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Updated August 05, 2022

11 Things to Know When You Donate Sperm for Money

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Looking to donate sperm for money is a financial option people seek because they think it’s easy, almost qualifies as free money.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to make money for donating sperm and there are lots of rules and responsibilities involved.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know before deciding to donate sperm for money.

Want to Donate Sperm for Money? You Have To Be At Least This Tall

When women go to a sperm bank, they’re going to choose the best features in a man that they can find.

Overall, sperm banks know that some sperm never gets chosen because the donor is either too short, not fit enough, or has another physical flaw.

After all one of the main purposes of getting to choose sperm is to select that coming from a donor with traits you want your child to have.

Sperm banks won’t accept sperm from men who have features or characteristics that are never chosen like being under 5 feet 9 inches.

While this sounds mean, but the sperm bank knows your sperm won’t be chosen and they don’t want to store additional sperm for an extended period of time.

This applies mostly to white males, men of other ethnicities tend to be shorter and there are few ethnic donors.

African American males are also likely to be accepted regardless of their height because there are very few of them that donate.

These limitations are bad news for people with prominent, or even mild, physical variations.

Sperm donation has its medical applications but at the end of the day it’s still a business and sperm banks will look to secure sperm that sells and discard the sperm that doesn’t.

Expect to Share Every Aspect of Your Life

There are two ways to go about donating sperm: anonymous or non-anonymous.

If you’re looking for ways on how to make money donating sperm, you should probably know that donating in a non-anonymous manner will earn you more money.

While making extra money is an advantage, being a non-anonymous donor will mean you’ll have to submit lots of info, paperwork, and things like audio recordings.

The purpose of all this is to give potential buyers a comprehensive and complete view of you.

You’ll need to add photos of you from when you were a kid (in addition to recent ones of course), a handwritten letter, an emotional intelligence test, as well as audio recordings or tapes so potential buyers know what you sound like.

It’s not easy and it’s certainly not as simple as going in an office, producing sperm, receiving money, and walking out.

If you want to donate sperm for money, be prepared to share so much of who you are with the sperm bank and potential buyers.

You could go the anonymous way and skip all of these steps but you’ll end up earning less.

Those concerned with making more money should go the non-anonymous way, the extra steps will be worth it.

Every Aspect of You Will Be Tested

Sperm banks need to ensure the health and viability of your sperm.

They don’t want the sperm of physically flawed men, and they certainly don’t want to spread genetic conditions.

In order for them to start accepting your sperm they’ll check (in lots of ways) whether or not you’re in perfect health.

This will include physical as well as psychological testing. They’ll also test your personality to find out what you’re like.

Expect to be tested for STDs and to submit blood, urine, and semen samples.

Note, however, that this first semen sample is uncompensated and you won’t get paid for it.

Once you get past all of these tests with flying colors you’ll finally be able take the first step to start making money for donating sperm.

Getting plenty of tests for free isn’t the worst thing after all. Some sperm banks use these free tests in advertisement and to bring people in.

It’s a decent way to get an almost full checkup for free.

Delayed Payment

So you’ve donated your first specimen and you’re ready to make money selling sperm? You might be a little disappointed.

It could take up to 6 months for you to start getting paid.

The FDA requires sperm to be frozen for 6 months and the donor to be retested before the sperm is available for sale.

If you decide to become a sperm donor for money in order to pay bills in a few days or weeks, this won’t work out for you.

Also keep in mind the time it’ll take for you to complete your application and file.

Plus, there’s always the risk that your sperm might be rejected for any reason.

Waiting a few months is worth it though as long as you’re not in a rush to make money.

Payment Variability

Now for the important question: how much money can you make donating sperm?

Payment varies depending on how often you donate and how many vials your donations fill.

Basically, if you make enough specimens twice a week, so donating 8 times a month, you’ll be making up to $1,500 per month.

It’s a sizeable sum for doing something that requires very little effort (although there are consequences which we’ll get to later).

Usually each specimen you produce will earn you between 30 and 50 dollars.

The more specimens you produce per donation, the more money you’ll end up making at the end of the month.

For those who buy sperm, a vial will cost them between 500 to 900 dollars if it’ll be used in intrauterine insemination (inserting sperm directly into the uterus).

The selling price is lower for IVF procedures.

Either way and regardless of how much people buy it for; making an extra $1500 per month is a decent incentive to donate sperm for money.

Committing to Sperm Donation

Donating sperm might be a great way to make extra money each month, but it does come with some responsibilities.

We talked about getting testing in almost all ways possible, well these tests cost sperm banks lots of money.

They need to make sure this investment in you doesn’t go to waste.

The majority of sperm banks will need you to sign a contract committing to donating sperm at least once a week for 6 months to a year.

Masturbating once or twice each week can be exhausting and can interrupt your weekly schedule.

Leaving on vacation for instance might be hard to do if you have to show up at the sperm every other day.

During the duration of your contract you’re likely to undergo regular health checkups to make sure your health is great and that you haven’t developed or contracted any diseases.

Think carefully before deciding to donate sperm if you’re not willing to commit to the sperm bank’s requirements.

Sperm donation pays well, but very few things that pay well are easy and responsibility free.

It Stops Being Up to You

Ejaculation is associated with pleasure whether it happens through masturbation or sex.

When you commit to ejaculating in an office with porn magazines once or twice a week for 6-12 months, the element of pleasure might be lost.

There will be days where you feel tired and not in the mood but will have to go anyway.

If you become a sperm donor for money, do your best to separate how you feel and don’t associate new and negative emotions with ejaculation so you can proceed regularly with your daily life.

Impact on Your Sex Life

Producing quality semen with a high sperm count isn’t an easy thing.

Sure a man can ejaculate every day and several times a day even, but with repeated ejaculation the sperm count will decrease.

If your specimens have a very low sperm count making them unusable then you won’t get paid for them.

In order to ensure that the quality and quantity of your ejaculate are up to standards, you’ll have to abstain from ejaculating 2-3 days before each donation.

For those under a contract to donate twice a week, ejaculating for any personal purpose including pleasure will be seriously limited.

You might not have someone in your life while applying to be a sperm donor, but maybe you will in a few months.

In that case, sex will be basically off the table if you want to keep producing quality specimens at the sperm bank.

Update Your File Regularly

Genetic and inheritable diseases are of the utmost concern to sperm banks.

They really don’t want to sell sperm that has the potential or risk of resulting in diseased newborns.

Actually, some couples go to sperm banks because the man’s sperm carries a high risk of transmitting a genetic disease.

Donating sperm might be a way of making money for some people, but everyone needs to know that it comes with a responsibility.

If you or anyone in your family gets cancer or another genetic disease, then as a sperm donor you have to report it to the sperm bank so they can reassess selling your sperm.

How Many Children Will You Have?

Donating sperm is a gamble when it comes to how often it’ll be used.

People might never buy your sperm, or you might end up fathering a dozen kids.

Your sperm being bought doesn’t always lead to you being a father to a child either. Medical procedures for fertilization using your sperm might end up failing.

There’s a mystery to the whole ordeal.

You might sign up for sperm donation for 6 months and never do it again.

Nonetheless, you might find yourself wondering at the age of 60 whether your sperm was bought and if you’re a father to people you never met.

Your Children Might Contact You

You have a choice to make when you become a sperm donor.

You could agree to have the children contact you when they’re 18 years old, or you could choose to remain anonymous.

The general trend is that sperm donors are becoming increasingly okay with the children contacting them when they’re older.

Choosing to be anonymous isn’t as safe as it seems though.

With the availability of genetic testing and the Internet, adolescents aren’t having a difficult time locating their fathers.

So, even those who choose to be anonymous might receive a surprising knock on the door or phone call down the line.

Wanting to donate sperm for money is as good a reason as any. Making an extra $1000 or more per month is something lots of people seek and if they fit the profile, donating sperm might be the way for them to do it.

Just remember that it’s not as easy as people make it out to be and there are lots of responsibilities, risks, and commitment involved.


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