Banking Basics

  • What is banking?

    Banking involves using a financial institution to take care of your money. Common bank accounts include checking accounts that hold your money until you want to spend it and savings accounts that let your deposits grow by paying interest. But there are other banking products, from investments such as certificates of deposit (or CDs) to loans. Today, most banking services can be found online.

  • Which bank should I choose?

    It used to be that you opened up a bank account at the same brick-and-mortar branch your parents visited on a weekly basis. But today, there are many banking options, and the competition is fierce. Before you make any decision to open a bank account, you should do your due diligence and learn about banking basics With our guides to the best accounts, we’re here to help.

  • Are online banks safe?

    Online banking can be extremely safe, and most accounts are protected by the federal government. But that’s not the only reason you should open an online account -- because these banks don’t have the overhead of operating branch locations, they offer interest accounts that pay as much as 20 times what you’ll find from a traditional bank.

  • Bank fees

    Many banks charge fees for setting up and/or maintaining an account as well as for transferring money. These fees can be one-time or recurring. You should also be aware of charges and penalties for overdrawing on your account or sending and receiving wire transfers. Bank fees can eat away at your accounts. But luckily, there are some banks that don’t charge them! It pays to always read the fine print before opening a bank account.

Savings Accounts

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  • nbkc bank

    NBKC Bank offers a multitude of banking services such as checking and savings accounts, loan options and business banking. While they offer interest on checking accounts, their interest on IRA saving accounts are lower than other banks.

  • CIT Bank

    CIT Bank is an online-only bank that offers some of the highest interest rates among any bank you’ll find. They even pay interest on checking accounts. They unfortunately charge an international transaction fee and there is no free ATM network.

  • Long Game Savings

    Deposit money into your Long Game account to start earning interest. They don’t collect any fees and you can withdraw at any time. Long Game will give you coins depending on how much you have saved in your account. You can then use these coins to play slot games and win money.

  • discover bank

    Discover Bank is an online-only bank that offers accounts with zero fees. While they do not have any physical locations they do have some of the highest interest rates around.

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