Green Chef Review
July 01, 2020

Green Chef Coupon Code July 2020: Get $80 Off Your Order!

Save on Bills

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As of July 2020, our exclusive Green Chef Coupon will give you $80 off your first order from the top meal delivery service Green Chef!

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How Green Chef Works

Every week, Green Chef sends you a box of fresh, high-quality meal prep kits.

Each meal takes between 20-40 minutes to prepare.

We have tried the Green Chef Keto dinners and absolutely love them!

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Green Chef Menu Plans

There are 7 different plans you can choose from depending on your dietary preferences.

Some of the most popular plans are Omnivore, Paleo, Keto, and Vegan.  Don’t they look delicious?

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All in all, we think Green Chef food is delicious and at least worth a try!

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