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Updated January 21, 2024

Dosh Review 2024: Is This Cash Back App Worth Checking Out?

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Are you looking for an honest and detailed Dosh review that will help you decide whether the app is worth a try?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The following 2024 Dosh review will take an honest look at the cash back opportunity, its features, and how it’s different from other similar apps out there.

What Is Dosh?

Let’s start with the basics first and answer the important question: what is Dosh?

Launched in 2016 by founders Ryan Wuerch and Ed Mock, Dosh is an automatic cash back app.

So far, Dosh has paid out over $25 million to its three million users.

Based on these figures, the Dosh team claims that their development is the largest card-linked automatic cash back network.

According to the official presentation, Dosh enables you to shop and dine out and receive cash back of up to 10 percent in your Dosh wallet.

Additionally, Dosh provides opportunities for referral monetization.

All of the money you make can be cashed out from the Dosh wallet in several ways, PayPal and bank account transfers being the most popular ones.

The list of places where you can shop and receive the Dosh automatic cash back is huge – from fuel stations to sportswear shops, fast food joints to more exclusive restaurants.

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra money, you will definitely be interested in opportunities like Dosh. The premise is clear and the idea of getting cash back while you’re shopping is definitely lucrative.

But is Dosh legitimate? Is it worth a try?

Check Out Dosh Full review walkthrough here.

How Does Dosh Work?

To get started, you have to download the Dosh app on your phone.

The next step would be to link your credit card. You shouldn’t worry about its security – Dosh features SSL encryption that protects your sensitive and personal data.

Once you’re done, you can start shopping at venues that participate in the Dosh program.

Each transaction will bring credit card points to your Dosh wallet and you will be able to cash out the amount once it reaches $25.

Dosh is a good choice for people who have to do a lot of shopping.

Spending money to make money isn’t the best approach out there but automatic cash back opportunities can reduce the regular expenditure you make each month to get essentials or entertainment.

If you are the person who does the most shopping in your household, downloading the Dosh app and linking your credit card would make a lot of sense.

And here’s a nice little perk worthy of mentioning in the very beginning – you get $5 for simply downloading Dosh.

The Dosh App Review: How to Make Money with Automatic Cash Back

The next issue our Dosh review is going to tackle is how to consistently make money with the app.

One of the best aspects of Dosh is that it’s a “set it and forget it” kind of app.

Because your credit card is linked to your Dosh wallet, points will be credited to your account every single time you make a purchase.

On top of the $5 you will receive immediately after you sign up and link your credit card, there are several other ways in which Dosh enables you to monetize your purchases.

In-Store Cash Back

In-store cash back is the first and the most obvious way to make money with Dosh.

If you get a nice new pair of Nike shoes, you will receive a 4.5 percent cash back, for example.

All you have to do is check out which brands participate in the Dosh network.

Going for these companies over their competitors will enable you to save some decent cash on your purchases.

Online Purchase Cash Back

Various ecommerce websites participate in the Dosh program, as well. The principle is the same as in the case of the in-store cash back program.

You go to a website that’s a member of the Dosh network, you make a purchase and you receive the pre-determined cash back amount.

Hotel Booking Cash Back

With Dosh, you can receive cash back when you’re traveling. The Dosh network features hotels in all parts of the world.

According to reviews, the average amount people are capable of saving on their New York hotel bookings through the use of Dosh exceeds $100.

There’s one more neat little way in which you can receive hotel booking cash with Dosh.

The first time you do a Dosh hotel booking, you will receive a $25 bonus.

Refer a Friend Program

Apart from getting cash back, you can earn money in two additional ways: by referring friends and by referring businesses to the program.

When you download the app, you will see a “refer” menu item, which will give you a unique referral code link.

When a friend signs up for Dosh using your link, you will get a $5 referral bonus.

In December 2018, Dosh was running a special campaign called 7 Days of Cash. During that period, the referral bonus was $10.

You should definitely check for such campaigns in the future, especially if you want to monetize your referral efforts more effectively.

Refer a Business Program

Dosh benefits from business referrals because the network of companies offering cash back to members will grow this way.

If a company joins the Dosh network through your referral, you will get a nice bonus.

This is one of the most substantial ways in which you can make money with Dosh.

When a company signs up following your referral, you will get 20 percent of the company’s Dosh fees paid over the first two years of its program participation.

Referring a business involves a few more steps than referring a friend. You will have to go over the Dosh terms and conditions and fill out a specific form for the purpose.

All of these ways contribute to money entering your Dosh wallet. Once the sum reaches $25, you are free to cash it out.

Does Dosh Work Outside the U.S.?

If you don’t live in the U.S. or you’re out of the country, you may be wondering whether Dosh is still worth a try.

To make this Dosh review truly useful and comprehensive, we’ll have to answer this question.

The app itself does not impose geographical limitations. There are hotels in all parts of the world that participate in the Dosh cash back program.

When it comes to shops, however, you will find it much more difficult to get cash back on your purchases.

The brands that will win you cash back in the U.S. aren’t going to do the same if you visit their shop in another country.

Hopefully, this is going to change in the near future to make Dosh even more awesome.

How Does Dosh Compare to Other Money Saving Apps?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you now there are dozens of cash back apps out there.

To determine whether Dosh is the right option for you, it’s inevitable to do a side by side comparison.

Some of the most prominent cash back websites feature some kind of specialization.

A few of those, for example, will make you money only when you shop from ecommerce websites.

In other instances, you have to snap a picture of your store receipt in order to get the cash back.

Dosh does not come with such limitations. The fact that it’s an automatic cash back app means you’re free from having to do any work.

The app does not offer additional money management features but that’s not a major concern for most people.

A few alternatives enable investing savings automatically on the basis of financial goals.

Still, you can rely on Dosh and opt for another chance to invest the money you’ve managed to get back on your purchases.

As far as comparing Dosh to other cash back websites, it performs in a similar way and it may even be superior because of the huge network of participating merchants.

The best way to decide if it’s the right option for you is to test it out.

Is Dosh a Scam?

No Dosh review will be complete if we fail tackling one obvious question – is Dosh a scam?

There are so many supposed money-making opportunities out there that exercising a bit of caution is always a good idea.

The good news is that Dosh is anything but a scam. The company is legitimate, open and honest in its communication.

If you want to find out more about the people behind Dosh and the company managing the app expansion, you can easily do so.

Dosh also features customer support you can contact to have your questions answered.

This isn’t an anonymous, questionable entity. It’s a legitimate business that has been working consistently on introducing and enforcing its money-making model.

As already mentioned, the Dosh app is well-developed and it features all necessary security features to protect your money and your financial information.

You have nothing to lose by giving Dosh a try. The app is completely legitimate and millions of people have already made money with it.

If you need a bit of additional reassurance, you’ll be pleased to find out that Dosh has an A Better Business Bureau rating.

Dosh is a BBB accredited business and if you go to the respective page, you’ll find out that the company’s customer service reps are quick and effective when it comes to answering questions and addressing concerns.

Final Verdict: Is Dosh Worth a Try in 2024?

Let’s conclude our Dosh review with a few essential summary points.

Dosh is a genuine opportunity to get some automatic cash back.

Yes, there are certain terms and conditions you have to meet in order to participate in the program and make money with the app.

As of December 2018, for example, you have to get cash back from at least one Dosh merchant before you can cash out your $25.

This means that even if you have the money in your account from referrals, you will have to go out there and buy something.

We think that the condition is only fair for a cash back website and taking in consideration the size of the Dosh network, it’s definitely easy to meet.

If you live in a smaller town, you may also benefit from a limited number of offers available nearby.

Luckily, you can substitute actual in-store purchases with the online shopping options that the Dosh network makes available.

Dosh is safe, user-friendly and easy to get started with.

We wholeheartedly recommend Dosh and we believe that it’s going to grow even bigger in the years to come.

Do you already have some Dosh experience? Don’t hesitate to share your money making and saving successes with us in the comments below.


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Corrine J Todero
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Why doesn’t the 5000 bonus give you bonuses??? I watched three videos and I don’t receive any tokens!! That is not fair.