how to sell household items quickly
Updated July 22, 2022

How To Sell Household Items Quickly: Get Rid of Clutter And Earn Extra Cash

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Decluttering your home is the perfect way to get rid of those items that you just don’t use anymore. No matter if you have clothes, kitchen items, or holiday décor that is taking up space in your home, you can turn these items into cash fast. You may be wondering how is this possible?

We are here to help. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to sell household items quickly so you can add some extra money to your pocket right now. So, get ready to start making money from the items that are just collecting dust in your home.

How Do You Start?

It’s simple to get started. Just try any of these tips for a quick and easy way to sell your household items for cash. And remember that your unwanted household items just may be the treasure that someone else is searching for. Read on to find out how to sell the household items that you are looking to offload for a pretty penny.

Pro Tip: If you are set on getting more cash this month, read this to get a thorough list of tips that will bring you extra money.

Prioritize Your Belongings

You’ll want to start with a plan to get your belongings sold fast. Categorize the items you plan to sell, so you can offload them at the location, site or app that pays the most and makes the most sense. Be sure to pick high dollar items that you no longer use and are ready to get rid of.

Good to Know: Be judicial about what you want to sell and keep. There is no going back once you have sold your item to a buyer, so you need to be sure that is what you intend to do. When you have gathered all your items for sale, try some of these ideas for selling your belongings for cash.

Price Out A Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are an ideal place to sell your belongings for a good price. However, pawn shops are looking for particular items so they may not always be interested in what you bring them. A pawn shop typically looks up your belongings on other sales sites to determine what the going rate for these items are.

How Will This Work? They will offer you a flat price to sell your item outright. You give them the things that you want to sell, and they give you cash in return. It is a pretty straightforward sale that will allow you to sell quickly for cash.  Pawn shops are a simple and effective way to get rid of your unwanted items without having to find a buyer to negotiate with.

Find A Consignment Shop

If you have a little more time on your hands, you’ll want to check out a consignment shop to sell your belongings. Consignment shops are great for getting rid of clothes or other items as they are always looking for goods to add to their racks. A consignment shop works by putting your belongings up for sale. When they are purchased, you get a cut of the sale.

Good to Know: While this will take some time to occur, you will eventually get your money or your items back if they don’t sell in the allotted time. Some consignment shops will buy your items outright, making it a smooth and fast transaction. However, these consignment shops are often more particular in the items that they take as they are looking for the latest fashions or tech items to meet their customers’ demands.

Sell Your Stuff At A Flea Market

Flea markets can also be utilized to sell your unwanted belongings on your own. Just like you would imagine, you’ll need to rent a space at a flea market and set up shop there for the day. You’ll need tables to display your goods, but if you have a lot of items to get rid of this can be a good way to sell large amounts quickly. Flea markets also allow you to set the price of your items. Customers will try to negotiate a lower price, but ultimately it is up to you what you sell your belongings for.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to reduce the price you don’t have to, but then you run the risk of not selling it. Look for local flea markets in your area to sell the items that you no longer want as you’ll be exposed to large crowds, looking to find a treasure that they can add to their own home.

Hold A Rummage Sale

If you are in a neighborhood that lends itself to rummage sales, you’ll be able to sell the items you no longer want for some serious cash. You can make quite a bit of money at a well-advertised garage sale. Putting up signs can get customers to come to your yard sale and buy the goods that you are looking to get rid of.

Good to Know: You can price the items you have as you wish, but keep in mind that rummage sales are typically lower priced. This means you will have to wheel and deal with customers to get rid of your belongings that you no longer want, but it can bring in some good money for a day or two worth of work.

Declutter Your Home With The Decluttr App

If you have some tech gadgets that you are looking to offload, you’ll want to try Decluttr. This site allows you to get a value of your tech goodies and trade them in for cash. It is a hassle-freeway to sell your tech devices without having to deal with buyers. You simply have to search for the digital device you are looking to sell on the Decluttr website. Enter the bar code and you are on your want to make some cash. Here, they will tell you the value of your tech item, which you can accept or decline. If you accept, you will be sent a shipping label, where you can box up your items and mail them to Decluttr for free.

Pro Tip:  Once Decluttr receives your shipment, they will pay you for the items via PayPal, direct deposit or check – the choice is all yours. This is an easy way to simplify your life and downsize on the number of outdated tech items you are holding on to.

Set Up An Account On Etsy

Etsy is also another site where you can sell your household items for some quick cash. Etsy focuses more on vintage household items, so if you have belongings that have some history, you’ll do well on this site. To list your household item on the site, it will cost you 20 cents. If you sell your item, you will have to pay Etsy 3.5 percent of your profit as well as 3 percent plus 25 cents to payment processing. Even though you have to pay to use Etsy, this site has some major traction with buyers. Good to Know: According to Etsy, there are 54 million members on the site and 22.6 million shoppers, making it possible for you to sell your household item as quickly as possible.

GO Bananas On Bonanza

Bonanza is a website that allows you to list your household items for a fee. You’ll have to pay 3.5 percent of the sale prices of your item if it is under $500 and $17.50 plus 1.5 percent if your household item is over $500. Bonanza also has a nice feature that allows you to send the items you plan to sell to Google shopping. This Google integration will put you in touch with more potential buyers as well.

Good to Know: According to the Bonanza website, there are more than 12,000 sellers on the site, which is recommended more often than other selling sites.

List Your Items On Lista

If you are looking to sell some items and buy something you really want, you’ll want to check out Lista. This site lets you sell virtually any household item, where you will then rack up what it calls Ink. The more Ink you have, the more credit you will have to buy other things on the site. This is a great way to trade in your unwanted household items for something that you really want instead.

Good to Know: Lista can be a good way to try selling online as you’ll learn the basics of how to sell household items fast. Plus, there is no need to meet a buyer physically as all the transactions take place online.

Get Ready For Bidders On eBid

If you want to see how much you can actually get for your household items, head on over to eBid. This site uses an auction technique to sell your items. You can set up a bid timeline and watch as the price of your item keeps going up. eBid does charge a fee to use the site as a seller, but you can upgrade to a lifetime seller that wil help you avoid these fees if you have a lot of goods to sell.

Good to Know: With eBid, you can create the exact category to list your household items, and there is no limit to what you can sell on the site. eBid will let you see how to sell household items quickly and in a competitive way as you get to see your bids come in.

Notify Your Neighbors With Nextdoor

With the Nextdoor site, you’ll be able to list your household items for sale within your neighborhood. The site will push your for-sale items out to its community that lives right in your neighborhood. You do have to post your items for sale within the For-Sale directory, but Nextdoor will do all the work of getting the word out about what you are offering to your neighbors.

Good to Know: Nextdoor can make it easy for you to find a local buyer, so you can quickly sell your household items and get the cash you need to buy what you really want.

Sell Your Stuff On The SocialSell App

SocialSell is a totally app-based platform that allows you to sell virtually anything. When you place your household items up for sale, you can communicate with buyers directly through the app. There is no need to give out your phone number or email address as SocialSell keeps your information private. Once you have secured a buyer for your items, you can set up a place to meet them.

If they like what they see, they can pay you for the item, and you can be on your way with a few extra dollars in your pocket. The SocialSell app is available for Android and Apple devices, giving you plenty of reach with local buyers in your area.

Get The Best Offer On Offer Up

OfferUp is another great app that will allow you to see if a buyer will be good to deal with. The app allows you to leave feedback on the person you are dealing with for your purchase. This can make sure you are only dealing with legitimate and interested purchasers for your items. You can avoid scammers and sell your household items without hassle. To set up your account, you will need to link to your Facebook account, but that provides an added layer of security for you as a seller.

Good to Know: OfferUp connects you with local buyers and allows you to communicate with them directly through the app with the chat feature. You can hammer out all the details of your deal and meet up to make the exchange. The OfferUp app is free to use and can put you in touch with some motivated buyers that will scoop up your household items quickly.

Find A New Friend On Facebook Marketplace

If you want a little more reach when selling your household items, you’ll want to try Facebook Marketplace. This in-app site will allow you to list the household items you are looking to sell and reach tons of people in a matter of seconds. You can leave your contact information on your product listing, or you can communicate via Facebook Messenger.

Pro Tip: Once you have an interested buyer, you’ll need to set up a meeting spot to complete the transaction. Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform to sell anything you have lying around for some quick cash.

Post Your Items On Craigslist

Craigslist is another site where you can sell your household items to an array of potential buyers. The site allows you to list your item with pictures and a description. It provides you with an anonymous email address, or you can list your contact information in your ad. Depending on where you live and what you are listing, there may be a fee for adding your household item.But once you have it added the item you want to sell, you just sit back and wait for buyers to come to you.

Pro Tip: You’ll have to set up a meeting spot to exchange your item for money, but once the deal is done, you’ll have some extra money in your pocket.

Give Someone A Deal On Dealo

If you are an iPhone user, you’ll want to try Dealo to sell your household items. Dealo is a global site that will connect you to a variety of buyers. Buyers contact you via phone or email, which can provide more flexibility to hammer out a deal. You’ll set up a meeting point or ship the item to the buyer. Items are featured in a list format and can be easily searched by buyers.

Pro Tip: Once you have the cash, you’ll find that it is easy to understand how to sell household items fast with this app.

Upcycle Your Items On Carousell

With the Carousell app, you can sell anything you can think of. Within 30 seconds you can list your household items for sale. Four photos are allowed with your item listing. Also, there is no charge to list your item, making it easier than ever to sell your items.

Good to Know: You can even post your items for sale on social media, allowing your friends and family members to also share your posts. Once you make a deal with someone, you can collect the cash and spend it on something you really want.

Let it Go On The LetGo App

LetGo is a popular app that you may have already heard of. This easy-to-use app lets you list your household item and sell directly on the platform. You simply take a picture of the item you want to sell and list it on the app. While sellers must use the app to sell their items, buyers can access these listing from the app as well as the website. Buyers can search by city or zip code to find available items for sale. LetGo populates these items by distance or by product name and category. Before you know it, you’ll be matched up with a buyer so you can offload those unwanted household items for some quick cash.

Sell Local With The 5Miles App

If you are looking to keep it local with your sales approach, 5Miles is the perfect sales app for you. This app lets you connect with buyers that are within five miles of your location. You can sell anything you like on the app as well as list services, jobs, and garage sales. You simply snap a photo of what you are planning on selling and write a short description. Buyers are able to communicate with you via text, so you can quickly and easily set up a place to meet and sell your household items.

Good to Know: With 5Miles, you’ll be able to easily find out how to sell household items quickly, so you can bring in some extra money for those unwanted belongings.

Get Rid Of Electronics On Gazelle

Gazelle is another site where you can sell electronics. The site accepts a variety of cell phones and other electronic devices. You sell directly to Gazelle by entering in your tech devices information. You will get an instant offer which you can accept or decline. You simply ship your sales item to Gazelle for free and receive your payment via PayPal, check or Amazon gift card.

Good to Know: Gazelle is the ideal way to sell off your tech items without any hassle. You don’t have to set up a meeting with a potential buyer, and you know exactly what your electronic item is worth in minutes.

Get Rid Of Your Belongings On Gone

If you want your household items gone, you’ll need to get the Gone app. This site allows you to sell tech devices directly to Gone. You start by letting Gone know what you want to sell. It will provide you with an offer, and if you like what you see, you can cash your tech devices in for cash. A Gone representative will come to pick up the electronic device that you are looking to sell, and they will then pay you for the item.

Good to Know: Gone does take a small fee, but you don’t have to deal with auctions or buyers to get cash for your tech items.

Wrapping It Up

With these apps and websites, you can easily understand how to sell household items quickly for some extra cash. You’ll be able to offload those items you don’t use anymore and be in control of every aspect of the sales process.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these apps or sites to sell your household items. Did we miss an app or site that works well for you? Let us know. We want to hear from you.


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