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Updated May 04, 2023

Cushion AI Review: Can It Really Negotiate Your Bank Fees for You?

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Every year, consumers pay over $200 billion in credit card interest and bank fees.

If you’re not paying close attention to your bank and credit card statements, you might be paying fees that aren’t legit, or you might have a higher interest rate than you should.

Using artificial intelligence, Cushion AI is here to change that.

Cushion AI Review

When you sign up for Cushion AI, the artificial intelligence bots analyze your bank and credit card statements to find fees and high-interest charges.

After a fee is detected, the bot negotiates the fee or interest rate on your behalf.

You’ll get refunds on fees, transaction charges, high-interest rates, and other unnecessary charges without doing any of the work.

Artificial Intelligence Negotiates For You

Cushion AI is unique in the fact that artificial intelligence negotiates your bank and credit card fees for you, while similar sites typically work to reduce your phone or cable bill.

Bank and credit card fees can be recurring, meaning Cushion AI can save you a significant amount of money over time.

It’s time to take control of fees and high interest by letting Cushion AI fight on your behalf.

Here’s our comprehensive Cushion AI review and how it can save you money on fees and charges. Cushion AI

Cushion AI’s History

Cushion AI was founded after CEO Paul Kesserwani was helping his parents negotiate bank fees.

His experience left him frustrated and concerned about his own bank account and credit cards.

After helping his parents negotiate banking fees, he looked through his own bank account and found over $400 in bank fees.

He then tried to have the fees removed from his account, with little luck.

It was at that point that Paul decided to do something about it.

A Digital Solution to Annoying Bank Fees

His dream was to create a digital solution that negotiates fees and charges on behalf of consumers, which is where Cushion AI began.

Cushion AI was designed with you in mind.

It’s there to help safeguard your money and get it back when your accounts are hit with unnecessary fees and interest.

Cushion AI Saves You Time and Money

Arguing with your bank about unnecessary fees is time-consuming and stressful.

Signing up for Cushion AI saves you time and frustration, all while working to get your money back into your account where it belongs.

How Does Cushion AI Work?

Cushion AI uses artificial intelligence to negotiate fees and interest charges on your behalf, taking the time and hassle out of getting refunds on unnecessary fees.

When you sign up for Cushion AI, you’ll just need to link your bank and credit card account information so the program can scan your purchases and charges.

The great news is that your information is always safe with Cushion AI.

After a charge or fee is found, you’ll get a request directly from the Cushion AI bot, Fee Fighter, to negotiate those charges on your behalf.

Fee Fighter

When you give the artificial intelligence bot permission to negotiate on your behalf, Fee Fighter will negotiate with your bank and will send you a refund summary within 24 hours.

It’s completely free to have the bot scan your accounts and alert you of fees and charges, and when the bot successfully negotiates a refund, Cushion AI keeps 25% of the refund.

That means you’ll never pay out of pocket to have your charges negotiated, which isn’t the case with similar sites.

Cushion AI Analyzes Your Bank History

On the back end, the bot analyzes your banking and credit card history to calculate the likelihood of a successful negotiation.

That means if you’ve had a significant number of refunds and waived fees in the past, it might not be as easy to have your fees waived.

However, just because you’ve had fees waived in the past, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have Cushion AI fight on your behalf to get refunds on unnecessary fees and charges. 

Ways Cushion AI Can Help

Some common fees that Cushion AI can negotiate on your behalf include ATM fees, interest charges, overdraft fees, wire transfer fees, late fees, and withdrawal fees, to name just a few.

But how can artificial intelligence successfully get your fees and charges waived?

According to Cushion AI’s CEO Paul Kesserwani, it all comes down to cost.

Banks Have to Be Willing to Bend

With so many banks competing for customers, banks have to be willing to work with customers to create a great experience.

That great experience equals loyalty.

It often costs much more money to acquire a new customer than to waive an overdraft fee or a wire transfer fee, which is why most banks are more than willing to negotiate fees with Cushion AI’s bot.

Oftentimes Waiving Small Fees Is Worth It

If waiving small fees will keep customers, it’s worth it for banks and creates a good experience for consumers, meaning it’s a win-win.

Whether you’re hit with constant overdraft fees or you need to wire money internationally, Cushion AI can help negotiate your fees for you.

Bank Fees

Banks are notorious for charging fees and penalties for various banking transactions, and chances are if you’re not checking your account daily, you’ve been hit with more than a few of those fees.

Two of the most common fees that banks charge are overdraft fees and ATM fees.

Overdraft Fees and ATM Fees

These fees can range from just a few dollars for an ATM withdrawal to more than $30 for on overdraft.

If you’re consistently withdrawing money from an ATM that’s not associated with your bank or you’re overdrafting your account, those fees can add up quickly.

There are plenty of consumers that don’t feel these fees can be waived because they’re deemed ‘legitimate’ fees.

Cushion AI Can Help

Even though you did use a non-affiliated ATM or overdrafted your account, Cushion AI can still negotiate on your behalf to get those fees waived or refunded.

Banks are willing to work with consumers on fees, especially if it’s the first time a consumer has gotten a particular fee waiver. 

Interest Charges

Interest charges can cause credit card balances to increase dramatically, and Cushion AI wants to help lower the amount of credit card debt that consumers have.

Cushion AI will scan your credit card statements to find interest charges and negotiate them on your behalf.

This site has helped some consumers get hundreds of dollars in refunds in just a few minutes after signing up, largely because of high interest charges on credit cards.

In fact, Cushion AI can analyze your purchase history, standing, and credit card data to try and negotiate a lower interest rate, which can equate to potentially thousands of dollars in savings.

Other Fees

As we mentioned previously, Cushion AI can negotiate a wide range of fees and charges on your behalf.

Whether it’s international wire transfer fees, late payment charges, or withdrawal fees, Cushion’s artificial intelligence bot can get you the refund you deserve.

If you haven’t looked at your bank or credit card statements recently, it may be time to review them to see if you’ve been hit with any fees.

Even if you haven’t it’s a good idea to sign up for Cushion AI so Fee Fighter can monitor your accounts and alert you when there’s a fee.

How Cushion AI Negotiates For You

Cushion AI uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to negotiate fees on your behalf.

Account Analysis

The first thing that Cushion AI does is analyze your bank and credit card accounts to get an idea of your standing with that specific financial institution.

It’s this standing that Cushion AI uses when it negotiates your fees.

Communicating With Your Bank

After analyzing your account, detecting fees, sending over the summary and likelihood of success, and getting your permission to negotiate on your behalf, Fee Fighter then detects the various ways you can communicate with your bank or credit card company digitally.

Most banks offer chat or email correspondences, while some offer both.

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence

The sophisticated artificial intelligence technology develops tailored responses based on your status with the bank, your banking or purchase history, and how recently you received a refund or fee waiver.

Even better, Cushion AI can negotiate fees and charges up to six months old.

Account Rotation Strategy

The bot typically rotates accounts so it isn’t consistently getting denied by one bank or card company for excessive refund requests.

Many consumers don’t realize that their fees and charges can be refunded, so most people won’t even try.

With Cushion AI, you can get the refunds you deserve without doing any of the work.

Is Cushion AI Legit?

While you may have heard of other companies using artificial intelligence to negotiate bills and fees, none are quite as robust as Cushion AI.

Similar companies primarily focus on negotiating service bills, such as your cable, internet, or cell phone bill.

While that can certainly help save money on your bills, it does give the artificial intelligence programs permission to make changes to your account on your behalf.

No Unnecessary Access

Rather than making changes to your services, Cushion AI negotiates fees and charges within your financial accounts, meaning no unnecessary access and no permission to make changes to your account.

Cushion AI’s artificial intelligence bots have helped countless consumers save money through fee refunds.

Hundreds of Dollars in Refunds

There have been quite a few consumers that have reported hundreds of dollars in refunds thanks to Fee Fighter.

Cushion AI doesn’t use your information for anything other than negotiating fees on your behalf.

This company offers legitimate services that can make a real financial impact on your bank or credit card account.

Account Alerts

Aside from having a bot negotiate your fees for you, you’ll get alerts when Fee Fighter finds fees and charges on your account.

These alerts can help make you more aware of the kinds of fees and charges banks and financial institutions charge every day.

Information Security

After reading this information, you might be asking yourself, is Cushion AI safe?

You’re giving Cushion AI access to your bank and credit card information, as well as permission to negotiate account refunds on your behalf.

Security Is a Top Priority

While that is a lot of access for a company to have, information security is Cushion AI’s top priority, meaning your information is safe and secure.

Since Cushion AI’s beginning, there has been a lot of focus on information security, especially since you’ll be entering sensitive banking and credit card information into the Cushion AI system.

Cushion AI believes in top-level security, which is why they use bank-grade security protocols to safely encrypt and store your information.

Sensitive Information Is Not Stored

In fact, the most sensitive information is actually never stored on Cushion AI’s direct servers.

The information is handled by trusted security partners, which adds another layer of information security.

If you do notice any security issues, there’s a way to report the incident right from the website.

Cushion AI Review: Conclusion

Nobody likes bank fees and charges, especially if they’re happening regularly.

Even if the fees are legitimate, like ATM fees or overdraft fees, there are ways to have those fees waived.

Cushion AI is truly changing the way that consumers bank.

Artificial Intelligence Is Your Best Friend

By using artificial intelligence, Cushion AI can negotiate your fees and penalties for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about arguing with your bank to have your fees waived.

The artificial intelligence bot is fine-tuned to recognize fees and charges, analyze your account, and create tailored responses when communicating with banks.

Cushion AI can be extremely beneficial for anyone who has a bank account or uses a credit card.

Automatic Fee Negotiation

The best part about Cushion AI is that the service is completely free until a fee is negotiated, meaning you don’t pay until a fee is waived.

With a free account, free monitoring, and automatic fee negotiation, there’s no reason not to sign up for Cushion AI today.


Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA and founder of Choice Tax Relief and Money Done Right. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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3 years ago

I am confused, Cusion charged me up front not 25% like you are stating? And the negotiations process is a lot longer then 24 hours.

Daniel Blough
Daniel Blough
2 years ago

I had originally purchased their plan back in March 2021when it was a flat rate of $48.00 for a year of service. The first three months were great, they got me a refund & I had no issues. Then 3 months into my annual plan they announced it was being discontinued and that I have until the end of my plan to switch to their “Fee Genius” plan.
I looked at the Fee Genius plan and saw that they take 39% of every successful fee negotiation. Well, I still had 9 months of my current plan I already paid for right?
Nope. All fee negotiation buttons on the website started taking me straight to the page to switch to the new plan. If there was a fee negotiation and I clicked on the status button: straight to the “Fee Genius” page. A;; the while Cushion stopped negotiating with my bank.
The topping on the cake was when I finally clicked to switch to the new plan, the terms of service agreement states:
“The Company is not required to negotiate any of your fees”
I guess if you “discontinue” a plan and practically lock patrons out of your website until they agree to a different plan you no longer have to uphold your end of the original agreement.