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Updated August 17, 2022

This Is the Best Way to Get Paid to Review Music

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We all have our opinions on the songs we hear.  Why not get paid for sharing yours?  Betcha didn’t know that was possible outside of be?  Well, it is!

See, record companies want to know what people think of their music before it’s released.

And so they go to survey companies to get the opinions of people in every demographic imaginable to hear their opinions on music.

Below is an example of a survey that I recently took through this survey company.  Yes, it took me about 2.25 hours to complete, but I did get a check in the mail for $50!

Now, I must give you a few disclaimers:

  1. You have to be honest when taking surveys, whether to review music or otherwise.  Don’t hold anything back.  If you think a certain piece of music is great, say so!  If you think it sucks, say so!  You won’t be hurting anyone’s feelings, and in fact music companies want you to be honest with them.
  2. You need to take smaller surveys before the survey company will trust you with these larger surveys with higher compensation.
  3. Not all the surveys you take will necessarily be music-related or pay as well as the survey I took above.  You just have to jump in and see what’s out there.

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