Money Management

Money Management

Money Management Basics

  • What is money management?

    Put simply, money management is how you handle your finances. It’s all about having a plan. This can include strategies for everything from budgeting to paying off debt to saving your cash to investing it for the future. Spending can also be a part of a good money management strategy, as long as it’s done wisely.

  • What can money management help me accomplish?

    Good money management skills and strategies can help you set and reach your long-term financial goals. Of course, the “big” goal is a comfortable retirement. But money management can also help you plan for purchasing a home or car, paying for your own or a loved one’s education, and even saving up for a dream vacation. Money management can also let you live day-to-day with fewer financial worries.

  • How can I build wealth?

    There are myriad ways to build wealth. You can do it by investing in other companies through stock or fund purchases. You can also invest in real estate, a tried-and-true moneymaker for generations. You can also build wealth by investing in yourself, by paying off your debt and starting your own business, for example.

  • What are some different money management strategies?

    Effective money management strategies can be as simple as clipping coupons -- and remembering to use them -- or as complex as creating a strategy for paying down your debt and saving money on interest. In our archive of articles, you’ll find strategies for refinancing your student loans, consolidating your credit card bills, and setting up retirement savings accounts.


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  • Pocketsmith

    PocketSmith is a personal finance software and budgeting app, specifically focused on providing users with clear and intuitive ways to visualize their money and expenses. The PocketSmith app consolidates all your accounts in one place, so you can have a full and complete picture of your money.

  • Tally

    Tally is an automated debt manager that helps you pay down your balance faster. They provide you a line of credit to cover all existing credit card debt. This and the automated Tally process helps you manage payments.

  • Qoins

    Qoins is a penny-rounding app designed to help you pay off your debts faster. Simply connect your checking account and they look for any spare change by rounding up your purchases. They use the rounded up amount to put towards any debt.

  • Status

    Status Money is a financial app that tracks your income, spending patterns, debt, and net worth and compares them to both the national average and your peer group. It also provides users with a number of wealth management tools to plan ahead for the future.

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