BillHunters Review
Updated March 27, 2024

BillHunters Review 2024: How Does BillHunters Work and Is It a Scam?

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Every month, you pay the same bills for the same services, over and over and over.

Just because you’ve paid the same bill for your same service for months, or even years, doesn’t mean you have to keep paying that same price for the same service.

Many people may not realize that your bills can be negotiated for services such as your cable, phone, and internet.

If you’re not confident in your ability to negotiate a lower price on your services, or if you just don’t have to time to call all of your service providers and negotiate, BillHunters will negotiate on your behalf.

BillHunters Review

You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your bills each year when you sign up for BillHunters and have your services negotiated.

Rather than being negotiated by artificial intelligence or bots, BillHunters uses real humans to negotiate on your behalf, and uses tested negotiating techniques to save you money.

In our BillHunters review, you’ll see just how much you can save on your bills without having to do any of the negotiating work and how easy it is to start saving on your monthly bills.

An Introduction to BillHunters

The founders of BillHunters wanted to help consumers who weren’t confident in their own negotiating skills.

Rather than having to worry about contacting your service provider and negotiate your bill, BillHunters does all of the work for you.

Negotiating bills is an important part of controlling your expenses, and is sometimes necessary to get the best deal for your services.

Save Money Every Month

You shouldn’t have to pay more than necessary for your phone, cable, and internet.

With a team of dedicated negotiators at your side, you can tackle out of control bills and start saving money every single month.

When you sign up for BillHunters, you’ll enter your service provider information, and the experts at BillHunters will handle the rest.

How Does BillHunters Work?

BillHunters uses a team of expert negotiators to work on your behalf.

All you need to do is sign up for your free BillHunters account, where you’ll enter your service provider information.

BillHunters will keep all of your data safe and will protect your data like it’s their own.

Negotiation Experts Do the Nitty-Gritty

Once you enter your service provider information, one of the negotiation experts will personally handle your account and will work to lower the cost of your services.

If you’re familiar with other companies that negotiate your bills on your behalf, you may know that they often use artificial intelligence to negotiate your bills automatically, typically through a chat or email service.

Negotiating Your Bills For a Better Deal

BillHunters’ uses a team of experts that call your service provider on your behalf, which means a more successful negotiation.

Since being founded, BillHunters has helped negotiate hundreds of bills successfully on behalf of customers just like you.

Service providers are much more willing to give a discount or negotiated rate on service when they speak to a person over the phone rather than an automated service via chat or email.

The negotiation will typically be completed in 48 hours from when you requested the negotiation, and BillHunters will always let you know if they need more time to complete the negotiation.

Don’t Pay Until You Save

BillHunters will never change your service provider and will never downgrade your plan, meaning any savings you receive will be on your current plan or an even better service plan.

The best part about BillHunters, other than saving money on your monthly bills, is that it doesn’t cost you anything until they successfully negotiate your bills.

Signing up for BillHunters is completely free and your bills will be negotiated for you, making BillHunters one of the best things you can do for your finances.

Signing Up For BillHunters

As we mentioned, signing up for BillHunters is free and easy, meaning you’ll be saving money on your monthly services in no time at all.

When you sign up, you’ll just need to provide some basic information about yourself to get started.

You’ll then be able to enter your service provider information, such as your internet, cable, and phone bill information.

After you enter your information, the team of negotiators at BillHunters will start working on lowering your bills.

You can check the status of your negotiation at any time when you login to your free BillHunters account.

How To Use BillHunters

When BillHunters does all the hard work for you, there’s not much else you need to do in order to use BillHunters aside from signing up and watching your bills get lowered.

Your Bills are Negotiated Within 2 Days

Once you sign up and link your bills to BillHunters, the team of negotiators will start working on your behalf to get your bills lowered within 48 hours, making BillHunters one of the easiest ways to save money every single month.

Remember, BillHunters is completely free if they are not able to lower your bills.

When they do successfully negotiate a bill, you’ll only pay a small portion of the amount BillHunters is able to negotiate off of your bills, which we will discuss later in the article.

Where You Can Save

There are tons of service providers that BillHunters will negotiate on your behalf.

While you can try to have them negotiate virtually any bill for you, BillHunters is most successful with recurring service bills such as your cell phone, internet, home security, and cable bills.

BillHunters is able to help over 80% of the consumers that sign up, and save an average of over $300 per year on bills.

Save Money with Major Service Providers

The team of negotiators works with all major service providers including Spectrum, Verizon, ADT, Sprint, Xfinity Comcast, AT&T, T-Mobile, and DirecTV, to name just a few.

You’ll be able to see a full list of compatible service providers when you sign up for your BillHunters account.

How Does BillHunters Make Money?

BillHunters is always free until they are able to save you money on your bills.

Once they are able to successfully negotiate your bills, you’ll be charged 40% of the money they save you in the first year.

For example, if they are able to save you $500 on your bills in the first year, you’ll be charged $200, making it a win for BillHunters and a win for you.

Once they are able to finalize your savings, BillHunters will send you a bill that you can pay using a Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal.

Two Ways to Pay

The great news is that you can pay it all up-front at once or you can set up a payment plan to pay over six months, meaning you can use some of the savings you receive every month to pay BillHunters over time.

They also understand that things change and services can be better at a different company.

If you do cancel or change your service to a new provider before you’re done fully paying your BillHunters invoice, contact BillHunters and they will waive the rest of your fee.

You can change your service provider at any time if it means getting an even better deal.

Paying for BillHunters

You do have multiple ways to pay your BillHunters invoice, which is why we love BillHunters as a bill-negotiation service.

It can take 24-48 hours to secure your savings, and when they are locked in, you’ll be sent a bill that you can pay on your own time.

Pay Up-Front and Save Money

There is a benefit to paying your bill in full up-front, as a $10 fee does apply to set up a payment plan.

When you’re saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on your services over the course of a year, a $10 fee isn’t too much to worry about.

If you want to save the most money on your services, paying your invoice all at once in a single payment can save you an additional $10.

We love the fact that BillHunters offers two options for paying your bill, which is something you won’t see with many similar sites.

Your Personal Information

When you enter your information, especially when it comes to financial information such as your service accounts, it’s important to know that your information is being kept safe and secure.

BillHunters keeps all of your personal information safe and secure and masks all credit and debit card information.

They may provide some of your contact information to limited third parties, but that is solely to help with the bill negotiation process.

When you sign up with BillHunters, your personal information isn’t being sold for marketing purposes, and you’re never going to receive third-party advertisement emails or phone calls after signing up for BillHunters.

Is BillHunters a Scam?

We know that this sounds too good to be true, but we are here to tell you that BillHunters is a completely legitimate service that can help you save money on your monthly services.

Why pay more for your phone, cable, and internet when you don’t have to?

BillHunters will always keep your personal and account information safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about an account breach when you use BillHunters.

Your personal information is extremely important, and some companies may use your information and sell it to third-party marketing companies.

Your Information is Safe and Secure

Another telltale sign that BillHunters is legit is the fact that you’re not going to receive spam calls or emails after signing up because BillHunters is dedicated to keeping your information safe and secure.

Some sites that offer negotiation services or other ways to save money charge you up-front for the service.

No Up-Front Charges

With BillHunters, you only pay for their services when they save you money, and they only charge you a percentage of the savings, which shows that their number one goal is saving you money on your monthly bills.

BillHunters has already helped countless customers save over $300 per year on their monthly services and provides safe, secure bill negotiation services to users.

Our Assessment

BillHunters is one of the simplest ways to save money each and every month.

Rather than spending time and energy contacting all of your service providers, BillHunters uses a team of negotiation experts to work on your behalf.

They’ve helped over 80% of their users save more than $300 per year on their phone, internet, and cable bills.

You can save money on almost all of your bills, and BillHunters works with all major service providers.


BillHunters Review: Conclusion

We love BillHunters because it’s completely free to use, and you’ll only pay when they are able to successfully negotiate your bills.

BillHunters charges less than half of the total savings that they’re able to negotiate, and you can pay your invoice over the course of six months.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to save significant money on your phone, cable, and internet bills, give BillHunters a try today.


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