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Updated August 10, 2022

23 Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Car

Side Hustles

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You spend thousands of dollars each year on your car – from fueling and fixing to cleaning and caring for it and more!

When was the last time that you made money from your car?

You probably did not even realize that there is an extensive list of ways you can make money with your car.

Take good notes as you review the guide outlined below.

You can then plan to start making money with your wheels sooner than you might think.

Become a Taxi, Uber or Lyft Drive for Adults

The traditional taxicab industry has been revolutionized with the rising popularity of such services as Uber and Lyft.

These services offer flexible hours and competitive pay rates in addition to the opportunity of using your own vehicle.

You can basically generate a part-time or full-time income while sitting behind the wheel!

There are specific requirements and criteria enforced by each service provider.

Once your account is approved & you are an official Uber or Lyft driver, the sky is the limit when it comes to how much money you can make.

Transport People to and from the Airport

If you live near an airport, you might be missing out on a very lucrative opportunity.

You could make money with your car simply by transporting passengers to and from the nearby airport.

It is true that this can also be done by Lyft and Uber drivers.

However, you might be solely interested in driving to and from the airport since it is reasonably close to your home.

If so, you should consider this specific type of paid transportation service.

Transport Elderly and Disabled People to Appointments

Think about the growing number of elderly and disabled people who live in your area.

At least some of them may be unable to move about to complete basic errands.

They are not able to drive to appointments, errands or even make trips to the grocery store.

Many people have family members and professional caregivers who lighten this load and either escort their loved ones or run the necessary errands on their behalf.

However, quite a few do not have that option and are willing to pay people to drive for them.

You can make money driving your car to take them to their various appointments.

You could also generate a side income by running any errands before returning them home safely.

A background check and examination of your driving history will probably be required parts of this process.

Once the “red tape” is cleared, you can start making a lot of money driving your own car while helping others in your community.

Transport People to and from Their Weddings

The role of the wedding chauffeur is an important yet often-overlooked role.

Some weddings will pay for a limousine to escort the bride and groom from the ceremony to the reception venue and so on.

However, not everyone can afford that option.

You can make money driving your car as a wedding chauffeur.

This is especially if you have a luxury vehicle that others may consider visually appealing.

Luxury vehicles are the perfect choice for this opportunity.

It will be important to promote your own services since there is not a mobile app or social media platform as of now specifically designed for this business opportunity.

Spreading the word among your family and friends can help you to get the ball rolling.

It will also help you build a reliable income stream by helping others on these special occasions.

Work for Bars and Patrons as a Designated Driver

You can make money with your car by serving as a professional designated driver for local bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Certain patrons and customers may already have a plan in place for transportation to their homes.

This includes such resources as taxicabs, on-call friends or even Uber and Lyft drivers.

However, you can work directly with local bars and restaurants to receive help and promotional assistance directly from them.

They could put up signs, pass out cards or simply use word of mouth to recommend your services to the patrons who desperately need it night after night.

Transport Kids to and from School

Adults are not the only ones who benefit from transportation service providers – such as Uber and Lyft drivers.

For instance, there are several companies that specialize in offering transportation for children.

This includes when parents need their kids taken to school and choose not to rely on school buses.

The background checks and driver requirements are understandably much stricter than with Uber and Lyft.

However, you can still make a substantial amount of money with your car by offering this type of service.

Take Pets to Groomers and Veterinarians

You can make money driving your own car by escorting canine and feline companions to their veterinary and grooming appointments as well.

Think about the people who love their pets but are unable for one reason or another to take time away during the day to escort them to these appointments.

You can provide your vehicle as an affordable solution to address this issue.

The size of your vehicle should dictate the size of the animals that you allow within it – especially since you should always consider safety a top priority.

You will also want to focus on keeping the inside of your car clean and smelling fresh in between appointments.

Doing so will keep the vehicle suitable for your professional appointments and personal errands.

Deliver Food from Popular Restaurants

Years ago, there was a select number of restaurants that offered delivery services to their customers.

In most cases, your choices were drastically limited – mostly bouncing between Italian and Chinese cuisines.

Nowadays, that has changed thanks to the growing number of mobile food delivery service providers and applications available.

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For instance, you can deliver food for such companies as Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, EatStreet, Favor Delivery and UberEATS.

With a reliable vehicle, a clean driving record and a solid work ethic, you can either supplement or replace your fulltime income with this income stream as well.

Deliver Pizza for a Traditional Pizza Restaurant

Perhaps you want to supplement your other income streams with a traditional job that still allows you to make money driving your car.

If so, you can consider delivering pizza from a pizza restaurant.

Most pizza restaurants require their delivery drivers to use their own vehicles.

This means you will also be able to enjoy a variety of business-related tax write-offs and deductibles along the way.

You will not enjoy the same degree of flexibility when it comes to your work schedule.

However, you may receive certain employee benefits that otherwise would not have been available – such as health insurance and paid time off.

Deliver Alcohol to Homes and Businesses in Select U.S. Cities

Alcohol delivery service is not available everywhere yet due to local and State laws and regulations.

However, a growing number of cities have made this business opportunity available.

For example, the popular alcohol delivery service Saucey advertises alcohol delivery in 30 minutes or less within such cities as Chicago, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Drivers can select the shift blocks that they want to work and can even choose their assigned territory for deliveries.

One report confirms that alcohol delivery drivers can make up to $22 an hour.

Your pay will depend on such factors as location, timing and the proximity to local alcohol stores and vendors.

Delivery Groceries to Residential Customers

You more than likely have noticed the growing number of grocery delivery services that seem to emerge online each year.

The convenience of not having to travel to a grocery store to shop for food comes in handy for people of all ages.

This is such a lucrative business opportunity for those interested in pursuing this line of work.

For instance, you can make a lot of money by working with Instacart to deliver groceries to customers.

This is especially since this specific company offers up to $20/hour depending on demand and scheduling.

In addition, Instacart drivers never have to worry about sharing their tips.

Deliver Amazon Packages to Customers

Another popular delivery service is package delivery.

Years ago, customers had to rely on standard shipping carriers to manage major shipments and deliveries.

Nowadays, thanks to such opportunities as Shyp and Amazon Flex, the door of income opportunity has been opened to most drivers.

For instance, Amazon Flex allows drivers to deliver Amazon and Amazon Prime packages to customers.

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You could make up to $25 per hour and choose your own hours as you make money with your car by delivering Amazon packages.

Assist Customers with Packing and Moving from Their Homes

Moving from one house to another can be an overwhelming experience – especially when you consider the transportation factor.

Hiring you to help them pack, load and move their various items can help you to commit a “good deed” for others in your community as you make money driving your own car.

It is recommended to identify the most efficient way of packing boxes, clothing and other items within the space available in your vehicle.

Make any rearrangements necessary to your car interior – such as lowering or removing passenger seats.

Doing so will help you to focus on storing more cargo instead of passengers in your vehicle.

You could establish your own business, or you can use a platform such as GoShare is designed to generate leads and paying clients for you.

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You may also be required to present records of your criminal history, driving history and even credit history since your customers will need to put a lot of trust in you and your service.

Commit to a Newspaper Delivery Route

It may seem like an old-fashioned income stream.

However, delivering newspapers from your car can still generate a substantial amount of money each year for your household.

Before you dive into this opportunity, make sure that you have the space necessary in your car to store a vast amount of stacked and/or bundled newspapers.

You do not necessarily need to have a van or truck to deliver newspapers.

Just make sure you have enough storage space in your front seat, backseat and/or trunk to efficiently store your daily load.

In addition, you also must remember the time constraints.

Newspapers must be delivered during the early morning hours, which means you must already be a morning person or be disciplined enough to quickly become one.

Establish and Run a Mobile Business

The popularity of mobile businesses continues to increase with each passing year.

From mobile auto detail and repair to mobile housekeepers and handymen, the convenience factor makes this an in-demand industry.

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Instead of investing in a traditional storefront or even renovating your home into an office environment, you could reorganize your vehicle to become an “office on wheels.”

Turn Your Car into a Moving Billboard with Paid Advertising


If you have ever wondered about how to make money driving cars across the country, then perhaps you should consider turning your car into a “billboard on wheels.”

There are companies willing to pay you for advertising their products, services and/or overall brand through magnetic vehicle decals and promotional stickers.

Chances are that you have seen at least one vehicle recently wrapped in company advertising.

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Within seconds, you would have examined the company, the product/services offered and the contact information before the vehicle drove out of your line of sight.

The drivers of those vehicles may have made a considerable amount of money from allowing their vehicle to be turned into a billboard and you can, too.

Host Sightseeing Tours for Interested Tourists

If you are familiar with the most popular tourist spots and sightseeing locations in your area, you can make money driving your car with interested tourists as passengers.

Many group tour companies were started by residents who knew the area well enough to serve as informative and entertaining guides for incoming tourists.

When tourist travel into town, they may choose to opt for riding with you for a private tour instead of traveling with a large group of others.

Work hard to find creative and competitively-priced ways to enhance the quality of your private tours.

You can use word-of-mouth conversations and social media advertising to spread the word about your services.

You could even expand your servicing area to include nearby metropolitan cities and even neighboring states depending on their popularity and appeal.

Record and Post Auto-Related Tutorial Videos Online

Quite a few people can generate a substantial income through posting online tutorial videos on websites like Facebook and YouTube.

You can make money with your car by recording and sharing automobile-related tutorial videos on the Internet.

For instance, you can record step-by-step walkthroughs of such maintenance tasks as oil changes, tire replacements and fluid checks – common tasks that are frequently searched for online.

In addition, you could focus on aftermarket installations and enhancements – such as upgrading rims, installing wood grain or replacing the factory stereo system.

Once you set up your video tutorials for monetization, you will generate income with the traffic that you drive towards your automobile-related content.

Make Money from Select Insurance Carriers with Safe Driving

You can also save money with your car by simply driving it safely depending on your insurance carrier.

There are several major insurance carriers that offer premium refunds, rebates and other money back incentives to reward drivers for maintaining a clean driving record and avoiding accidents.

Keep in mind that this is not a business opportunity.

You will not become wealthy off safe driving bonuses provided by your insurance company.

However, it is another income stream that you can access simply by selecting a compatible insurance carrier and following the rules of the road day after day.

Offer a Student Driver Service with Your Own Vehicle

You may already have taught friends and family members how to drive by allowing them to drive your car.

Did you know that you can make money with your car by allowing other people to do the same exact thing in a more formal capacity?

You could transform your vehicle into a business vehicle and workspace by offering student driving services.

Work with your state to comply with any applicable rules and regulations.

However, by teaching classes and allowing students to practice their newly acquired driving knowledge, you can turn your own car or truck into a moneymaking machine.

Rent Out Your Car

Another profitable opportunity to make money with your car is to rent it out to interested passengers.

An increasing number of people opt to use such services as Turo and other vehicle-sharing platforms.

Doing so allows customers to borrow cars and trucks instead of paying high prices for traditional car rental companies.

If you decide to use a service like Turo, you should calculate your income based on the competitiveness of your vehicle listing.

This includes such factors as the time of the year, location and the market value of your car.

Sell Your Car through an Online Auction

Online auctions allow you to make a substantial amount of money depending on the demand associated with the listed item and its pricing.

Some of the major online auction websites – such as eBay – will allow you to list your vehicle for sale.

Therefore, after you have used some of the other ideas that allow you to make money driving your own car, you can sell it through an online auction.

That will allow you to progressively move on to a different vehicle whenever the need arises!

Instead of only searching for local buyers – such as through a classified ad in your local newspaper – an online auction broadens the scope to benefit from national or even international exposure.

Sell Your Car to a Private Buyer

It may seem like a “last resort” option.

However, you could also make money from your car by simply selling your vehicle.

Perhaps your vehicle has “run its course” and is ready to be replaced.

You could still make a considerable amount of money from your vehicle by selling it to a private party.

Click here for a list of the 12 easiest apps to sell your stuff online!

Make sure that you take high-quality photos of the interior and exterior to boost your chances and organic exposure online.

Do not rush into trading your car into a dealer for credit towards the purchase of another vehicle.

Doing so may cause you to sell the vehicle for a fraction of what you would have received from a private seller under the right conditions.


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