How to Make Money on Facebook
Updated September 30, 2021

How to Make Money on Facebook From Home As a Social Media Manager

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Facebook, with over 1.3 billion accounts, remains the ultimate social media marketing platform, despite recent setbacks such as the Cambridge Analytica affair.

It is the most popular platform where users spend the most time and has by far the most lucrative marketing potential.

Given its massive global usage, there are a number of ways to make money on Facebook as a social media manager.

Huge Opportunity on Facebook

Though the social media management industry has grown, it is still largely untapped.

Additionally, there are a large number of creative ways to make money on Facebook.

Most businesses do have a strong social media presence but do not utilize Facebook to its full potential.

There is also currently a dearth of social media managers and a lot of job vacancies.

This is because social media has grown so much, and the demand has not been matched by skilled social media managers.

What Is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is somebody who manages the social content of a business enterprise, organization, or individual.

It is not as easy as simply posting a comment and liking statuses.

There are a number of developer tools, analytical techniques, Facebook advertising, market strategies and more which can be used to deploy an effective social media campaign.

And very few people are qualified to use these tools effectively.

What It Takes to Become a Social Media Manager

People think that social media is easy.

The truth is that it involves a mix of technical ability and marketing acumen to execute well.

It also requires time and patience for it to work.

Social Media Manager Responsibilities

A social media manager has the responsibility of filtering, monitoring, and posting on social media platforms.

These processes will ensure that the company, product, or individual is put forward in the best possible light.

Some of the skills that a social media manger has include writing, creativity, digital marketing, community management, content optimization and more.

Because social media managers are in large demand, they can be quite expensive, though there is quite a range.

Social Media Manager Income

The average is around $50,000 according to Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

Social media management is a full time job and is not something that can be done part-time or halfheartedly.

Depending on the size of your company or product, a good social media manager can be an essential component.

There has recently been a growth in social media titles, such as social media planner, social media strategist, social media community manager, social media digital content editor etc.

Many of the roles of these various titles overlap.

Most of the above really only apply in large companies where it is necessary to really specialize in a particular field within social media.

Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

However, there is a tangible difference between a community manager and a social media manager.

A social media manager will need to understand management, branding, web analytics, business analytics, social metrics, conversion models, SEO, blogging experience, and HTML.

The role of a community manager is less analytical.

They need to generate followings, start conversations, put the brand forward, promote, get market feedback, collect the results of analytical tools, and need to understand the customer at a basic level.

However, there is a considerable overlap between the two roles.

How to Become a Facebook Social Media Manager

One of the best and most direct ways to make money on Facebook is by taking a position as a social media manager.

This is because you will be earning an hourly wage while also reading up on marketing, analytics, Facebook ads, SEO, PPC campaigns, viral marketing and more.

Using these skills, you can eventually set up your own website and product, using Facebook to promote the site.

You can sign up for Facebook social media management training here.

It is possible to sell likes or to use influencer marketing.

However, these areas are a little grey and risky.

There are also some money making applications that can potentially be integrated with Facebook, but again, these can be unethical.

Facebook Media Management Tips

There are some basic rules that must be adhered to in order to embark on an effective social media campaign.

The posts and content have to be linked to what you are actually selling.

You will need to post regularly, and this will largely depend on how large your following currently is.

Posting daily is a good rule of thumb, as long as it is relevant.

For people promoting smaller businesses, a couple of times a week could be sufficient.

There are also a number of key items that need to be understood and excelled at.

These include keyword research, SEO writing, pay per click campaigns, and basic analytics.

There are a variety of ways to make money online, so it is possible to take it one step at a time and master the basics before trying anything exotic.

Paying too much for a badly thought out ad campaign is an expensive way to learn.

For managing any type of social media account, it is necessary to utilize third party applications and automation tools as much as possible.

Much of the work can be automated, though it will still need a human touch of creativity and inspiration.

Social media managers actually have a lot of work and analysis to complete, and prioritizing workload is a necessity.

There is no time to spend an hour crafting the perfect post or idolizing about the ideal headline.

You will need to schedule posts and plan out your workload.

You will also need to work with other team members, such as writers and branding artists, so teamwork skills are essential.

There are a number of online resources and it can always help to get in touch with other managers.

Below is a list of automation tools that you can use to be more efficient at your role as a social media manager.

Social Media Tools and Applications


If you are managing a number of Facebook accounts, then Postcron is excellent, and well regarded in the social media management community.

You create posts ad schedule a time for them to be released.

You can bulk schedule a number of posts (or tweets, depending on the platform) that include images and links.

This can make managing workload a lot easier.

You can even schedule the weeks or months posts.

Postcron also has a “multi-upload” feature so up to 300 pictures can be uploaded in seconds.


eClincher is a very powerful social media management tool.

It is a comprehensive platform that is very powerful, yet also simple to use.

eClincher has an Auto Post feature for uploading multiple posts at a time, much like Postcron.

Posts can be recycled and republished, and it also includes RSS integration.

A suggest content feature enables managers to select keywords and categories that apply to the post at hand.

Additionally, eClincher offers a social inbox which allows managers to keep all social interactions in one location.

It offers clients management support which is perfect for social media managers who have several clients.

eClincher supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram Business and Google Analytics.


Sendible is a tool that was built with agencies in mind.

It is similar in many ways to eClincher.

It has an excellent client management support system.

Like most of these platforms, it has a bulk scheduler for posts.

Its Smart Queue feature is similar to eClinchers Auto Post, so your favorite posts can be put on repeat.

It does not have an influencer search function, which is its main disadvantage.

Other Tools

There are a number of other tools available such as Social Pilot, Agora Pulse, Social Bakers, and Content Gems.

They each have their own uses.

You will need to be selective.

The main ingredients are to produce quality content regularly and to monitor what works using a tool.

Over time your experience will grow.

Other Ways to Make Money on Facebook

There are a variety of ways to make money on Facebook, and it is a lucrative market that is quite untapped.

But it takes time, strategy, and dedication.

If it was easy, then everybody would be doing it.

While money can be made, it takes skill and dedication.

There are a number of ways to monetize Facebook content.

#1 Market your Product or Service

The most common way to make money on Facebook is to create a page that markets your product or service.

You can then link to your page, and more people will buy your product.

Unfortunately, this is far harder than many people realize.

Most people who are on Facebook wish to use it only for social purposes.

You will need to create outstanding posts and engaging content.

You will also need to learn to post regularly, but not too regularly.

The posts will need to be a mix of promotional and relevant.

If you are too forward, people could unfollow you.

It helps if you genuinely believe that your product can help people and can show videos or testimonials of when it could be useful.

You can consider opening a separate Facebook page for your company instead of amalgamating your personal profile with your business.

You can easily create your own eBook and promote it on Facebook, which is a low cost product with no necessary infrastructure.

#2 Become an Affiliate Marketer

By using ClickBank or an associated service, you can select a product of your choosing and market it.

These are digital items, usually eBooks, that other people have created.

You can earn a significant cut when people purchase the product after using your affiliate link.

It can be a great way to make money, but again, it can be more difficult than it sounds.

One reason for this is that often people will click on your link without buying the product.

If they then decide to buy the product, they will purchase by typing the name of the product into Google where it will flash up.

You will then have gone to the effort of marketing and selling somebody’s else’s product, without receiving any commission.

You can become an affiliate for as many affiliates sites as you wish, including Amazon or iTunes.

But it takes a certain type of person to succeed in the affiliate world, where you will need to promote and be aggressive in a competitive field.

This is free to do, and you should never pay to become an affiliate.

#3 Use a Fan Page

You can create a fan page about any topic you can think about.

If you write good content on a regular basis, then you will create a large following.

Make sure that your page looks as good as it possibly can.

Put ads on your page to monetize it where possible.

When you fan page is up and running, you can make money by selling posts on your page (or directly from the ads).

You simply set a price for your page and people will pay for posts.

#4 Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a free facility where merchants can advertise their wares.

It allows products and services to be directly advertised within the Facebook community.

The buyer can contact the seller and come to inspect the goods.

Additionally, it is possible for people with an eye for buying and selling to see a bargain and resell at a higher price.

This service allows sellers to reach people through the social network and al

lows Facebook friends to notify others as to what you are selling

How to Make Money on Facebook – Summary

There is a lot more that goes into social media management and marketing than meets the eye.

It is a field that takes a lot of time and commitment, with a large number of moving variables.

Managers will need to manage their time and resources accordingly.

For best results, it is good to sign up with a comprehensive course.

It could save you a lot of time, and you will not have to learn things the hard way.

There is a serious lack of Facebook social media managers.

And while it takes time, it is not an impossible or complex field to learn.


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