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Updated February 27, 2023

51 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Her

Saving Money

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You want to get that special lady in your life something special but finding cheap Christmas gifts for her may seem nearly impossible to do.

Fortunately, all you need to do is pay close attention to this list to find exactly what you need. You may find a few gift ideas that you already considered, but at least one will surprise you.

The Best Cheap Christmas Gifts for Women

To achieve this “impossible” mission of finding the perfect gift, you must keep your options open and be creative. Using an idea that you have never used may lead to benefits that you never have enjoyed, while you also save a lot of money.

1. Custom Bracelet with a Handwritten Message

custom bracelet christmas gift

Your special lady more than likely enjoys receiving handwritten messages, letters and love notes from you. Turn a handwritten message into a customized bracelet, so that they can wear your love note for many years to come.

2. Birthstone Earrings

birthstone earrings

A high-priced pair of diamond earrings may be out of your price range, but you can still find a first-class set of earrings with her birthstone that creates more of an emotional impact with sentimental value.

3. Personalized Jewelry

personalized jewelry

If she likes to see her name in jewelry, then you should help with building her personalized collection. Whether it is a name bracelet, pair of earrings or even a watch with her name engraved in it, she may elevate this present to the top of her list of all-time favorite Christmas gifts.

4. Earring Organizer

earrings organizer

She may already have a jewelry box to contain her precious jewels, necklaces and bracelets. Give her a stylish organizer for the often-overlooked jewelry items: earrings.

5. Trinket Dish with a Touch of Artistry

trinket dish

A beautiful trinket dish with a touch of artistry can quickly become a popular Christmas present – especially if you have already purchased jewelry for her to put in it. Focus on her favorite colors or an intricate décor that complements her existing bedroom furniture.

6. Hanging Jewelry Stand

hanging jewelry stand

If you literally want to think outside of “the box”, then you should purchase a hanging jewelry stand instead. Whether you choose a two-tier or three-tier setup is up to you but focus on how many tiers you know she will need.

7. Comfortable Pajama Set in Her Favorite Color

comfortable pajama set

What woman does not enjoy being comfortable at night? After a long day at work, she is likely focused on getting as comfortable as possible as fast as possible. A nice set of comfy pajamas will do the trick.

8. Customized Comfortable Pillow

customized pillow

What lady can resist a first-class pillow with premium comfort? Customize it with a message, her favorite quote or even her own name and you will create a personalized pillow that she will cherish with every good night’s sleep.

9. Stylish and Colorful Floor Pillow

stylish colorful floor pillow

The bed should not be the only place where you enjoy a comfortable pillow – what about the floor? A colorful and comfortable floor pillow will prove that you care a lot about her overall comfort in and out of the bedroom.

10. Comfortable Plush Throw

plush throw

Her head is not the only part of her body that wants to stay comfortable and warm in bed. You can get her a great Christmas gift by adding a plush throw to her collection of bedding accessories.

11. Cookbook from Her Favorite Chef


If she has a favorite chef, cooking show or cooking website, then you should buy a cookbook to match her favorites. It may seem like a small gesture to you, but it will have a large impact with her.

12. Customized Cookbook with Family Recipes

Perhaps she is her own favorite chef, or she cherishes a collection of family recipes that has become a family heirloom. Turn it into a customized family cookbook that can be passed down through her family line as well.

customized cookbook

13. Portable Waffle Maker

A delicious waffle can really make a meal – especially if you seem to have a gap on the breakfast plate and have no idea how to fill it. You can relieve this burden from your special lady’s mind by buying her a portable waffle maker that she can take with her on the go.

portable waffle maker scaled


14. Bubble Bath Spa and Body Scrub Set

bubble bath set body scrub

She probably craves moments in a warm bath whenever she can enjoy her own fortress of solitude without any distractions. Purchasing a bath spa, salt and body scrub set will show her that you care about her solo moments as well.

15. Bathtub Caddy Tray

bathtub caddy tray

The perfect complement for those solo moments in the tub is a wooden caddy tray. As she relaxes in her bubble bath, she can read a good book, watch a movie on a mobile device or even enjoy a delicious meal that you personally prepared for her.

16. Silk Sleep Mask

silk sleep mask

Show her that you care about her comfort even when she is trying to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Buy her a silk sleep mask in her favorite color that may blend well with her pajamas.

17. Engraved Business Card Holder

engraved business card holder

Show your special lady that you care about her as a professional and as a person. Give her a business card holder with her name or business name engraved on it.

18. Manicure and Pedicure Combo

manicure and pedicure combo

With her busy schedule of managing daily chaos, she may not have had the chance to have a manicure and pedicure in quite some time. Schedule an appointment for her or buy a gift card to use at her favorite nail salon.

19. First-Class Massage Session

first class massage session

The best approach is to pay for a professional massage – even if you can only afford a 15- or 30-minute session. However, you could also do a little research on professional massage techniques and give her an intimate experience in your own home.

20. Vibration Body Massager

portable vibration massager

A portable body massager designed for home use is more popular and desired by most consumers than you might realize. A typical session will massage her for hours, but a portable body massager can do it for years, saving you money in the long run.

21. Comedic Coffee Mug

comedic coffee mug

Custom coffee mugs are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Even if she enjoys a hot cup of tea instead of juicy java, a stylish coffee mug with a funny phrase or graphic image may go a long way.

22. Mermaid Coffee Mug

If she loves mermaids, then you can buy her a mermaid-themed coffee mug. Chances are she does not already have one and it will make a perfect conversation starter.

23. Mermaid Blanket

mermaid blanket

As a dedicated mermaid fan, she will also enjoy keeping her body warm as she wears a knitted mermaid blanket while sipping from her mermaid coffee mug.

24. Portable Coffee Mug Warmer

portable coffee mug warmer

Perhaps she feels as if keeping her hot coffee hot is much harder to do when it is in her favorite mug instead of concealed in a thermos. Buy her a portable coffee mug warmer to eliminate this issue.

25. French Press

french press

There are not very many coffee lovers who would ever turn down a French press. If you know she does not already have one, then you should be the one to change that this year.

26. Customized Wine Glass

customized wine glass

If your special lady enjoys beverages that are a little stronger than coffee and tea, then a customized wine glass will hit the mark with precision and prestige. Whether you use her favorite quote or just an entertaining graphic, she will enjoy it either way.

27. Stylish Wine Glass Holder

stylish wine glass holder

As she enjoys her favorite wine in her new wine glass, she might have no idea where to put it when she is in the bathroom. Perhaps a shower wine glass holder is exactly what she needs even though she may not even realize it.

28. Wine Cooling Pearls

wine cooling pearls

Again, if she enjoys the “adult beverage”, then you should help her to amp up the ambiance. Buy a pair of wine cooling pearls to keep the wine cooled at the proper temperature.

29. High-Quality, Top-Shelf Tea

top quality shelf tea

You can avoid the standard generic or commonly purchased tea bags that she frequently buys for herself from the grocery store. Instead, focus on the top-shelf, high-quality tea that she may never have tried before but you know she will love.

30. Favorite TV Show Memorabilia or Novelty Gift

favorite tv show memorabilia

Think about her favorite TV show of all time or perhaps her favorite TV show right now. There is more than likely an abundance of cheap Christmas gifts for her that are related to her favorite show.

31. Ancestry or Genealogy Testing


The most interesting history lesson is a lesson about your own history. Show that you have an interest in her history by investing in a record of her ancestry or genealogy. The discoveries that one can find within a family tree can be a gift that keeps on giving.

32. Nostalgic Novel


Perhaps she had a favorite novel as a child that she no longer has for one reason or another. Chances are you can get a new copy of her favorite book that will tuck at her heartstrings as soon as she opens your present.

33. Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oils diffuser

With its steady stream of steam and color-changing ambiance, your special lady will think about you every time she walks into a room and this diffuser is there to greet her.

34. Scented Candle with Her Favorite Aroma

scented candle

Cheap Christmas gifts for her with sweet aromas are always big hits. Get her a scented candle that features her favorite aroma to achieve your gifting goal.

35. Restore a Decades-Old Photo

restore old photo

Find the decades-old photo that she has held on to for years even though it is now faded and may even have cosmetic or wear-and-tear damage. You can pay to have the photo restored as a digital image by a creative contractor online and surprise her with it as a present.

36. Portrait of a Deceased Relative

portrait of a deceased relative

Think about a deceased relative who was close to her heart in more ways than she could ever describe in words. Have a simple illustration or basic portrait made of that relative. Get the Kleenex ready before you give it to her on Christmas Day!

37. Beautiful Pet Portrait

beautiful pet portrait

Perhaps she has a special pet who holds a special place in her heart. Once you have a custom pet portrait made of her canine or feline family member, she will be more than happy to post, hang and treasure it along with her other family photos.

38. Custom Hoodie for Your Pet

custom hoodie for pet

In addition to an artistic portrait, buying a fancy hoodie or sweater for your lady’s pet is another top-shelf present that you can get for a bottom-shelf price.

39. Cheese Board and Tool Set

cheese board

If your special lady enjoys catering for houseguests, neighbors and even uninvited visitors, presenting her with a cheese board and tool set will pay off in a big way. Presentation is everything – especially when you are serving the classic fruit, cheese and wine combination.

40. Fondue Maker

fondue maker

Instead of going out for fondue, you can buy her a fondue maker. Whenever she wants chocolate fondue, she will only have to think of your gift and head to the kitchen.

41. Fitness Tracker with Stylish Band

fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is essentially a smartwatch with the bonus of health awareness. Add a stylish band to match her fashion sense and you will have yourself a great Christmas present. Fitness trackers may motivate her (and you!) to be more active, which saves money over time with less need for medications or treatments.

For other great and affordable gift ideas, check this out!

42. Flavor-Infusing Water Bottle

flavor infusing water bottle

Perhaps she wants to focus on improving her diet in the New Year. If so, then a flavor-infusing water bottle will be more appreciated by your special lady than you might realize.

43. Blooming Tea and Teapot

blooming tea and teapot

If you want to add appeal to the standard beverage container, get a blooming tea and teapot for that special lady. It brews tea, helps her to calm her nerves after a stressful day and provides a beautiful sample of natural growth in her home kitchen.

44. Fancy Smartphone Case

fancy smartphone case

If your special lady enjoys her smartphone, then you should consider buying a stylish smartphone case that is both fashionable and functional.

45. Phone Accessories for the Perfect Selfie

cellphone selfie ring

There is a host of accessories available that can turn the average smartphone into a high-quality photo or video camera. For instance, if she loves to take selfies, then you can buy her a selfie ring light to add a professional touch to each snapshot.

46. Portable Power Bank for Mobile Devices

portable power bank

If it seems as if her mobile devices are attached to her hip, then make sure she has a portable power bank in her pocketbook or purse. You could even get a stylish one that adds a bit of fashion to its function.

47. Heated Mittens

heated mittens

As she works on her laptop for work or school purposes, her hands may get cold – especially when trying to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot to wrap up a project. Make sure that her fingers stay warm by giving her a pair of heated mittens that are powered by USB.

48. Quality Makeup Set

quality make up set

You can find a high-quality makeup set without breaking the bank to do so. Focus on the shades and specific makeup types that she uses the most instead of purchasing a high-price makeup set filled with accessories that she will hardly ever use (if ever).

49. Compact Makeup Mirror with LEDs

compact makeup mirror with led

There is something about a light-up makeup mirror that elevates its aesthetic appeal and overall popularity – especially when there is not a lot of natural light available when she needs it the most.

50. Sugary Lip Treatment

sugary lip treatment

She may be interested in giving the special someone in her life a sweet kiss – especially during the holiday season. Prepare her for that moment by buying a sugar lip balm or treatment. She will thank you later. However, if it is you that she is kissing, then perhaps you will be thanking her.

51. Smoothing Oil for Her Hair

smoothing oil for hair

During the winter season, taming frizzy hair may become an overwhelming experience for her. That is unless you decide to buy her hair smoothing oil that she can keep with her in her purse throughout those turbulent times.

Buying Cheap Christmas Gifts for Her Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

We hope at least some of our tips and gift ideas can help you find the best gift for the special woman in your life. Finding cheap Christmas gifts for her doesn’t have to be that difficult. All you need to do is start early, make sure you explore all possible options, and leverage platforms and apps that can help you save money.

For more ideas on how to make extra money this Christmas to have enough for all the gifts you want to buy, click here!

Have any other ideas or tips on finding cheap Christmas gifts for her? We’d love to hear them, let us know in a comment below!


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