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Updated September 30, 2021

Get Paid to Exercise: How to Make Money on Your Workouts

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Either you are a lover or hater of exercise. But what if you could make some money while you workout?  Doesn’t sound like a bad gig does it?  It’s not as you can get paid to exercise with a little bit of effort and some initiative on your part.

We’ve outlined the best ways to make some cash fast and get free workouts with these moneymaking-exercise ideas.  So, get moving already and find out how you can earn big while you get fit.

Before We Get Started, Here’s A Tip For You:  If you are looking to make some extra money this month, we have a few easy tips for you.

Make A Bet With HealthyWage

If you are looking for a way to make some money in a friendly competition, HealthyWage is made for you. This app lets you bet on your fitness goals with other people on the site. Here, you make a wager that goes into a pot with other people’s bets.

Good to Know: The first person to reach their fitness goal takes the pot. If you fail to reach your workout goal in time, you’ll lose your bet. This is the perfect app for those that are looking for that added money motivation to workout and lose weight.

Become A Tour Guide

Get your walking shoes on and become a local tour guide. Here, you’ll take tourists on a walking tour of the city, where you’ll get your steps in for the day. Tour guides not only have knowledge about the city, but they get paid to share it with strangers.
Additional Perk: You’ll become a voice of authority as you get paid to exercise and people will love the information you are sharing about their travel destination. Plus, you’ll also get tips!
Did You Know? You can increase your monthly income with these tips.

Walk Your Way To Sweatcoin

With Sweatcoin, you’ll get paid in cryptocurrency for your workouts. Just by getting off the couch and starting to move, this app will pay you for your efforts. You can get all the exercise you want, and you’ll know that you are earning cryptocurrency in the process. There isn’t an easier way to get paid to exercise that with the Sweatcoin app.

Babysit A Toddler

Why not get paid to run around? Babysitting a toddler can do just that. Not only will you bring in an hourly wage, but you’ll be exhausted chasing that little one around all day. As everyone knows, toddlers have plenty of energy, and they can tire you out in an instant. You’ll be getting the exercise that you need while you get paid to exercise just by babysitting a little one on the side.

Be A Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors have it good. They get to lead a class of eager students to the beat of their favorite tunes. If you are serious about your fitness goals, you’ll want to take the necessary courses to become a fitness instructor at your local gym. You’ll get to create your own workout routines that will get you in shape as your help others do the same.
Bonus Perk: Plus, you’ll get paid to instruct a class, making this the best workout plan to make money and stay fit. And you may also get a free gym membership out of the deal as well.

Pay Yourself To Workout With Pact

Make a pact with yourself to workout each day using the Pact app. This app allows you to set a fitness goal and get paid for completing it. The Pact app will pay you if you keep the pact that you have set or make you pay it if you fail. Payouts on the Pact app are around 50 to 75 cents per week.

Make A Bet With DietBet

DietBet allows you to make a bet with others on your weight loss goals. You’ll need to exercise and eat right to win this wager, but it will be well worth the effort once you collect your winnings.

Bonus Perk: You can decide what you want your weekly wager to be, and you pay into a pot. Once the week is over, the people that reached their goals wins the pot. If you failed to make the goal you set, you will lose your bet but can keep trying to win it again next week.

Get A Physical Job

Depending on your fitness abilities, you may want to get a physically demanding job. Not only will this offer you free workouts, but it will help you bring in some much-needed cash. Look for jobs that require lifting and moving, so you can intensify your workout regime. A job where you can get physically involved can help you to get paid to exercise without having to shell out the bucks for a gym or a fitness instructor.

Become A Dog Walker

Dog walkers have the best of both worlds. They get to be outdoors and have the companionship of a dog by their side. As a dog walker, you can roam the streets of the city while you give a dog some exercise. You both will benefit from the fresh air and all the steps that you take together.

Bonus Perk: You’ll get paid to do the job and enjoy every minute of this fun position that offers you free workouts.

Reach Your Goals With StepBet

If you have a competitive side, you’ll fall head over heels for the StepBet app. This app allows you to choose your own fitness goals by placing a bet on reaching these goals. When you place your wager, you need to meet the goals set for each week. If you meet your goals, you split the pot and make a profit on top of it. If you don’t reach your fitness goals, you lose your wager fair and square.

Good to Know: StepBet is the perfect app for those that need some motivation to workout and want to make some money for their efforts in a fun and engaging way.

Become A Yoga Instructor

If yoga is your thing, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a yoga instructor. Yoga instructors do need proper training, but once you have completed it, you will be well on your way to teaching others. As a yoga instructor, you’ll be able to get your daily exercise while getting paid to instruct others on an activity that you are already passionate about. Why not help someone else discover their inner Buddha by educating them on the finer poses of yoga.

Be A Firefighter

Being a firefighter will get your heart pumping and your body moving. Firefighters have a strenuous job that requires plenty of physical strength. You’ll need to climb ladders, pull hoses, and rescue people, which requires you to move about and use those muscles. You’ll never tire of the job as you get paid to exercise while helping your community when a fire breaks out.

Take Up Landscaping

Another strenuous job that can provide you with one of the best workout plans is being a landscaper. These types of jobs will keep you moving as you work to plant trees, bushes, and flowers. You’ll maintain lawns, trim trees, and keep a property looking its best. You’ll be able to get that exercise in each and every day while you enjoy the summer weather and earn some money too.

Help Out A Farmer

Farmers have a notoriously hard job that will help you get in plenty of exercise. Farmers are always looking for additional help, where you can make money and get free workouts in. Your unique workout plan will include lifting hay bales, shoveling manure, and mending fences to name a few tasks. Becoming a farm hand will give you a firsthand glimpse into the life of a farmer while putting cash in your pocket to work out to a different routine each and every day.

Benefit Others With CharityMiles

If you want to earn money that you can help others with, then you will want to check out CharityMiles. This app pays you money for every mile you complete, allowing you to dedicate it to a charity of your choice.

Good to Know: The money is earned while you exercise, and your favorite charity benefits from your efforts with donations made directly from the CharityMiles app.

Teach Skiing Or Snowboarding

If you are a winter sports person, you are probably already into skiing or snowboarding. Signing on to become a ski or snowboarding instructor can help you mentor others while you earn some money for getting fit at the same time. As a ski or snowboarding instructor, you have one of the best workout plans set up for you each day as you teach others the ins and outs of the snow.

Start A Bike Messenger Service

Do you love to bike? If this is your fitness activity of choice, you’ll do well as a bike messenger. All you need is a bike and some stamina. You’ll deliver packages around the city on your bike, allowing you to log plenty of miles. You’ll dodge in and out of traffic and constantly be on the go. If this is your full-time job, you’ll get paid as well as get fit from cycling your way around town.

Be A Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to get fit, but not everyone knows how. If you are experienced in fitness, you can help others reach their fitness goals as a personal trainer. You’ll have your own cadre of clients that you will workout with side-by-side, getting fit and getting paid for an activity you already excel at. Your clients will appreciate the assistance you are providing, while you’ll reap the rewards of free workouts at the gym.

Start A Sports Team

Any type of sports is the ideal way to get fit and have some fun. Join a sports team or sign up as a coach.  Coaches get paid for their services while sports teams may get rewarded with money at the end of the season for winning it all. Not only will you earn some extra money, but you’ll love every moment of being on the field or court. Try football, basketball, baseball, soccer or tennis to really get your free workouts in.

Create A Hiking Group

Get outdoors and start guiding others on your hiking adventures. People will pay to have a tour guide take them on a hiking expedition. You are just the right person to make it happen too. If you like to hike, you’ll want to get others to come with you at a price. Share your knowledge of the great outdoors and get fit while people pay you for your navigation skills.

Start A Rafting Business

Whitewater rafting is a serious sport. This is the ideal way to make money for an adrenaline junkie. You’ll take to the waves as you maneuver and paddle your way around the rapids. Taking a group of people with you for pay can put money in your pocket while you enjoy your time on the water. You’ll get the rush of the experience, some much-needed exercise, and added cash to put in your pocket.

Climb Mountains With Others

If you are a mountain climber, you are in luck. There are several people that want to climb mountains but don’t have the experience to do so. They are more than willing to pay someone to show them the ropes, and you can be their instructor for the day. You’ll bring in some income while you get paid to exercise just by climbing mountains on the side.

Earn Money Walking With Walgreens Balance Rewards

As a loyalty program, the Walgreens Balance Rewards program is one of the best. This app pays you to get fit by giving you points. For every mile you bike, run or walk, you’ll get 20 points. Earn 5,000 points, and you’ll have $5 to spend at Walgreens. Want more money? Collect more points. A total of 40,000 points is all you need to reach $50 in spending power at one of its stores.

Wrapping It Up

There are plenty of ways that you can get free workouts and earn money too. Just by trying one of these ideas, you’ll find that you are looking and feeling better while also having more cash in your pocket.

Have another way to make money and get fit? Let us know how you make money on your workouts? We want to hear from you.


Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA and founder of Choice Tax Relief and Money Done Right. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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