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Updated March 08, 2024

31 Cheap (and Beautiful) Places to Travel in 2024

Saving Money

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Wallace Stevens said, “The most beautiful thing about the world is, of course, the world itself.”

But don’t think you need to break the bank in Maui or Paris to see the world’s beauty.

I’ve put together a list of 31 beautiful — and inexpensive — places to put on your bucket list for 2024 and beyond!

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Cheap Places to Travel in Asia

1.  Hanoi, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Hanoi

Hanoi, located in the Red River Delta, is the capital of and second-largest city in Vietnam.

Average Daily Prices in Hanoi for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $21
  • Daily meals: $11
  • Local transportation: $5.90

Things to Do in Hanoi:

  • Visit the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
  • Be entertained by water puppetry at the Thang Long Puppet Theatre
  • See the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
  • Explore the The Perfume Pagoda temple complex

Best Months to Visit Hanoi:

  • February – April
  • October – November

2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, also formally as known as Saigon, is a bit more lively than our previous listing, and while the prices are slightly here, it’s still shockingly cheap to American travelers.

Average Daily Prices in Ho Chi Minh City for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $27
  • Daily meals: $9.43
  • Local transportation: $6.59

Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Taste super cheap amazing eats
  • Experience late night spa services
  • Hop on the Bonsai River Cruise
  • Drink fresh amazing beer
  • Explore incredible street markets
  • Appreciate the amazing nightlife
  • Enjoy really good coffee

Best Months to Visit Ho Chi Minh City:

  • December – April

3. Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Yangon Burma (Myanmar)

In Yangon, Burma there was a travel boycott in place until approximately five years ago. Once it was lifted, many people poured in, but the city was not ready. Now, five years later, Yangon is buzzing with new hotels, hostels and restaurants. The new developments have brought the prices down, making Yangon part of our travel on budget destinations list.

Average Daily Prices in Yangon for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $35
  • Daily meals: $11
  • Local transportation: $2.74

Things to Do in Yangon:

  • Experience delicious local, unique cuisine
  • Hike at Inle Lake
  • See the gorgeous pagodas in Yangon
  • Encounter friendly people who are ready to share their culture
  • Buy the best experiences and enjoy the perks of having everything cheaper than most destination
  • Cycle in Mandalay
  • Admire the breathtaking Buddhist Monasteries
  • Relax at amazing beaches

Best Months to Visit Yangon:

  • November – January

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is perhaps one of the most well-known cheap travel destinations, and for good reason.  It offers an amazing combination of tradition, food, friendly people, and natural beauty, making this a must destination for budget travelers.

Average Daily Prices in Chiang Mai for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $24
  • Daily meals: $9.04
  • Local transportation: $2.98

Things to Do in Chiang Mai:

  • Learn more about Chiang Mai’s past (it was once the capital of the old Lanna Kingdom)
  • See the amazing temples
  • Indulge in shopping (it is a real shopper’s paradise so pack light if you want to bring stuff back)
  • Experience unique culture, natural beauty, and hospitable people (if you plan to get married, this is a top wedding destination)
  • Try the local dishes and street foods (we can’t stress enough that the food is reason alone to visit this place)
  • Partake in plenty of adventurous options
  • Celebrate the incredible festivals with the locals

Best Months to Visit Chiang Mai:

  • October – February

5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

You won’t need to do currency exchange, as they use the US dollar in Phnom Penh. Its convenient location between Siem Reap and the Mekong Delta makes it a popular destination that is always evolving. Phnom Penh now has a large tourism infrastructure and welcomes over one million visitors annually.

Average Daily Prices in Phnom Penh for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $9.83
  • Daily meals: $10
  • Local transportation: $6.25

Things to Do in Phnom Penh:

  • Explore the remote islands and relax at the pristine beaches
  • Get ready for an adventure (there are surrounding jungles waiting to be explored)
  • Haggle at the busy, friendly markets
  • Visit the ruins of Angkor at Siem Reap
  • Sample the food (just accept the fact that food is generally amazing in Asia, but here you can have edible flowers and incredible textures and sauces)

Best Months to Visit Phnom Penh:

  • November – February

6. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

For those who want to travel on a budget, Kathmandu should be one of your top priorities. Many travelers place this on their must-see travel list. This is one of those places that people generally rush through on their way to somewhere else, but make a point to stop here. It is an unusual place, and part of the reason we travel is to experience something new and unusual, right?

Average Daily Prices in Kathmandu for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $36
  • Daily meals: $7.01
  • Local transportation: $1.96

Things to Do in Kathmandu:

  • Understand the rich heritage
  • Take your time to visit each place (Kathmandu is small so you can see it all in one visit)
  • Start an adventurous trek in the majestic mountains of Nepal
  • Feel at ease and enjoy the encounter with the locals
  • Spot plenty of rhinos and tigers waited to be seen by you
  • Learn more about the diversity of religion
  • Admire the breathtaking lakes
  • Encounter generous and friendly people

Best Months to Visit Kathmandu:

  • October – December

7. Goa, India

Goa, India

India in general is a great destination for people who are looking to travel on a budget, as long as you stay out of major loud cities since they can be a bit dangerous and less than hygienic. Goa is a collection of beaches and little inland towns that have a hippie feel to them. Here, you can stretch a small budget to last you a few months and take a nice long break from your daily grind.

Average Daily Prices in Goa for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $17
  • Daily meals: $6.55
  • Local transportation: $1.99

Things to Do in Goa:

  • Enjoy the stunning sunsets
  • Understand the Portuguese history
  • Relax at its slow-pace sleepy towns
  • Marvel at the unique architecture
  • Taste the local dishes and food
  • Experience the wildlife encounters
  • Sleep in the tropical bungalows

Best Months to Visit Goa:

  • November – March

8. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

This travel budget destination has a tropical feel to it, similar to Goa. It is also one of the few parts of Indonesia that have undergone serious growth and become a tourist destination. Fortunately, even with all the growth, the prices are still low, making this part of our travel-on-a budget destination list! It’s a perfect place for singles and couples that are up for a bit of partying.

Average Daily Prices in Kuta for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $24
  • Daily meals: $9.30
  • Local transportation: $3.34

Things to Do in Kuta:

  • Learn to ride the waves
  • Delight in the spas and their incredible treatments that will make you feel twenty years younger
  • Enjoy the unbelievable nightlife
  • Do yoga or join a yoga retreat in Kuta
  • Swim in the stunning beaches (just Google this one and you will be booking your flight soon)
  • Visit museums
  • Take great photos at The Upside Down World Bali
  • Bring your family and spend a fun time together. Great for families
  • Explore the streets of Kuta. Ease in transportation so you can see most of it in one go.

Best Months to Visit Kuta, Bali:

  • April – October

9.Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

This is a very popular destination for many reasons, but I suspect that the fact that English is well-spoken and integrated in the city, makes tourists comfortable to pick it as their budget destination. Taipei, Taiwan sees close to 11 million tourists a year!

This one might be slightly more expensive in accommodation than the previously mentioned destinations, but if you use smart options such as Airbnb you can easily lower the expense.

Average Daily Prices in Taipei for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $60
  • Daily meals: $14
  • Local transportation: $8.27

Things to Do in Taipei:

  • Go for amazing hikes
  • Take a dip in the natural hot springs (yes you can relax in them)
  • Explore the famous night markets
  • Set your own lantern at the old lantern town (you can set your own lantern free)
  • Try the traditional food and must eat dishes (best tea in the world, try beef noodles and pineapple cakes)
  • See Taipei 101 (very tall building – attraction).

Best Months to Visit Taipei:

  • April – June
  • December – March

Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

Most might consider Europe an expensive, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Assuming you are looking for a way to see Europe on a Budget, it is safe to suggest that Airbnb might be one of the best options for you for accommodation.  According to 21% of your budget will be spent on accommodation when traveling internationally, averaging each day to $141. Looking at Airbnb you can see how you can cut the accommodation cost down to one third of that amount. Many beautiful, authentic apartments are available for under $50/night.

10. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

The largest city as well as the capital of Romania, Bucharest has a rich history and a very famous night life. The city is not very far from Sighisoara, the birthplace of Dracula, or properly known as Vlad Tepes. This is the perfect destination for history lovers, that can appreciate its goth heritage as well.

Average Daily Prices in Bucharest for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $54
  • Daily meals: $50
  • Local transportation: $23

Things to Do in Bucharest:

  • Explore the streets of Bucharest. It is a luxurious destination
  • Experience the incredible nightlife (perfect for couples and singles)
  • Take nice and creative pictures of yourself around the city. It is an underdog destination (so you will be able to say you been somewhere that most of your friends haven’t)
  • Grab a drink of their specialty coffee and teas. The cafe culture is wonderful
  • See the thought-provoking art pieces. Street art is everywhere
  • Discover the mesmerizing mismatched architecture of the city
  • Join great city tours.

Best Months to Visit Bucharest:

  • March – May
  • September – November

11. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia is the Capital of Bulgaria, and part of its landmarks carry more than 2000 years of history. Sofia was occupied by Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and Soviets making this destination super rich in history. It is a great destination for families too.

Average Daily Prices in Sofia for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $33
  • Daily meals: $15
  • Local transportation: $6.8

Things to Do in Sofia:

  • Stand in the middle of the Religious Tolerance Square
  • Savor the rich history and culture
  • Enjoy the fun city park culture
  • Be entertained by Oh the Opera Performances!
  • Try rakia (it’s alcohol – and a very strong one)
  • Take a picture of the creative street arts
  • Marvel at the Vitosha Mountain
  • Immerse in the culture and observe general vibe (believe us, you will feel more cultured by the end of your trip).

Best Months to Visit Bucharest:

  • June – September
  • December – March

12. Krakow, Poland

Krakow Poland

A well-preserved medieval city, ready to make you feel like you stepped back in time. There is a beautiful and unexpected combination of history with modern touches, where you can experience the amazing cafe culture and wild nightlife.

Average Daily Prices in Krakow for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $52
  • Daily meals: $9.04
  • Local transportation: $5.42

Things to Do in Krakow:

  • Experience Kazimierz (Industrial and Gothic with artisan beer houses everywhere – a must for beer lovers)
  • Learn the rich WWII History
  • Explore The Wieliczka Salt Mines
  • Gaze at the Tatra Mountains
  • Take a tour around and appreciate the beauty of the town. It is super accessible
  • Drink delicious cheap beer. Beer is only $1.66 (make sure to comment below if you have found cheaper beer in Europe).

Best Months to Visit Krakow:

  • March – May
  • September – November

13.Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Hungary

Another amazing travel bargain, as long as you stay away from the main touristy areas. Budapest is dissected by the River Danube, and is known for its hot springs that have given birth to many medicinal bath areas. Budapest also has the older subway line in Europe. It seems that Budapest likes to be in the lead in many areas, as it also houses one of the biggest zoos in the world.

Average Daily Prices in Budapest for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $47
  • Daily meals: $19
  • Local transportation: $8.98

Things to Do in Budapest:

  • Take the time to learn the history. It is one of the most historic cities on the planet. It is where Eastern Europe meets Western Europe.
  • Go sight seeing. It is free to see all the great sights (this is why it makes it on our list)
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing spa. It is Spa Central with all the hot springs all over the place
  • Visit the Great Synagogue
  • Feast on good food. There is a whole mall dedicated to food
  • Study the unique geographical structure of the city. There is an island in the middle of the city! (how cool is that)?

Best Months to Visit Budapest:

  • March – May
  • September – November

14. Riga, Latvia

Riga Latvia

Riga is the capital of Latvia, and in 2014 it was honored as the European Capital of Culture. Surprisingly, although Riga is a financial center, is still part of our travel on a budget list.

Average Daily Prices in Riga for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $40
  • Daily meals: $21
  • Local transportation: $3.30

Things to Do in Riga:

  • Visit the Riga Cathedral (as well as many many more cathedrals)
  • See the magical Bastian Hills, the parks.
  • Dine in the restaurants and the cafes
  • Marvel at the enchanting architecture
  • Hop on the river cruises
  • Find great deals at the largest open market. Riga houses Europe’s Largest Market
  • Spend time to see the beach. Proximity to the beach is one of the unique characteristic of the city (you didn’t expect this one, right)?

Best Months to Visit Riga:

  • May – September

15. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Croatia

This place has more museums per capita than any other place on Planet Earth. If you are connecting to Zagreb from anywhere else in Europe, you are generally looking at a very cheap flight.

It has been branded as the home of dragons. As far as I am concern that alone makes it part of the must-visit travel on a budget destination list!

Average Daily Prices in Zagreb for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $39
  • Daily meals: $14
  • Local transportation: $7

Things to Do in Zagreb:

  • See the Dragon Statues!
  • Take a sip of the best wine and drink craft beers
  • Get around the city and appreciate the fascinating cityscape
  • Taste the local produce (yum)
  • Learn more about the history of the city mainly the historic upper part of the town (okay we know, history is practically the reason to visit any European destination)
  • Go to the extremely beautiful cemeteries like Mirogoj Cemetery which contains world-class artwork and atmosphere
  • Spend hours to trail around the Plitvice Lakes.

Best Months to Visit Zagreb:

  • May – August

16. Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece

We are finally moving into warmer areas of southern Europe. Santorini is arguably the most visited island out of the 2000 islands!  Not all 2000 are inhibited, but you get the point.

Santorini has a few sights and attractions, but for most it is an escape in the Mediterranean culture.

Average Daily Prices in Santorini for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $61
  • Daily meals: $37
  • Local transportation: $16

Things to Do in Santorini:

    • See the beauty of Santorini’s Caldera (a volcanic eruption that gave to the island its unique shape)
    • Take pictures of the white and blue hotels
    • Try the best Greek food (noted as one of the healthiest diets globally)
    • Take a sip of world-class wine
  • Gaze at the beautiful sunset and scenic walks
  • Relax at the beaches.
  • Journey to different islands. Don’t forget you can island hop and find yourself on our next suggestion.

Best Months to Visit Santorini:

  • June – September

17. Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia Cyprus

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. It is an island right on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea truly rich in history and culture. Nicosia is the last divided city in the entire world (going back to the 1974 war where the island was split between Greek-Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot). Now part of the EU, Nicosia, Cyprus enjoys all the benefits of a European nation while maintaining the middle east feel (at parts of the city at least).  Nicosia has been continuously inhabited for over 4500 years!

Average Daily Prices in Nicosia for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $97
  • Daily meals: $55
  • Local transportation: $11

Things to Do in Nicosia:

  • Walk in the old city
  • Take free city tours
  • Eat Halloumi cheese (local cheese that does not melt! You have to try this one)
  • Enjoy excellent weather (300 days of sunshine annually)
  • Try Cypriot coffee (deemed one of the healthiest coffees in the world)
  • Cross the border to the Northern Occupied part of Nicosia and visit the Turkish side
  • Try the food (most of it is Greek but there is plenty of middle eastern influence).

Best Months to Visit Nicosia:

  • May – August

18. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is the Capital of Lisbon, placed on hills near the cost. (can you just imagine the natural beauty)? It is full of colorful buildings, and despite the common saying of it being built on seven hills, Lisbon is build on eight hills. Lisbon is the proud owner of the World’s Largest Oceanarium, so a perfect destination for marine lovers.

Average Daily Prices in Lisbon for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $48
  • Daily meals: $34
  • Local transportation: $19

Things to Do in Lisbon:

  • See the majestic views ( of course it is built on eight hills!)
  • Drink “ginginha” in a chocolate glass.
  • Visit the national Coach Museum
  • Take a boardwalk from Estoril to Cascais.
  • Appreciate the amazing colors in their architecture
  • Explore and find great deals in the Mercado da Ribeira Food Market
  • Enjoy the weather (like most Mediterranean countries).

Best Months to Visit Lisbon:

  • March – June
  • September – November

19. Valletta, Malta

Valletta Malta

Keeping up with our theme of the warm climates, we place Malta on our travel list of budget destinations. Malta is a very small island, totally a little bit under half a million people. It is also one of the cheapest travel destinations in southern Europe. Valletta is the Capital of this tiny island, and it was established back in the 1500s. Like most places in this region of the world, there is so much history to explore.

Average Daily Prices in Valleta for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $54
  • Daily meals: $24
  • Local transportation: $7.61

Things to Do in Valletta:

  • See the stunning multi-colored Maltese balconies
  • Visit the St. John’s Co-Cathedral
  • Be a witness to it’s evolving and new cutting edge architecture
  • Search for the mysterious swimming hole. There is a secret swimming hole somewhere on the island (try to find it)
  • Explore the underground world that exists underneath your feet
  • Enjoy exciting nightlife (As most Mediterranean islands).

Best Months to Visit Valleta:

  • April – June

Cheap Places to Travel in Africa

Generally Africa requires an adventurous gene! It can be incredibly surprising, humbling and exciting experience. It also allows your dollar to extend much further. Taking out the flight expenses, the rest of your vacation should be quite inexpensive when visiting the following places.

20. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Egypt is on everyone’s bucket list. Egypt is the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza. Rich in history, culture and diversity, it is also ranked high as a travel on a budget with a family destination. Especially if your kids are history worms, they will cherish and remember this experience for ever.

Average Daily Prices in Cairo for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $19
  • Daily meals: $3.61
  • Local transportation: $6.08

Things to Do in Cairo:

  • Explore the Pyramid of Giza
  • Immerse yourself in rich local culture
  • Enjoy the local markets (dating back over 1000 years!)
  • Visit the Cairo Opera House
  • Have a picnic by the Nile
  • Get those selfies by the pyramids!

Best Months to Visit Cairo:

  • October – April

21. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya with a population of over 4 million. It is known as the “green city in the sun”. It is a city full of contrasts and it can truly take while to get used to the mix of the old and the new all mixed in one.

Average Daily Prices in Nairobi for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $12
  • Daily meals: $7.74
  • Local transportation: $11

Things to Do in Nairobi:

  • Swim in pristine waters
  • Enjoy rich tasteful Kenyan Food
  • Watch the Wildebeest Migration
  • Feed or have breakfast with a Giraffe
  • Find some incredibly unique home decor pieces.

Best Months to Visit Nairobi:

  • July – October

22. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar Tanzania

Have you ever seen the waters in Zanzibar? If you do, you might never want to go anywhere else for the rest of your life. Zanzibar is known as the spice island. Here is an odd trivia about Zanzibar: it has the largest number of curved doors in Africa.

Average Daily Prices in Zanzibar for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $22
  • Daily meals: $15
  • Local transportation: $10

Things to Do in Zanzibar:

  • Immerse in a truly unique cultural mix
  • Experience full of laughter, joy, and life (what else can one want from a vacation?)
  • Walk around the city with your partner and visit local attractions. It is super romantic
  • Spend time in the incredible beaches (yes we need to mention this one twice)
  • Embark in an adventure. It is perfect for a Safari
  • Understand the history and culture. It has a vibrant, fascinating culture.

Best Months to Visit Zanzibar:

  • June – October

23. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Have you ever heard of Addis Ababa? It is the capital of Ethiopia, and it is a popular getaway for those who appreciate the ancient mixed with the new. Addis Ababa is Africa’s fourth largest city with a population of close to 3.5 million.

Average Daily Prices in Addis Ababa for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $56
  • Daily meals: $12
  • Local transportation: $6.42

Things to Do in Addis Ababa:

  • Visit Lower Omo Village and the tribes
  • Consider relocating here if you are a vegan
  • Try the national food, the authentic way (no utensils here!)
  • Experience the coffee ceremonies
  • Hike the Simien Mountains.

Best Months to Visit Addis Ababa:

  • October – May

24. Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone Zambia

You are probably wondering how did an Africa city get a western name? Livingstone was named after Dr. David Livingstone who was the first European to see, name and publicize the Falls in the town.

Average Daily Prices in Livingstone for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $2.68
  • Daily meals: $12
  • Local transportation: Livingstone is not very big, so the easiest way to get around the centre of town is by walking. However, if you are visiting the Falls or one of the districts, taxis are everywhere. A taxi from town to the Falls or to the airport usually costs around ($10) one way.

Things to Do in Livingstone:

  • See the Victoria Falls
  • Try rafting
  • Cruise the Zambezi River
  • Do some cycling tours
  • Drink tea at The Royal Livingstone
  • See some incredible parks
  • See a lot of hippos!

Best Months to Visit Livingstone:

  • February – May
  • July – October

This one makes it on the travel on a budget with a family list as well! Who doesn’t love Hippos (from a distance)?

25. Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo Mozambique

Many well traveled people, that have seen a lot, still come back and say that Tofo makes it on their top 5 list. It is a hidden treasure in Africa. It is definitely one of the cheapest African destinations, and it is incredibly beautiful as well.

Average Daily Prices in Tofo for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $13.43
  • Daily meals: $4.5
  • Local transportation: Tofo is very small and you’ll likely walk everywhere with the longest walk likely to be only 15 minutes

Things to Do in Tofo

  • Snorkel in Lake Niassa
  • Walk in the Chimanimani Mountains
  • Scuba dive
  • Check out Maputo Parties
  • Enjoy time and relax at the beach. Ever wondered what is like to be a guild free beach bum? This is your chance to find out!
  • Go on a safari!

Best Months to Visit Tofo:

  • May – October

Tofo also makes it on the list for family, or solo or romantic destinations. Learn more about  budgeting apps to help you manage your money while you travel.

Cheap Places to Travel in Central and South America

Central and South America might be the cheapest way to go due to the proximity (if you live in the US). You also have the ability to drive, if you don’t mind road trips.

26. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu Peru

Mysterious and majestic, Machu Picchu sits on top of the Andes Mountains in Peru. It was built around the 15 century only to be later abandoned. No one knows what the former use of Machu Picchu was about.

Average Daily Prices in Machu Picchu for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $37
  • Daily meals: $22
  • Local transportation: $26

Things to Do in Machu Picchu:

  • Explore the Inca Trail
  • Feel like you are in the clouds
  • Take in all the architecture and sights
  • Explore the mystery.

Best Months to Visit Machu Picchu:

  • April – October

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27. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is located in southwest Bolivia and is the world’s largest salt flat. It is what is left from a prehistoric lake that dried up leaving behind a huge desert like landscape, perfect for photography lovers.

Average Daily Prices in Salar de Uyuni for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $6.51
  • Daily meals: $5.21
  • Local transportation: You need to book a tour or rent a private car in order to get around the place. Tour prices vary based on tour group size, duration, company reputation, vehicle quality, and accommodation standards.

Things to Do in Salar de Uyuni

  • When it rains it turns the salt flat into the world’s largest mirror
  • See the Dakar Monument
  • Plant your country’s flag
  • Be part of the few that made it there (it is always a great drinking story)
  • Take incredible pictures
  • Visit the world’s first salt hotel.

Best Months to Visit Salar de Uyuni:

  • March – April
  • July – October

28. Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca Peru

This beauty is located in the Andes, straddled between Bolivia and Peru, and it is the largest lake in South America with the highest navigable body of water.

Average Daily Prices in Lake Titicaca for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $12
  • Daily meals: $7.09
  • Local transportation: $0.58

Things to Do in Lake Titicaca:

  • See the Islas Uros (man-made islands made from reeds)
  • Visit Miniscule Taquile (7-sq-km, with a population of maybe 2000 people)
  • See the Catedral de Puno
  • Explore Cutimbo- Archaeological Site.

Best Months to Visit Lake Titicaca:

  • November – March

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29. Banos, Ecuador

Banos Ecuador

The full name is Banos de Agua Santa and is known for the natural heated thermal baths (so good for your health) and is known as the “Gateway to the Amazon”.

Average Daily Prices in Banos for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $12
  • Daily meals: $12
  • Local transportation: $3.11

Things to Do in Banos:

  • Enjoy the naturally heated thermal baths – the namesake of Baños, Ecuador
  • Dive into adventure sports with the nearby mountains, rivers, waterfalls
  • Sit on the Swing at the End of the World
  • Take in the view of an active volcano called Tungurahua.
  • Tour the Ruta de las Cascadas, a route through the valley passes 7 amazing waterfalls.

Best Months to Visit Banos:

  • July – October

30. Granada, Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua

It’s time to get your feet wet. Granada is a Nicaraguan city that host many Spanish colonial landmarks. The city is known for its history with pirates as well as its main plaza, Central Park.

Average Daily Prices in Granada for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $11
  • Daily meals: $9.99
  • Local transportation: $1.82

Things to Do in Granada:

  • See the Centro Cultural Convento San Francisco’s pre-Columbian statues.
  • Kayak the Islets of Granada
  • Dive into the Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve
  • Climb the bell tower of the Iglesia La Merced church.

Best Months to Visit Granada:

  • April – June
  • August – October

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31. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City Mexico

You want a (relatively) close destination with cheap food and beer with an exotic flair to it, then Mexico City should be on your list. The city is rife with historic landmarks and is home to the largest cathedral in Central America.

Average Daily Prices in Mexico City for One Person:

  • Hotel stay for one night: $19
  • Daily meals: $10
  • Local transportation: $6.74

Things to Do in Mexico City:

  • Explore the world-famous Anthropology Museum
  • Visit the Ángel de la Independencia monument
  • View the Virgin de Guadalupe (third most visited religious destination in the world)
  • See the Museo Frida Kahlo (Frida Kahlo’s former home)
  • Celebrate with Mexico at the Monumento a la Revolución.

Best Months to Visit Mexico City:

  • March – May
  • December – February

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All daily cost data is taken from Budget Your Trip.


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