SavingStar Review
Updated January 21, 2024

SavingStar Review 2024: How Does SavingStar Work? Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Everybody loves saving money on groceries and everyday shopping, but not everyone has the time to clip dozens of coupons and plan out a shopping trip.

SavingStar takes the stress out of gathering coupons for your shopping, making it easier than ever to save money on the things you buy every day.

By partnering with thousands of stores, SavingStar brings you exclusive discounts and rebates on the things you love.

SavingStar is a massive resource of discounts that you can access from your computer or your phone.

Here’s our thorough review on SavingStar and why you should sign up today.

SavingStar Review

Founded in 2011, SavingStar has helped millions of consumers save money on their everyday shopping.

They bring thousands of coupons right to your computer or phone, with no clipping, no printing coupons, and no mailing in rebates.

When you sign up for SavingStar, you’ll start earning cash back on your grocery shopping.

While most cash-back sites focus on items like home goods, apparel, and other products, SavingStar gives you significant rebates and savings on the grocery shopping that you do for yourself and your family.

Over 7 Million SavingStar Users

There are currently more than 7 million users on SavingStar, with more joining every day.

SavingStar has grown in popularity so much that it’s backed by major companies such as American Express and Flybridge Capital.

You’ll start seeing significant savings with easy to use, digital coupons and discounts.

SavingStar takes traditional coupons to an entirely new level.

How Does SavingStar Work?

Signing up is free, meaning you can start saving money on your groceries in just a few minutes.

SavingStar is unique in the fact that they partner with thousands of companies to offer rebates and discounts based on that company’s rewards or loyalty program.

Even better is that many of those loyalty programs are free, so you can start saving money without having to pay a dime in membership fees.

Simply Upload Receipts

After you sign up, simply link your loyalty card to SavingStar to start earning cash back on your grocery shopping.

If a particular store doesn’t offer a loyalty program, you can simply upload your receipts and receive the same great cash back offers you’d get through stores with loyalty programs.

That means you have the potential to get cash back on virtually all of your shopping.

SavingStar uploads new shopping offers every week, allowing you to consistently take advantage of fun and exciting discounts.

Once you start shopping after linking your loyalty cards or uploading receipts, you’ll start accruing your cash back in your SavingStar account.

SavingStar Payments

SavingStar is known for having some of the best cash-out options available.

Payment Option 1: Cash

When your balance reaches $20 or more, you can withdraw your balance into your bank account or your PayPal account.

Some cash back or rebate sites only allow you to redeem your earnings through merchandise or a digital rewards store rather than a cash payout like SavingStar.

Payment Option 2: Gift Cards

In addition to having the option to withdraw the funds directly, you also have the option to cash out your balance as a gift card.

SavingStar partners with thousands of retailers, meaning your gift card options are virtually endless.

Payment Option 3: Charity

Finally, you can opt to donate your cash back earnings directly to charity.

The charity option is perfect for someone looking to do good as well as for those who don’t want to enter their sensitive personal information online.

There are tons of charities that you can donate to, so you know your earnings are helping the causes you care about.

The multiple payout options have varying processing times, but the cash back, gift cards, and charity donations are more than worth the wait.

You can link your loyalty cards and upload your receipts through the SavingStar website or the app right on your phone, giving you access to easy cash back offers throughout the day.

SavingStar App

If you haven’t signed up for loyalty programs at your favorite stores, the SavingStar app makes it easy to take advantage of great savings and cash back offers on the go.

Available on both Android and iPhone, just upload your receipt to the app when you’re done shopping to get cash back on your purchase.

The app also makes it easy to upload your new loyalty program information as you sign up for various programs at your favorite stores.

Even if you don’t use the app regularly, it’s a great resource to have if you need to update your information or upload some receipts on the go.

You can even check out some of the rewards and cash back offers and select them for your next shopping trip right through the app.

The SavingStar app is incredibly simple to use, making it easy to take advantage of the program while you’re out and about.

SavingStar Partner Stores

SavingStar has one of the most extensive lists of partner stores out of any cash back program available to consumers today.

With over 70,000 stores that partner with SavingStar, you’ll be able to get cash back at all of your favorite places.

Top companies that partner with SavingStar include CVS, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and so many more.

SavingStar even partners with regional and some local stores to provide even greater savings to consumers.

No matter where you shop, there’s a good chance that your favorite store is on SavingStar’s list.

You can quickly search all of their participating stores right on the site.

SavingStar Programs

SavingStar has multiple discount and cash back programs to help you maximize your shopping experience.

If you’re a weekly shopper or an infrequent shopper, anyone can take advantage of these amazing savings programs that SavingStar has to offer.

Healthy Offers

If you enjoy eating fresh produce, you’ll be able to get some great cash back offers through the Healthy Offers section that you’ll find on the site.

With new offers uploaded weekly, SavingStar believes in promoting healthy eating and offers great discounts and cash back on fresh produce at your favorite stores.

These exclusive savings are only found on SavingStar, and there’s never a fee to become a member.

One or Many Offers

SavingStar also wants you to become a smarter shopper.

Through the One or Many Offers program, you can set specific shopping goals that are tracked through your loyalty card or the receipts you upload.

Once you hit those goals, whether it’s in one shopping trip or over many shopping trips, you’ll unlock massive savings that you’ll be able to use on your next purchase.

By spending smart and setting practical shopping goals, you’ll get rewarded through the One or Many Offers program.

SavingStar offers multiple goals to choose from depending on your shopping needs, making these goals a fun and interesting challenge for everyone.

Always On Programs

Always On Programs are the easiest ways to save on SavingStar.

Once you find an Always On Program that you’re interested, simply sign up for the discount and get the discount every time you go shopping.

It’s rare to find a site that offers you a continuing discount after signing up for it once, but you can find plenty of Always On Program offerings through SavingStar.

Whether that’s a specific product or at a specific store, once you sign up you’ll get consistent savings and cash back on your purchases.

Signing Up For SavingStar

Signing up for SavingStar takes just a few minutes and is completely free.

Simply provide your contact information and your loyalty program information, then you’re set to start taking advantage of some serious savings.

As we mentioned, you never have to provide your sensitive personal information, and during sign-up you’ll be able to decide how you want your rewards to be paid out.

After you link your cards, you’ll start to see tailored offers for your favorite stores, and you’ll also be able to search the massive savings database.

Simply select the rebates you’re interested in using and be sure to use your loyalty card the next time you go shopping.

As we mentioned, even if you don’t have a loyalty card for a particular store, you can select your rebate offers and upload a receipt of your purchase to redeem your cash back offer.

The simple to use dashboard lets you easily update your loyalty program information, scan in your receipts, and check your cash back balance.

Is SavingStar Legit?

SavingStar is a very unique program that offers you multiple ways to save and get cash back on your grocery shopping.

With so many companies offering similar services, we know how difficult it can be to sort out the real companies from the scams.

The great news is that SavingStar is completely legitimate and offers real cash back and discounts on the shopping you’re already doing every day.

Many Positive SavingStar Reviews

While no company is perfect, SavingStar has a lot of very positive reviews, with many members reporting awesome cash back opportunities.

What’s even more telling is that the negative reviews are always addressed, and SavingStar representatives seem like they truly care about the issue and want to get it fixed, which goes a long way.

If you do a lot of shopping, this is a great way to get money back on the things you’re already buying.

SavingStar Is Secure

The best part about SavingStar that isn’t typical with other cash back sites is that you don’t ever have to give them your sensitive personal information such as your bank account or credit card number, which is a huge bonus for people who are particularly concerned about online safety.

With the option to have your cash back withdrawn to your bank account, PayPal, sent as a gift card, or donated to charity, there’s a way to redeem cash back that everyone will feel comfortable with.

SavingStar Review: Conclusion

When it comes to saving money on the shopping you’re already doing, there are few companies out there that match what SavingStar has to offer.

By partnering with over 70,000 different stores, there are countless offers that you’re able to redeem every day.

We love the simple to use interface and the straightforward sign up process.

By spending just a few minutes signing up and linking your loyalty program cards to SavingStar, you’ll unlock access to some of the best discounts and cash back offers available.

SavingStar has grown very quickly and has garnered the attention of some of the world’s top investing companies, allowing you to have access to exclusive discounts that you won’t find anywhere else.

With opportunities to save on your favorite products or at your favorite stores with Always On Programs, the savings are even better.

Take your SavingStar account on the go with the easy to use app.

When you’re done shopping, upload your receive to redeem your shopping rewards.

And if you’re concerned about your personal information being stored online, you have the option to redeem your cash back through PayPal, as gift cards, or you can donate your rewards to charity.

Overall, SavingStar is a robust program that offers members savings and cash back everywhere they shop.


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