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Updated April 07, 2023

Honey Review: Can You Save Money With This Popular Browser Extension?

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  • Honey
    • Basics: Honey is one of the most popular browser extensions, with downloads available for most common browsers. It helps you save and earn money through promo codes, price comparisons, referral perks, and loyalty benefits.
    • Pros: Honey gives you more options than competitors and doesn’t cost anything. It supports more than 30,000 vendors and can help you find lower prices on almost anything.
    • Cons: While Honey has a mobile app, it doesn’t offer the same set of features available with the browser extension. You can’t use the mobile app to look for better prices while shopping on other sites.

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Honey is one of the most popular browser extensions offering discounts and other benefits for online shopping. It’s available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

While you may not save on every purchase, Honey is a simple and effective way to spend less money online. This article will cover the pros and cons of Honey, how it compares with similar extensions, and some of its most useful features.

What Is Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that automatically looks for promotional codes, vendors with better prices, and other options to save money while you shop online.

It’s free to download, and you can delete it any time if you’re not satisfied with its results.

Rather than charging a download fee or displaying ads, Honey makes money by receiving commissions from online merchants. This isn’t passed on to you, the way some cash back sites work, because Honey simply identifies existing promotions rather than offering new ones.

Honey works with more than 30,000 vendors, helping you find deals on virtually all kinds of products. Its users essentially view the savings and cash back as free money, and it continues to be one of the most downloaded extensions across all browsers according to Extension Monitor.

Promo Codes

Honey is commonly associated with identifying promotional codes that shoppers wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of. Online businesses are constantly using codes with exclusive benefits, but these aren’t always easy to find. You could be missing out on a lot of savings if you regularly shop online without promo codes.

Honey is compatible with tons of  brands, so you can save money on things you’re already buying. Results may vary from one site to another, so some users will find more savings than others.

Honey Gold

Honey Gold works like many other loyalty programs and offers valuable rewards on top of the money you already save through Honey. It’s a free feature, and you’ll automatically accumulate Gold (rewards points) as you save money through promo codes and other Honey features.

You can redeem 1,000 Honey Gold points for a $10 gift card to a wide range of brands. Gold is calculated as a percentage of a sale price, and you’ll be asked to activate your rewards before completing each purchase. Gold is separate from other features — you can receive Gold rewards for shopping even if Honey doesn’t find a promotional code or other savings.

Amazon Price Comparisons

Honey isn’t limited to Amazon, but it offers unique features for Amazon purchases. The extension automatically looks for the same product from other vendors (both on Amazon and elsewhere) and lets you know if there’s a better deal. This streamlines the shopping process and ensures that you find the lowest price.

Honey also tracks price histories to give you a complete picture of the value you’re getting. Some products experience regular price drops, so it may be worth waiting for the next discount. You can even add an item to your Honey watch list to receive a notification whenever the price drops.

Mobile App

You can also download Honey as a mobile app on iOS or Android. The Google Play listing states that the app is still in early access and may have issues with stability. The mobile app offers different functions from the browser extension, including the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant and exclusive sources of Honey Gold.

The Honey Smart Shopping Assistant allows you to shop  and find promo codes for more than 400 stores without leaving the app. You may also be able to find sources of Honey Gold that aren’t available through your browser. Unfortunately, only a fraction of Honey’s supported brands are available for shopping through the mobile app.

Signing into your Honey account through the app gives you the option to add items to your wish list and sync them across all devices.


In addition to Gold earned through purchases, you can earn rewards by referring friends or family members to Honey. You’ll receive 1,000 Honey Gold, equivalent to a $10 gift card, for every two people who make their first purchase using your referral link.

This program offers up to 100,000 in Gold, meaning you can earn as much as $1,000 for introducing new users to the extension. Honey’s referral program is generous relative to many of its competitors and other free online services.

Who Is Honey for?

Honey is an easy way to save money online, so it can be a good option for anyone who frequently shops online. Because it’s free, there’s little risk to installing it — the worst-case scenario is simply that you don’t find any savings.

Given the app’s limitations, Honey may not be as effective for people who do most of their online shopping on a smartphone or tablet. For example, the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant doesn’t provide any support for Amazon. That said, there isn’t as much competition in the mobile space, so it could still be your best option.

Honey is a safe and legit money-saving app to help you search for discounts while you shop online. Honey has browser extensions for all major browsers and has an app available for download.

5/5 Rating

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Honey Alternatives


Shopper.com is another popular shopping extension that helps you find coupons while you shop online. Like Honey, it’s free to download, but it’s only available for Firefox and Chrome. It supports more than 38,000 stores.

Shopper.com is missing some key features that are available with Honey. You won’t be able to view a price history or comparison across sites.


Like Honey, Gumdrop by Goodshop automatically looks online for coupons and promo codes whenever you shop. It’s available for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and it gives users the opportunity to donate some of the purchase price to a school or charity.

PriceBlink looks for both promo codes and other vendors, like Honey does. Unfortunately, PriceBlink isn’t available for Safari.

The Camelizer

The Camelizer, available online or as an extension for Firefox and Chrome, tracks Amazon price histories at supported retailers to help you identify the best deals. The extension allows you to check an item’s history without leaving the product page.

It doesn’t provide the comparison or promo code features available from competitors.

Honey Pros & Cons

Honey Pros

  • The Honey extension and app are free to use.
  • It’s available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.
  • Robust features include promo codes, price comparisons and histories, and strong loyalty benefits

Honey Cons

  • Results can vary from one vendor or brand to another.
  • The mobile app doesn’t offer as many functions as the browser extension.

Can You Find Savings With Honey?

With its impressive set of tools, Honey is one of the most reliable ways to save money while shopping online. While competing products offer one or two of Honey’s features, no alternative provides the same array of benefits. The only notable downside is that you can’t use all the features on a tablet or smartphone.


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