                  It doesn’t require a high set of standards or requirements. Send an application and wait for 48 hours for Needle to approve your application.

                                                • Status:


                                              With Needle, you have a chance of working with your favorite brands. Your task will be getting business for the brand. Your pay will depend on the number of chats you handle. The more chats you’ll handle each day, the more you’ll earn in your online live chat job. The process of sending in an application will take less than 1 hour and Needle will review it in 2 days. You can choose the number of hours you’ll be working each day. With this, you’ll have time for other important tasks.

                                              23. Operator Online Representative

                                                  • Basics: As an expert, you will help people discover products they love. You will share your passion and showcase your taste.

                                                    You make money recommending your favorite products. You get paid to express your style and help people shop for products in home decor, fashion, electronics, beauty and more industries.
                                                  • Pros: You can set your own schedule and work when you are available. But you still need to work shift-based work for them either 4 or 8 hours shifts.
                                                  • Cons: Pretty hard to get admitted and qualified.
                                                  • Wage:

                                                    $10 per hour + earn a small commission for each completed sale.

                                                  • Requirements:

                                                    Minimum of 20 hours per week.

                                                    Deep expertise in fashion.

                                                    Must be able to showcase the products, styles, and trends that interest you with a large audience.

                                                    Knowledgeable of the products.

                                                    Quick thinker and communicator.

                                                    Creative, knowledgeable and persistent.

                                                    Professional, independent and motivated.

                                                  • Status:


                                                Do you love shopping online? This is a great chance to make some extra money with Operator. Your task will involve making online shopping recommendations through this shopping app. You will guide shoppers who are making an online purchase as you offer your own experience with that product. Since you are boosting sales, you’ll get a commission every time a customer makes a purchase.

                                                24. Live Person Online Chat Jobs

                                                    • Basics: LivePerson is another company that provides customer support to brands.
                                                    • Pros: Best live engagement platform in the market. Company acknowledges hard work.
                                                    • Cons: No room to grow if working remotely. The company occasionally hires at home customer service agents.
                                                    • Wage:

                                                      LivePerson does not list how much it pays for its work-at-home jobs.

                                                    • Requirements:

                                                      LivePerson doesn’t state the requirements for its at-home positions. However, the company does have a remote jobs section on its website.

                                                    • Status:


                                                  With Live Person, you have a chance of working with multiple companies in various niches. As a live chat agent, you may be required to also offer phone support. There are other times when you’ll get requests to chat via text messages or through Facebook Messenger. If you have expertise in content writing, you stand a better chance to land a more lucrative job.

                                                  25. Apply for Online Chat Jobs on Indeed

                                                      • Basics: Indeed is a job aggregator, this means it pulls jobs from career sites and classified listings and displays them on its own site.
                                                      • Pros: Indeed is constantly updated daily with new available jobs. It will let you know the most recent jobs added, jobs you’ve viewed and applied for. Indeed will also share with you available jobs that are similar to the ones you’ve already applied for.
                                                      • Cons: Other users complain that the free version has limited access to details.
                                                      • Wage:

                                                        Depends on the hiring company.

                                                      • Requirements:

                                                        Create an account and set up an Indeed profile.

                                                        Basic requirements for working as a remote live chat agent.

                                                      • Status:

                                                        Part-Time or Full-Time

                                                    Indeed is among the most popular online jobs platforms. To get the available online chat jobs, you’ll simply type in the words ‘online chat job’. You’ll see the available online chat jobs and based on the requirements, you can send your applications. Searching for online chat jobs on Indeed saves times as you’ll access multiple online chat jobs at once. You can send in multiple applications to stand a better chance of earning more.

                                                    26. Ginger Live Chat Agent

                                                        • Basics: Ginger.io is now hiring home-based psychiatrists or therapist on a part-time basis.
                                                        • Pros: Flexible schedule.
                                                        • Cons: You need to have a medical background.
                                                        • Wage:

                                                          $17 - $21 per hour

                                                        • Requirements:

                                                          Must be “tech-savvy” (i.e., know how to work an app), know how to conduct video therapy, work with Google web-apps, have an MD with a completion of an accredited psychiatry residency, DEA certification, three or more years of providing clinical psychiatry services to patients, and a license to practice psychiatry.

                                                        • Status:


                                                      Ever heard of eCounseling? Well, this is one of the online chat jobs you can do from home. To apply for this job, you need to have a medical background to apply for this job. If you have a counseling background, you can apply for this position as well. As a Ginger live chat agent, you’ll provide emotional support and therapy services. You’ll also be called upon to provide psychiatry services. Ginger provides services 24/7 and this means you’ll choose the hours you are most comfortable in. whether you love working during the day or at night, it is a great way to make money.

                                                      27. Fancy Hands Agent

                                                          • Basics: With Fancy Hands you get paid per task, so you can work as much or as little as you want.
                                                          • Pros: Offers work that is done by the project instead of by the hour — this will give you more flexibility. Interesting tasks. Great part-time job.
                                                          • Cons: Pay, management, communication. Some tasks are out of the required skillset. No employment benefit. Low chance to get admitted. Lack of tasks, highly competitive.
                                                          • Wage:

                                                            Paid per project as low as $3

                                                          • Requirements:

                                                            You can apply at FancyHands.com and check if there’s job availability. If they have enough workers they will post a message saying “Check Back Soon!”

                                                          • Status:


                                                        Fancy Hands only offer one-time gigs. A client may ask you to take up a 20-minutes microtask and once you complete, you get your pay. The online chat jobs in this platform are not consistent which means you need to look for other jobs.

                                                        28. Online Chat Jobs on Flex Jobs Board

                                                            • Basics: FlexJobs is a major career site geared toward people looking for flexibility in a job.

                                                              The main difference is FlexJobs concentrates their efforts on flexible positions as opposed to traditional 9-to-5s.
                                                            • Pros: Better quality job ads. Access to amazing perks as a FlexJobs members . Advanced job search. Discounted career coaching and other discounts. FREE access to a video course on How to Find a Remote Job (valued at $19.99).
                                                            • Cons: Pay for a monthly membership fee in exchange for finding quality job posts and the right job for you, and enjoy the benefits of being a member.
                                                            • Wage:


                                                            • Requirements:


                                                            • Status:

                                                              Full-Time or Part-Time

                                                          This is another job board where you can land an online chat job. You need to be careful when applying for live chat jobs on Flex Jobs as some of these jobs are a scam. You’ll need to pay a subscription fee to access all the available job postings. You may be lucky to get a lucrative job which will make your investment worthwhile. You can choose to either take up a full-time position or look for part-time online chat jobs.

                                                          29. Outplex Chat Support Agent

                                                              • Basics: Outplex is a reputable customer contact and call center working currently working with renowned brands. The organization is currently looking for work-at-home customer service representatives to work primarily via Live Chat and Teleservices.
                                                              • Pros: Good hours/schedule, not stressful, bonus available, fairly easy job, paid training.
                                                              • Cons: Lay off without notice, no benefits, supervisors unreliable, training too short, company culture needs to be changed.
                                                              • Wage:

                                                                $9 - $14 per hour

                                                              • Requirements:

                                                                High school diploma (or equivalent) from a recognized institution.

                                                                General education degree.

                                                                Strong ability to multitask

                                                                Error-free typing skills in the 30-50 words per minute range.

                                                                Strong online research skills.

                                                                Ability to understand and interpret tools provided by the company.

                                                                Excellent grammar, spelling and communication skills.

                                                                Previous sales and customer service experience preferred.

                                                                Have a Windows Operating System (MAC not supported).

                                                                Efficient computer hardware and strong/reliable internet connection.

                                                                Secured internet connection.

                                                              • Status:

                                                                Part-Time or Full-Time

                                                            Do you have a convincing tone that can drive sales? You can work as an online chat agent with Outplex. You will deal with consultant sales and make products recommendations. Your pay will range between $9 and $14 per hour. If you are able to commit more hours in your job, you can earn more. With this job, you can exclusively offer live chat services or the company requests you to handle calls as well. Outplex also hires Spanish and French speakers. This means you can make more if you are multilingual.

                                                            Do you know of other online chat jobs that you can do from home? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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