Free Game Apps to Win Real Money
Updated March 28, 2024

Free Game Apps to Win Real Money: 4 Apps For 2024

Cash-Back Apps and Sites

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Unless you’re a professional athlete, the best way to make money and have fun at the same time is to check out these game apps to win real money.

But rather than vegging out on Candy Crush or scrolling through your Instagram feed for the billionth time today, why not actually put your screen time to profitable use with the game apps below?

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Can you really make money playing game apps?

The answer is yes, and the reason is that apps make their creators a ton of money.

In fact, even little-known game apps can make their creators over $100,000 a day just in advertising revenue alone!

So as an incentive to get more people to use their app, many game app creators actually let their users win real money so they keep playing and winning more money!

Download all three of these free apps today to maximize your odds of winning cash for playing games!

1. Mistplay

Get Rewarded for Playing Games

is a free new app that rewards you for downloading games from the App Store or Google Play Store through its own interface.

As you level up in the mobile games, you earn more points that you can redeem for gift cards at Amazon, VISA, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple, Starbucks, and more.

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Download Mistplay Now

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a rewards site that pays you cash and other rewards for performing certain activities online.

Playing games is one of the activities you can perform in InboxDollars to earn rewards.

I actually spent an hour using InboxDollars to see how much money I could make with it.

  • Go to the 5:36 mark of the video below to see an example of me playing games in InboxDollars.
  • Go to the 11:54 mark of the video below to learn how much I made playing games with InboxDollars.

Download InboxDollars Now

3. Lucktastic

Lucktastic (Android, iOS) is a free scratchers app.

Now, you’re probably thinking that this sounds like a scam, but it’s actually legit.

However, your odds of winning big money are pretty low.  I’ve been playing off-and-on for almost a year now and have made a few bucks but nothing life-changing.

That said, part of the thrill is knowing that you have a chance at big money.

And the best part is that unlike lottery tickets, Lucktastic is free.

Obviously Lucktastic has to earn money to pay out these winnings, so be prepared for an extremely ad-heavy experience.

Download Lucktastic For Android

Download Lucktastic For iOS

4. Long Game

Long Game (Android) is a free app that basically gamifies and rewards you for your savings.

Here’s how Long Game works:

(1) You deposit money into your Long Game account and earn interest on it. Note that this money belongs to you, just like it does in your bank account.Long Game does not collect any fees out of the money you put in, and you can withdraw it at any time.

(2) Long Game gives you coins depending on how much you have saved in your Long Game account.

(3) You use these coins to play slot games with prizes ranging from $100 to $1,000,000!

So while you do have to put money into the app to play, this money belongs to you, not the house!

How does Long Game make money to pay their employees as well as your winnings?

Easy. Long Game earns interest on the money you deposit, and it’s out of this interest that it pays out the winnings.

Download Long Game For Android


Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA and founder of Choice Tax Relief and Money Done Right. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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Diane K.
Diane K.
4 years ago

Mistplay IS NOT available for ios. Please update your article.

Patty Acord
Patty Acord
4 years ago

Do you know anyone who has played these games and actually are allowed to get to the payout minimum? The closer you get, the less you get until you stop getting anything and they never pay out. Its all a scam. Just because they make money on advertising and waste hundreds of your hours watching the same stupid ad over and over doesn’t mean they are going to give you any of it. I’ve played many and have never been allowed to reach the payout, so I’ve never been paid a dime. They need to be shut down.

Reply to  Patty Acord
3 years ago


4 years ago

Can not get mistplay to play on my Amazon fire tablet, that’s very unfortunate, I would like to no of an app that
I can download to be able to make real money, rather it’s cash or gift cards, while playing games on
my fire tablet, 7 I believe it is, brand new, should be a way to have more than just mistplay for that. I can download
It off the internet but during setting up, it tells me to unlock the app so it can track my levels of winnings, that’s
Where it stops, so anyone have any advice on what to do or another app I could try. It’s funny the last time I did
The mistplay on my other phone and won 25 gift card from Amazon so this tablet pretty much is with Amazon but
can’t get mistplay to do it on here. Greatly appreciate any advice or feedback. Thank you.

Colleen Earhart
Colleen Earhart
Reply to  Windy
2 years ago

U have to install Google play services and play store. You can Google search ‘how to turn Fire kindle into Google Android’. I did and its much better!