Christine C. Renee

Christine is a personal finance writer and solo business blogger who has been freelancing for money and B2C blogs for over four years. Her primary writing focus is in the areas of personal budgeting, banking, and managing credit. She also likes to delve into business subjects such as side hustling, business methods and time management. Her favorite things to research and write about are fintech products and how they have changed the way people interact with their money.


Christine’s work is found in Bankrate, Blogging Wizard, Careful Cents, FreelancerFAQ, Investor Junkie, NextAdvisor, and other money and business publications, as well as on her blog.

Education & Credentials

Christine holds a degree in business management from Wayland University as well as minor degrees in administration and marketing from the University of Phoenix. She used to be a technical writer/instructor for the government and now uses those skills as a freelance writer.


Christine paid off around $65,000 of debt in 2018 after getting serious about it — it took her 2.3 years. When she’s not blogging about it, she likes to consume the blackest coffee she can find while reading books about money or listening to podcasts about information security.

Articles by Christine C. Renee