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Updated January 21, 2024

Republic Wireless Review 2024: Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling and Texting

Saving Money

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How happy are you with your current cell phone service provider? The fact that you’re reading this Republic Wireless review suggests you’re considering a change, and you’ve probably just found it.

This could be your chance to enjoy unlimited talk and text and customizable high-speed LTE data at prices way lower than what you’re currently paying to your mobile carrier.

It’s called Republic Wireless, and we’ll share everything you need to know about it in the following lines.

About Republic Wireless

This is a mobile virtual network operator, a cell phone company that successfully combines traditional cell tower services with Voice over IP technology, letting you make Wi-Fi calls whenever there is a connection available.

Since Wi-Fi calls are much cheaper than their traditional cell-tower communication alternative, switching from your mobile carrier to Republic Wireless could save you a small fortune.

They will route your phone usage through Wi-Fi and rely on Sprint and T-Mobile to back up their service when there is no Wi-Fi available.

The company has been on the market since 2011 when they first provided the ability to call using a Wi-Fi connection.

In 2013, they patented solutions that enabled users to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and cell service.

In 2015, they made it possible to switch from cell service to Wi-Fi.

They took their service to a whole new level in 2016 when they patented Bonded Calling.

The technology uses connections simultaneously, monitors Wi-Fi signal strength, and backs it up with 3G and 4G LTE networks to ensure the highest call quality and avoid interruptions.

They have won an impressive number of clients since then. The only ones complaining about them are iPhone users since the network does not support their favorite devices.

How Does the Republic Wireless Service Work?

Traditional cell phone service providers use only one type of signal and add cell towers to expand their coverage. Their users can only access one type of signal.

Republic allows users access to all three types of connection at the same time. It uses Sprint and T-Mobile towers for 3G and 4G LTE data, and switches between those and its Wi-Fi connectivity according to signal strength and user needs.

It is important to note that the switch occurs automatically, seamlessly, without the user having to take action or interrupt their conversation.

Moreover, Republic Wireless phones are programmed to use Wi-Fi networks whenever available and only connect to mobile networks when such networks are not available or the signal is weak and affects call quality.

They will switch back to Wi-Fi automatically when a corresponding connection is available.

Since Wi-Fi-based services are much cheaper than cell-service ones, they enable the provider to offer cheaper prices than the ones available from cell-service providers.

Otherwise put, as a Republic client, you will pay less than you currently do and get better connectivity, coverage, and call quality.

Now that we have figured out how the service works, let’s see what the company has to offer in terms of phones.

Republic Wireless Phones and Compatibility

As mentioned earlier in our Republic Wireless review, iPhone users are out of luck. The service is only available through Android phones.

New users have two options: use a phone they already have, if it is compatible, or buy a new one. Let’s start by reviewing the company’s offer.

Republic Wireless Phones Offer

At the time of this review, subscribers were able to choose between the following phone options:

  • Alcatel A30 – $99
  • Samsung Galaxy J30 (2017, certified pre-owned) – $99
  • Moto E5 Play – $129
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017, certified pre-owned model) – $149
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) – $169
  • Moto G6 Play – $199
  • Moto G6 – $199
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) – $249
  • Moto X4 – $249
  • Moto Z3 Play – $399
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – $599
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – $719

True, the list is rather narrow.

The good news is that all Republic Wireless phones are unlocked so if you decide to switch carriers or want to use a different cell service provider temporarily, you will not have to worry about unlocking your phone or buying a new one.

If the above list does not cover your favorite models it does not mean you should give up the idea of using Republic Wireless.

Instead, consider using your current phone or buy a new one from somewhere else. You can do that, as long as your phone is compatible with their service.

Compatible Republic Wireless Phones

As mentioned earlier in our Republic Wireless review, you do not have to buy your phone from Republic. You can use a device you already have or buy one from somewhere else.

However, to avoid spending money in vain, you should follow these 4 steps:

  1. Check coverage
  2. Choose your phone
  3. Check compatibility
  4. Get Your Sim Card Kit

Republic Wireless will check your location and let you know if they offer cell service coverage in your area.

If they don’t, you can still use their Wi-Fi-based services, but there will be no backup to guarantee call quality.

To avoid buying one of the Republic Wireless phones, make sure the device you bring is on the list of supported phones, produced for North America, unlocked, and labeled as GSM.

Here is a list of compatible Republic Wireless phones.

Keep in mind that model restrictions apply, so you should double-check compatibility before spending money on a new phone either by carefully reading the information provided here or by consulting one of the company’s customer support representatives.

As you can see, the list of compatible Republic Wireless phones is quite comprehensive.

It covers some of the newest and best-rated Android-based phones, so one of them should definitely appeal to you.

Republic Wireless Plans and Pricing

Unlike other phone service providers that confuse you with their multiple similar pricing plans and often have hidden fees and restrictions, Republic Wireless has one of the simplest and most affordable offers on the market.

They offer a single plan for unlimited talk and text, and they let you add as much data as you need to it, when you need it.

You will only pay $15 for unlimited talk and text. If you don’t need to use your phone in areas with no Wi-Fi coverage, you won’t have to pay anything extra.

Just to be sure and remain connected and available at all times, you can get 1 GB of 4G LTE data for only $5.

Should you need more, you will receive timely notifications and be able to add more data to your plan on the spot without affecting your finances in the long run.

According to Republic Wireless, by adding 1 GB of data to your unlimited talk and text plan, you will only pay $20/month and be able to:

  • Watch ~2,342 minutes of videos
  • Download ~2,323 photos
  • Read ~30,234 ~emails
  • Post ~2,343 updates on Facebook
  • Listen to ~4,453 minutes of music
  • Drive ~5,000 miles with Google Maps
  • Surf ~45,324 pages with Google Chrome
  • Talk until you lose your voice
  • Text until you can no longer type

Now seriously, if you compare the Republic Wireless offer with any other plan out there, you will see it is an excellent deal.

It can save you a great deal of money and improve your overall experience.

Republic Wireless Review Highlights – Why You Should Sign Up Now!

We’ve already explained how Republic Wireless works, what type of coverage it provides, what phone models it makes available and what other models it supports.

We’ve also reviewed pricing plans.

The only thing left to do it to review the benefits these service details can bring you. They are quite a few, detailed in the following lines.

Excellent Coverage

If you live in the U.S., you cannot hope to get better coverage than this.

You have free Republic Wireless coverage whenever there is a Wi-Fi connection available, and you have Sprint or T-mobile coverage the rest of the time.

Sure, all networks have their blind spots, those few areas where there is no coverage.

However, with the Republic Wireless coverage, your chances of ending up in one of those areas are much lower than with any other phone service provider.

It’s like using three different service providers at the same time to make sure you can make calls with one.

We’re pretty sure it is impossible to find a better deal, at least in this price range.

Incredibly Low Pricing Plan

We’re willing to bet you have been paying more than $20/month with your previous cell service plan.

Chances are you sometimes exceeded your data plan or talk and text credit and incurred additional expenses or had your communication options drastically reduced.

According to our findings, Republic Wireless has the most affordable pricing plan on the market. Just compare other carriers and Republic Wireless plans, and you’ll see for yourself.

What we love the most about it is that you are not bound by long-term subscriptions. You can give up using the service anytime, although you will have no reason to, that’s for sure.

You won’t have to worry about hidden costs either. What you choose is what you get, and you have full control of your spending.

If you want, you can stick to the $15/month unlimited talk and text plan alone.

If you add the 1GB of data to your plan and it proves insufficient, you receive notifications when you get close to exhausting your data.

It will be entirely up to you whether you buy more data or limit your usage, and, if you decide to buy more, when you do it is all your choice.

Full Control and Reliable Support through the Republic Wireless App

To make the most of the service and customize it to your needs and expectations, you will need the Republic Wireless app.

It will let you adjust your account’s settings, monitor and manage data usage, setup and check voicemail, and more.

What we appreciate the most about it is the fact that it lets you contact the customer support service and, browse the Help Center for the information you need, and connect with the Republic Wireless Community.

And what a community that is – a heartwarming crowd ready to share their experience and help out anyone needing it.

In many situations, you’ll receive the answers you need for them before the customer service representatives get a chance to provide them.

Easy Onboarding Process

Starting to use Republic Wireless is as easy as counting to three. All you need to do is:

  • Order your phone or SIM Kit here
  • Receive your order and download the Republic Wireless App
  • Activate your plan and add as much data as you think you will need to it.

Nothing to Lose with the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t you love it when you can test products and services risk-free?

We surely do, and the 14-days money back guarantee was one of the reasons why we decided to trust this service and write this Republic Wireless review.

It lets you get a taste of what’s available without risking anything.

If you’re not satisfied with the Republic Wireless coverage or you think you can get a better deal elsewhere, all you have to do is return the phone and/or the SIM kit and claim your refund.

Just be careful and follow rules: contact the customer service before the 14 days deadline expires to announce your intention and return the products in their original packaging and impeccable condition.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs, but we are pretty sure you’ll have no reason to request a refund, as everyone loves Republic Wireless.

Great Customer Service and Impressive Reputation

You may be a little disappointed to find out that customer service is only available by chat and open tickets. We sure were when we first reviewed the service.

However, as we realized before writing this Republic Wireless review, you don’t really need to contact the support team by phone.

You’ll find answers to most questions in the Help Center or by asking community members.

Should that not work out for you, support team members are pretty fast at answering requests. You should have your answer within minutes.

After all, Republic Wireless won the 2018 Customer Happiness Awards and the Association of Support Professionals’ 2018 Award for the Year’s Ten Best Support Sites. That should definitely put your mind at ease.

Republic Anywhere – All the Services You Need, When and Where You Need Them, with Minimum Hassle

Republic Wireless has gone a long way trying to cater to all their user’s need and win over all their competitors. We think they’ve succeeded, and they seem to have a lot more aces up their sleeve.

You’ll fall in love with the Republic Anywhere platform, a cloud infrastructure you can access from any device and use it to take your experience with Republic Wireless to the next level.

You can control calls and messages, sync content across several devices, and access all service features.

We’ve already mentioned the Republic Wireless App in our review, but the HQ voice-activated speakerphone being perfected as we speak will totally win you over.

Once it’s released, it will give you access to a smart built-in assistant, pair with your mobile to let you grab calls, and even connect to LTE networks.

Wrapping up Our Republic Wireless Review

As shown above, Republic Wireless has the best phone service offer currently available on the market. It is incredibly affordable, flexible, and easy to access.

There are no risks, no hidden fees, and no long-term commitments to worry about. It has an excellent reputation and a money-back guarantee.

You have no reasons not to give the service a try, but an overwhelming number of incentives to do that right away. Under the circumstances, all we can say is:

Do you know anyone who has ever used Republic Wireless? Do you think they would be a good fit for you?

Let us know in a comment below!


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