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Updated April 07, 2023

Fetch Rewards Review: Great Companion to Ibotta!

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Oh no, not another receipt rewards app!

I bet you’ve got one or two of them on your phone already, but before you click away, know that Fetch Rewards is different.

Similar to Ibotta, Checkout51, and RecieptPal, Fetch “Rewards” you for the things you buy.

It’s the newest app to disrupt the receipt rewards industry. But know that unlike those other apps, there are no hoops to jump through to stack up points.

Keep reading to find out how Fetch operates.

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is the newest development by founder and CEO Wes Schroll. It is a receipt rewards app most similar to Ibotta and ReceiptPal.

But you earn points (not cash) when you upload a picture of your shopping receipt into the app.

Once you earn enough points, you can cash them in for e-gift certificates to places like Amazon and Nike.

This isn’t Fetch’s first iteration. Back in 2016, it was a customer coupon and self-checkout app called Shop Fetch and was featured in 50 stores. But it was competing with Amazon Go and Walmart’s Scan & Go.

A bigger market was to be had by getting into the hands of more people, so We got the funding he needed and created Fetch Rewards.

Here is what makes the Fetch app different:

  • Every receipt gets you points
  • Receipts from most all retailers are accepted
  • No coupons or specials to download
  • No surveys to take
  • No games to play
  • No videos to watch

Check out my full video walkthrough below.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

You start out by downloading the free mobile app and signing up.

What makes Fetch Rewards easy to use is that you don’t have to search the app for specific products or scan barcodes, and there are no surveys to take or videos to watch for you to get points. You just take a picture of your receipt.

With Fetch, every receipt gets points. If your purchases include participating brands, you earn more points, and if any of your purchases include a special-offer product, you receive bonus points, but they are not required.

You can start redeeming gift cards as soon as you reach 3000 points.

Just be sure receipts are from within the last 14 days (also, rules say you can only upload a limit of 14 receipts within a rolling seven-day period).

You can scan receipts from grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, big box stores, club stores, etc.

I uploaded 7 receipts when I first signed up and earned a total of 1800 points. None of my receipts had participating brands. My first receipt earned a welcome 650 points.

But the points went down consecutively from there: 400, 300, 200, 100, and the last two receipts earned me 25 points each. I expect the rest of my receipts (without participating brands) might keep getting me about 25 points each.

Earn Points Faster

You can rack up points faster by checking the app before shopping and making sure your purchase includes participating brands like Cheerios, Planters, Pepsi, Nature Valley, etc.

Earn bonus points when you shop the Special Offers list of products.

And you can earn even more by referring friends and family.

Redeem Points for Gift Cards or Enter Sweepstakes

Once you reach 3000 points, you can start redeeming rewards for gift cards (3000 points = $3).

There are two ways you can use your rewards, exchange them for electronic gift cards, or use your points to enter into an ongoing sweepstakes giveaway.

Electronic Gift Card – Once you’re ready to redeem your points for gift certificates, you can choose by category. Most of the gift cards Fetch offers are restaurant and retail gift certificates like Outback and Chili’s, CVS, and Lowes.

Sweepstakes Giveaway – Sometimes, Fetch has sweepstakes giveaways they advertise to users via email, or you can search the app.

As of this writing, there is a $1000 visa giveaway that will run until the end of the month. Users can enter with points (100 points = 1 entry). Each month there may be a different giveaway.

How to Sign Up?

Fetch Rewards is only available on mobile so you can download the app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Once you download the app to your phone, sign up is really quick!

Enter your email address, a secure password, your birthday, gender (optional), a phone number, and the state you live in.

As soon as you’re signed up, you can start scanning your receipts and earn points.


The mobile app is free to download and free to use, and it is free to redeem gift cards.


Receipt Rewards

Fetch Rewards lets you earn points for uploading a picture of your paper purchase receipts. Earn more points when you purchase participating brands and special-offer products, then redeem those points for gift certificates or enter the current sweepstakes giveaway.

Gift Certificate Rewards

Once you earn enough rewards (3000 points), redeem your points for electronic gift certificates to name-brand retailers like Lowes, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ruby Tuesday, Nike, REI, and more.

Shopping List

Create a shopping list right in the app so you can remember to purchase special-offer products or participating brands. Or just use it as a regular shopping list.

Recipe Inspiration

This is an unadvertised nice little perk that comes with the app. Find new recipes for your next meal and save it clicking the heart button then adding the ingredients to your shopping list.

The Fetch app will also suggest participating brands so you can earn more points.

Recipe Box (save recipes)

Save your favorite recipes so you can cook them once you get back home.

Monthly Spending Goal/Tally

This is another really cool feature. There is a monthly-spending goal that you can set for yourself, a bar graph that shows points, and a spend-by-retailer pie chart.

This information can be valuable if you’re trying to watch your spending and can be used as a budgeting app if you filter all your receipts through it.

However, you wouldn’t be able to track digital receipts if you’re on Android. At this time, only iOS devices can accept digital receipts with the Fetch app. 

Viewable Receipt History

All receipts are kept in a history section where you will be able to view them along with a detailed list of the items you purchased.

Partnership with SingleCare

Fetch Rewards is partnered with SingleCare, an affordable healthcare and pharmacy discount card company. With the Fetch app, you get access to SingleCare’s pharmacy card so you can save up to 80% on prescriptions.

You also get 5000 points the first time you complete a pharmacy transaction using the SingleCare card that you get through the Fetch app.

Mobile App

Fetch Rewards is only available on mobile so you can download the app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Fetch Pros and Cons

Fetch Pros

  • Possibly the fastest earning receipt rewards app – every receipt seems to get points
  • Exchange points for gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants
  • Keep track of spending by retailer and set monthly spending goals
  • Receipt & Purchase history
  • Keep a shopping list & get recipe ideas

Fetch Cons

  • You earn points for gift cards, not cash like Ibotta
  • The app is not intuitive – it takes time to get used to the features and find things
  • The app can be slow and glitchy
  • The Android version does not accept digital receipts.
  • Lots of emails – once you sign up, be prepared to get an email a day asking you to invite friends or letting you know new brands.

Who is Fetch Rewards Best For?

Fetch Rewards is best for anyone with a smartphone who is willing to scan paper shopping receipts in exchange for points that can be turned into gift cards.

The fact that you can use the app as a free shopping list, money tracker, and recipe tracker is also a plus.


If you’re ready to add another app to your receipt-rewards arsenal, Fetch Rewards could be the one to replace the others. It gives you points for any receipt from any retailer and no hoops to jump through.

If you already buy participating brands (which the app is continuously adding more each week), it could get you to gift cards faster.

Plus, there are multiple ways to increase your points through purchasing bonus merchandise and inviting others to try Fetch.

Aside from the new-app kinks, this makes Fetch Rewards potentially the fastest-earning receipt rewards app available.


Christine C. Renee

Christine is a personal finance writer and solo business blogger who has been freelancing for money and B2C blogs for over four years. Her primary writing focus is in the areas of personal budgeting, banking, and managing credit. She also likes to delve into business subjects such as side hustling, business methods and time management. Her favorite things to research and write about are fintech products and how they have changed the way people interact with their money. Learn more about Christine.

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2 years ago

I used Fetch Rewards app on my Android phone to scan receipts for nearly 16,000 points. A couple hours after scanning some receipts earlier in the day I decided to cash-out 11,500 points for a $10 reward. Upon making the cash-out request within the app the app stated that I needed to update the app to the latest version in order to cash-out. In order to do this I needed to uninstall the current version before installing the new version. This is because the app is designed to install on the limited internal memory of the phone as opposed to the installed memory card. Upon going to the Google Play store I am told that the newest version will not work with my phone. In response the company tells me to buy new phone or borrow a phone and that my points will expire after 3 months on inactivity. After leaving a negative review on Google Play the company leaves a canned response telling me to restart my phone, uninstall and reinstall the app, which of course can’t be done.